Finally upgrading my Smartphone – Honor 10 Review

In this video I review my new smartphone, the Honor 10. This was an upgrade from my dying OnePlus 2 which I bought back in 2015. I picked the Honor 10 because I wanted a well specced phone with modern features, without paying a ridiculous amount for some of the flagships. It’s also still a relatively recognised brand rather than being something completely off-brand/generic.


Bob says:

Does the earth pin on the power brick work it looks like its made of plastic

Dubious Engineering says:

Fantastic lighting and great audio! … nicely produced videos! … Don’t do contracts! Buy unlocked! … looks like a cracking device… let’s see how you feel in two months!

dwarf365 says:

Another stupid notch? Won’t get my money. Good vid though!

SamiraXox says:

Which store did you get the Honor 10 from and how is the call quality?

gabest4 says:

You have to hurry if you want to unlock your bootloader. Huawei only allows it for two more month on their web site. Don’t know if you are into rooting your phone and custom roms, but you can at least delete the bloat from /system/app with a rooted phone.

Domino says:

This phone seems like a great deal. You made the video easy to understand and very detailed. The phone seems like a great upgrade from my Nexus 5X, since my 5X is getting quite slow. The OS seems kinda bloated but if there is a release of Lineage OS for it, I think it would be a perfect budget phone!

General Mayhem says:

Agree, the only problem I have with huwaei’s skin is all the app. The ones I can’t uninstall I’ve hidden.

CapnTates says:

What is it with those phone makers oversaturating EVERYTHING in their pictures. I typically use less saturation than what’s natural for that eerie feel that I like.
Oversaturated pictures pretty much always disgust me.

EthanBB says:

Were you considering any (older) iPhone? Or is there a reason you avoid those?

Trebbo says:

Subbed, fantaastic voice, review and whole vid.
Keep it up m8 :>

stevey500 says:

Knuckle gestures for screenshotting is the BEST form of screenshot functions I have ever had in a smartphone. My favorite EMUI feature. Tripple tap with your nuckle to record your screen.

Theee Guru says:

Does the honor 10 have the notification LED?

Sean Burns says:

I found the Honor 10 laggy and stuttery considering it has a Kirin 970

Nat Franklin says:

Awesome video! Really interesting to hear your thoughts on the Honor 10!

Nick Walters says:

Nice phone I’ve just got the 9 lite

greg gulrajani says:

Would love to see if the Honor calendar is leaking any data to Huawei

Mark Mallone says:

I refuse to buy anything that a company sells where they don’t bother to correct the spelling for the uk market. Same goes for anything thats advertised with the American advertisement, can’t cost much to record a new voice over surely.

Andrei Gal says:

Hy Cameron
Please i need your opinion
I would like to buy a new phone and i don t know what can i chose between Honor 10, One plus6, Huawei mate 10 pro, Xiaomi mi 8

Andrei Gal says:

Does it have heating issue or bugs or lags?

John Hamlin says:

Had an Honor 7 awhile back, thought that was good too

Bo Han says:

Noticed UK Malaysia Singapore versions are only restricted to 4gb + 128gb, why ?

Andrew Joy says:

I would be interested if that projector option has some of the pro projectors like the christie projectors or the cineipm. They always go walkabout in projection rooms.

JiMe Me says:

Someone knows if it’s okay to put tempered glass over tpu on the honor 10?

Matt W says:

Great video

E Corp says:

This message was sent from my Nexus 5 from 2013 running 7.1
My goal is to keep that phone the longest time possible before it dies eventually.

Honor is one of those brands I would give a chance next.

David Fiddes says:

What’s the security update level? It wasn’t mentioned in the video. Looking at June’s Android security bulletin there were 6 Remote Code Execution vulnerabilities fixed this month alone. It would be pretty terrifying to be using something that didn’t get timely security updates…

Enrico flp says:

Fantastic video and Fantastic smartphone!!!

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