BLUBOO S8 Official Review Video — 18:9 full display smartphone

Cast your eyes on the BLUBOO S8 which its global reserve is in full swing. Is it a really good phone? well-designed? check. Powerful? Check. Flexible? Check. Durable?
During the third week of presale(2017.8.14- 2017.8.20), BLUBOO will continue to work with Banggood to offer Half Price Snap Up. During the event, 20 PCS per day are provided at (UTC+8) O2:00 from Aug 14th, 2017 to Aug 20th,2017. It is a truth that you have a high chance to enjoy the 50% OFF if your internet is fast enough. Then only $74.99, a BLUBOO S8 belongs to you. So if you like, find a good place which can provide you with a fine internet service in advance. After all, first come first served. For more information, you can refer to this website:


Tech Triangle says:

I’m watching on my original s8+

Sebas Casta says:

Awesome phone

jorge nuñez says:

Fuck yeah <3
¿Para cuándo el S1?

aslam khan says:

You India launch a new

Khalsa. tv *Punjab says:

Can i buy this in india ?
If yes. Then in how much price?



Po Op says:

Việt nam

Staffo Italy says:

What The piano song name’s is?

WbarracK says:

very good!

rahul sharma says:


Jiří Huser says:

doesn’t look that bad… Does it support Czech language?

The Post and Courier Official says:

Banggood Web Site Bad Lying to people
Blubbo S8 74 Dolar hhh Lies and fraud Fuck You Bangoood

Ilove You GearBest

Mrinal Choudhury says:

They Can’t even copy properly

montosunify says:

is the phones still on schedule to arrive at banggood on the 20th?

elmes soares says:


luiz batista says:

Bubloo me manda um

AJ says:

Never seen anything like it XDDDDDD

Jose H Z says:

Los marcos negros estan muy feos

Po Op says:

Việt nam

aslam khan says:

Best phone rice


Sem graça uma marca que faz cópia de outros aparelhos, é a mesma coisa de se sentir com uma réplica na mão

Nguyễn Hậu says:

hóng sản phẩn ra mắt tại vietname

kholine gaming says:


jeffrey lindog says:

where can I buy this phone in Saudi arabia

abdelrahman Aref says:

Just call it galaxy s8 replica

Leo Gurung says:

the k8 note from lenovo is still powerful than this phone

Azamat Saburov says:


ZounaForPeace says:

Antutu test is only at 41k ? That’s pretty bad for nowadays standards. The ZUK Z2 gets 141k for 40$ more.

Daniel Williams says:

The piano song title is Time to Love by October. Thank me later



andro user says:

Awesome phone!!!!
Billions of Indians like to buy this phone just start advertising and accepting RuPay credit card.

Chaabi Maroc Official قناة اغانى شعبية says:

Please Link Please Please

Phuah Poh Leong says:

95% after 20 minute??

Javito Lopez says:

Change ui ….

jorgeshss says:

With a resolution of 720?that sucks

Léslie Rodríguez says:

Fkn’ ugly video

Steam K says:

Yeahh…. coping from galaxy s8 that what this company knows no original ideas just copy from other big companies there is something good on that phone shit processor shit screen shitty copy design almost.
now be sirius dont call it bluboo call it fake galaxy s8 because it is all copy

Let's Get Factual says:

What the hell is this just but a Samsung Galaxy s8 for god sake

MobySmartCat says:

Just great!
Send me one on a review on my Youtube Channel…

Fato Kh says:

I love this phone and iphone8

Murali PanneerSelvam says:

why dont u give stock android….its bad with the skin on with low end processor….

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