Does the Google Pixel 3 Have the Best Smartphone Camera? — Mashable Reviews

We’ve been using the new Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL for a week. Are the cameras the best on any smartphone? Check out our video review, and read the full, in-depth review of the two Android phones here:

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Max Gaming says:

It has the best photo camera, the most important part of a camera experience. However, the iPhone records better videos. I hope they fix it with the Pixel 4.

J Stepanyan says:

Change your name to iMashable

Christopher Phillips says:

What a naive review – the iphone XR comparable? For heavens sake.

Michael Garcia says:

Ha 1 guess what his daily driver is

Karan Sharma says:

Is blur control even a feature? Comeon bruh

Gadget Tric says:

He said Pixel 3 the best Android phone (so it’s better than S9,, Note 9, and other $1000 android phone) available but not worthy for $800? Such a paradoxical and confused conclusion..

Shiv Uzumaki says:

Probably yeah

Loem An says:

Help subscribe like and Share my Channel You Tube. Sorry bong jonsy

ronnieboy12341 says:

you failed to mention that the pixels get updates right away from google as other androids who knows?

Rusty Wells says:

if you think the iphones colors are true too live you are crazy they use to be but not anymore!

John Black says:

Lol.. Apple a better option.. don’t forget you have to buy everything separately and Apple photos are inferior. Biased Apple reviewer.


Does it translate better than the Pixel 2? Is 5G a feature you can somehow turn on when 5G becomes available? Or do you have to buy a Pixel 4.

Ayodamola Ajala says:

This guy is crazy . Like really crazy . This is the worst review I have ever seen . Mashable should stick to reviewing only iPhones . He literally brought up the iPhone XR . Like wow, this guy is a joke

BlackPrivileged says:

No expandable storage!?

William Cowger says:

I hate opinion drived reviews, most of them suck on crapples balls.

Anjana Mohan says:

Yes for sure

Brandon Nesmith says:

~creates a video about the Pixel 3 camera
~spends more than half the video talking about everything except the actual camera
~lists a phone that isn’t even out yet as a better option

Noel Abellera says:

“iPhone Xr is a better option”. lol. its not even out yet and it’s screen is barely over 720p.

Twell609 says:

I’ll never watch this guy again

Nishant Tomar says:

iphone XR? Seriously…

RoOs says:

The simple answer is ‘YES’

Doug Harper says:

Dumped my S8 Plus for a Pixel 3 XL. Wanted to experience of no bloatware and quick updates. Have had it for a couple of days and the camera is frickin amazing. T-Mobile did not install any bloatware. No matter what phone you pick people are going to complain and nitpick.

木漏れ日 says:

To be clear there’s no winner in this camera game. The iPhone Xs and Pixel 3 has the exact same camera on a phone. So that makes it two best camera phones. (Not a Fandroid or an iSheep.)

Mike Kendall says:

I never put the Pixel as a “value” phone just like you wouldn’t consider the iPhone Xs as a value phone.

The Xr could be considered near the One+ in terms pricing but i think the One+ specs could be better.

HM Sunil says:

Correct me if i am wrong reviewer is a full time user of iPhone and 104 iPhone fans liked it….

Supo jaya says:

guys before you watch the video: this youtube channel is the biggest APPLE iSheep channel ever. They like apply more than Tim Cook does

RickJason says:

Apple fanboy.

Yatish Sharma says:

What’s wrong with pixels dynamic range? even i found one video on youtube compairing pixel2 with pixel3 the dynamic range sucks in 3 models, even pixel2 performs much better in some areas..

lohith miryala says:

Such a bullshit review, are you trying to recommend iPhone xr ? It’s a piece of crap

ALurkingGrue says:

One very important feature reviewers seem to leave out: Monthly security updates that other manufacturers seem to lag on.

Yannick Olivier Orounla says:

Yes obviously

topdog9007 says:

3min in and they haven’t talked about the camera yet. Geez. You guys stink

maharshi khatri says:

When you caption the video saying if phone is the best camera smartphone? And then give the whole freaking review..

Luchon20082010 says:

Yes, but Iphone Xs comes in close

Jo5ue1 says:

The reviewer for sure an isheep smh

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