Essential Phone Unboxing – Is This Your Next Phone?

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This video is about the new Essential Phone available only from TELUS in Canada. Pre-order yours now at

The Essential phone is one of the most exciting developments in smartphones for 2017 / 2018. Essential is a new brand in the Android space but it’s headed by individuals very familiar with Android. In fact without Essential’s founder Andy Rubin, Android might not even exist. The Essential phone packs a clean “stock” type of Android interface similar to the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL. The Essential Phone also includes a unique, modular accessory capability. Through a magnetic point on the back of the phone one is able to clip accessories including the new 360 camera for Essential phone. The Essential Phone is the first I’ve ever handled that’s made of titanium and ceramic. Essential claims that the titanium structure makes the Essential Phone more durable if you’re to drop it. I won’t be doing a drop test on my channel (I like the Essential phone too much) but according to Essential’s website, when compared to other leading devices (made mostly of aluminum) the Essential fared better when dropped on concrete. The front of the Essential Phone is covered in Gorilla Glass 5, it’s got dual 13 megapixel cameras on the back and an 8 megapixel camera on the front (capable of 4K video recording). It’s also packing the Snapdragon 835 and 128GB of storage standard. The dual lens system on the Essential phone is different than the system on the iPhone 7 Plus. Rather than going for an extra zoom lens Essential decided to use the dual camera system to enable better low light photos / video and high contrast monochrome photos as well. The Essential phone is also one of the highest screen-to-body ratio devices I’ve ever looked at (if not the highest) it’s got a 5.7 inch QHD display at 2560 x 1312. The battery is 3040mAh battery and supports quick charge via the 27 watt power brick that ships with the phone. Essential claims quick charge potential of up to 5 hours battery life in just 5 minutes of charging. There is currently a pre-order option to order the Essential Phone along with the 360 camera attachment as a kit. The Essential phone is available in four different color combinations including Black Moon (featured here), and Pure White. Stellar Grey and Ocean Depths color combos will be available soon. Another key feature of the Essential Phone is the fact that it includes no branding at all. In fact the device has no visible text on the body… Anywhere! It’s actually kind of shocking at first glance as one is conditioned to expect some level of branding. Not so with the Essential Phone, minimalists rejoice!

*Thanks to my partner Telus for making this video possible.

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Pete The Frog says:

No headphone jack= no purchase. Samsung Galaxy S8.

Basher Henrik says:

Release of the essential phone came before iphone x.
did apple rob the notch display idea from andy rubin ?

Roger Tordecilla says:

Ey unbox guy what do you do after you tested the phones? I mean do you give it to lucky people or what?

Esteban Røcha says:

he admits that the goverment uses the phones

Santoz 168 says:

Views lesser than his subscriber.

Unbox Therapy says:

Essential Phone or Galaxy S8?

liam balon says:

Is this phone compatible with rogers

Abdullah Nadeem says:

I took mix2 and S8

elvis ohemen says:

What is the price and how will i get it

GORI RANI Dance says:


rinku dhara says:

Can I get it plzzzz plzzz

Sam Withoutlimits says:

I like your style!!! I’ve only listened to a couple of your reviews but you seem to give a lot of the negatives instead of just the positives. I hope I am right about you because I am in desperate need of a high end phone US made but under $200 – maybe $250 at the very highest. I know most would call me rediculous but you get nothing if you don’t ask. That’s my rule that I live by so I’m asking if you can recommend me something. the last two I’ve brought have been awful. Again, I can’t afford the high priced phones. Anything you can do will be so much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Kinky Nothing says:

No, it is not

Xavier Bolivar says:

“Telus” Hot damn, I did not know this channel was Canadian.

Akash Yadav says:

Good phone

Proksok Marady says:

I hate peoples who copy iPhone phone

Ziyad El Habashi says:

Unbox the Huwawei mate 10 lite

zudi army says:

So cool unbox therapy

keggerous says:

No OLED? No headphone jack?

Jeff Rigi says:

It is my new phone…

Maheen Tariq says:

would love to have this one … 🙂

Ahmed alogby says:

Why don’t you unbox HTC devices…

Imshaq Hassan says:

No headphone jack

MR. NIGGA says:

can i buy it from bangladesh?? and how much it is??….help pls

cj adkins says:

Love this phone, even more after your review. Well laid out, even like Eminem. Keep em coming. Subscribed -CJ

Asher Adson says:

i’m not sure if anyone noticed the finger print scanner being logo…

Ismael Onita says:

give me some hahahahha


that camera quality is sooooo cleaaar!

John McDonald says:


Bigbird Johnson says:

This phone in 2018 for budget phone?

Cooltrout04 says:

Who’s watching this on essential phone

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