Doogee Mix Review – A Bezel Less Budget Smartphone?

Doogee Mix Review – A Bezel Less Budget Smartphone?

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The Doogee Mix has a lot to offer for the price but it also has quite a few shortcomings that you have to consider.

The phone is definitely a looker, the gaming performance is great, the display is awesome and the battery life is decent.

However, I was not impressed by the overall camera performance, the user interface is not as smooth as it should be, the loudspeaker quality is mediocre and finally, I will let you to decide if the phone is truly bezel less.

At the end of the day, the Doogee Mix is a unique phone for the price but hopefully, the future software updates will address some of the shortcomings to make the phone a good value for the price.

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Lars loves Tech says:

another great review linus…but this style is getting repetitive for me now as almost every review is basically the same…i know it’s your style and all…maybe it’s time to jazz these reviews up a little…i don’t mean this in a bad way it’s only constructive criticism…like when you done the last camera video review on the speed boat it added a little something different into the mix

Mr. Prodigy says:

MI Mix rip off

Banu Raspati says:

cool you are the first english phone reviewer that I subcribed on YouTube cause you always reviewed many alternative budget phones

Omar Gago says:

is battery performance bad

Latinos Por Trump says:

Does it work in US with Tmobile?

A Walker says:

can it be use on T-Mobile LTE network?

Carter Davis says:

Hey Linus, which smartphone do you think is best of these four: Doogee Mix, Xiaomi Redmi note 4x, Google Nexus 6p (used), or the UMI Z? I value camera, battery life, and especially gaming in a phone.

Pouranan Katapermal says:

do u think the software for the camera can be improved? I’m really disappointed as my y6 too takes same kind of pictures and the 4k looks like an upscale of 1080p. I don’t like the bokeh on this phone. This is what really bothers me. Do you think that it can be improved in future software updates. Thanks

Franky Lezard says:

Can you tell me if the 3g 850 are there in the Mtk engineer mode ? some place say yes some not .. thank you

Abdullakhan Nadeemkhan says:

how about the call quality please ?!

Ishak K says:

Decent phone

Fabian Koch says:

Can you recommend me a smartphone at the price of 250$ ? I need a new one…

Tony And says:

Amazing quality video, again. Did you buy the new lens? I can see some sick bokeh in some of the shots!

TechLineHD says:

After so many requests, the review is finally online! It took quite a bit of time to make it! What do you think about the phone?

You can GET it here: Camera samples (video tests): All camera samples:

CORRECTION: The display is actually 720p, not 1080p like I said in the review. However, it is still a very good panel for a budget phone, it looks like 1080p in real life.

Charismatic Batman says:

make it 1080 panel,better cameras,possibly better chip and more ram
atleast 3500 mah battery and i will definitely buy the phone at 700 bucks

Megat Haziq says:

LOL it wasn’t really “Bezel less” it just had a minimum bezel if you look carefully

Dominik Skupień says:

Good job man. I have a lot information for decide to buy it.

Roger Nordling says:

Thanks Linus for the review! Your reviews are Always beautifully executed. Do you think that the phone in its current state is good value for the money?

Patrick Van Reusel says:

It has a good design and a lot of potential, but there is room for improvement.

TheSwelm says:

Elephone s8 and maze alpha pleaseee

mayiandjay says:

Beside having minimal bezels, this phone is just a monster! 6GB/64GB octacore for 179?!?!? Hell yeah bro!

Jiří Huser says:

Oooh finally!!!! Never clicked that fast! Excellent review as always!!

DT B says:

170$ wow, 3 years ago 180$ could barely get you a 480p screen phone

InfiniteKing_ 21 says:

Just u download htc sense home and this phone is amazing for the price

Farid Zellipour says:

Hi Linus! Keep up the good work! Great video by the way!

Alek Belinario says:

pls do some review about maze alpha,,two weeks ago i purchased a doogee mix fon but i canceled it and placed another order,its maze alpha,,tnx

Tyronne Skinner says:

Yet another unbiased, clear and precise review, Linus. Keep it up, your quality is way better than the amount of subscribers you have. You will become a star soon.

Manjit Sarma says:

really beautiful though, it’s not fully Bezeless!

Ethan Darby says:

Really good video and really good filming as well! Keep up the good work!

Baig Android says:

Super review

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