Bluboo S1 Bezel-Less Smartphone REVIEW – Is this worth $160?

The full review of the Bluboo S1 Bezel Less Smartphone in English.
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In this review i will show you everything there is to know about the new Bluboo S1 smartphone so you can make an informed purchasing decision. First we will talk about the bezel-less design and about the advantages and disadvantages. We will also touch on General performance, gaming performance and overall smoothness. There is also a quick review for the dual cameras on the back of this phone and i have included lots of sample pictures and a quick sample video.

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Daniel White says:

Stumbled onto this page. Great honest review. Made me not want to waste my money! Hadn’t heard about cable length problem before from other reviews. And how can it having a bezel make it bezel less?

Adnan jamal says:

Please made a detail comparison video between blueboo s1 and maze alpha.

Michael Tsirigotis says:

From montreal and I have a question. I bought the S1 on and it is supposed to arrive Monday. After reading all the negative comments I’m starting to think I’ve made a mistake. In your opinion is this phone worth the 200$ I paid or is there a better option at that price point? P.S I just discovered your channel and you make some nice videos, I’ll be binge watching them all!

Michal Teplan says:

I cannot cancel my order on gearbest, because it is packed already…. vrrr… Light sensor is not so big problem for me, BUT proximity sensor is BIG problem, because I dont want to turn the screen off everytime I want to call… And BIGGEST problem is that long usb port… I need to use OTG function but how? It is not possible now. I wrote on gerbest support they lie in specifications of phone… Redskull do you thing it is chance that some actualization from manufacturer can fix that sensors, that it can be only software bug or they are physically not there in phone? 🙁

Daniel Ptok says:

i think all those bezel-less import phones are sooo ugly 😀 i would rather go with something like a umi z or something like this 😀

Juda Jhagjhoor Singh says:

hi man. what is your best reviewed phone under $350?

Geeky Stuff says:

Wow! No proximity sensor?? Phone calls would be interesting lol

CGPhotoKandou says:

great review 🙂

Noah Spence says:

Note 8 or iPhone 8 comment bellow

Messi Shit says:

Another great video

Brandon Nel says:

Even for $160, by not having a light sensor is a immediate deal breaker for me. I use auto brightness ALL the time. I wish that chinese phone manufactures can truly replicate the Xiaomi Mi Mix’s bezel-less display without any software (or hardware) compromises. Great review by the way! I get more impressed with your videos everyday!

Pan0s says:

Camera is plastic also!

Ray Arinze says:

Hi Redskull so which of the phone’s do you recommend bluboo S1 or Maze alpha?

Valciney Conceição says:

This channel is so enjoyable to watch. Great job!

frjose2007 says:

I loved that phone BUT the type c issue with cable move me back to buy it, if you lose or break the original cable whats happens?

razvan524 says:

recunosc accentul , e unic:) imi plac review-urile:)

Nizaar Seetaroo says:

Give it to me free plz

Pranay Pathole says:

Definitely the shift in 2017 is shifting to Bezel-less display, seeing all the cheap Chinese smartphone manufacturers shifting towards that trend! Anyways Nice review Alex!

VoloKin Project says:

Alex you gotta do some sort of ‘bezeless’ comparison at some point when a few other phones come out.

Gustavo Higueruela says:

Hi. Very good review. I ordered this phone from Gearbest, but it is taking so long that I thinking about cancel the ordered and ask for a change for the Maze Alpha. Do you think it would be a good choice? I like big phones, I also have a Xiaomi Mi Max. Thanks a lot. Keep on working.

Oregon86 says:

Hehe, love the serious irony presenting the facts about this phone. Great vid again! 😉

Samsuraja says:

Thank you for the review! Made me cancel my order of this phone. Have been waiting a month and still not shipped, and it seems like it is missing some basic features that you take for granted in 2017 like the proximity sensor.. Will you review the Umidgi Crystal 4Gig ram versjon?

childrolland says:

Fingerprint scanner, but not a proximity sensor?! This is is a joke-phone, though. Anyway, good video.

Mike's Aquatics says:

Whats ur intro song its so amazing

No Mercy TV BG says:

Where are you from?

Tadya Adi Prana says:

Mr Redskull Thanks for Great Review, i want to ask about the front and rear camera? which one better Maze Alpha or Bluboo S1? and your opinion which one is better? Please answer Thanks 🙂

piwbenzyna says:

Wtf with usb port? Really bluboo?

Raul Petru says:

Nice review! Could you do a review of BluBloo s1 Vs Doogee Mix? It would be great. Keep up the good work

Alwetend says:

Oh man, that usb c problem is really really bad. I break plugs and connectors on a frequently basis. If i can’t buy a spare 3,5 mm jack to usb c connecter to actually works with the S1. I’m pretty much screwed. Using skullcandy crasher so bluetooth is not an option. Thanks for the review and I hope i can cancel my order. One month ago It was looking so perfect. Even the bezels look bigger than the original photo’s. What a joke!

hamskyxxx says:

Paused the video midway through, logged into AliExpress and CANCELLED! my order.

Stephen G says:

Great review as always Alex. This was going to be my next phone until I saw the 3.5mm jack was missing so I held off, boy am I glad I did. I take your point about bluetooth headphones but the old way is the simple way 🙂
It’s not just that though, the usb c cable is just plain stupid and the lies from Bluboo on their site unforgivable! It doesn’t even look the same phone they were advertising a month ago.
Gearbest should be more careful what lies they re promote.

Abdeslem Gharsallah says:

waiting for the umidigi crystal , i think it will be the best , thanks for the review

VelronTech says:

So many bezel-less phones these days

emanuel 2178 says:

Amazing all your reviews Alex… Which is better between this bluboo s1 or maze alpha. Greetings from Chile, bro.

Hussein CIA says:

Nice but can you also teak a look at this one found a very interesting good in Gearbest:Vkworld Mix Plus 4G Phablet Android 7.0 5.5 inch

estian8 says:

Your reviews are the best , keep up the good work man!

Aman Wankhede says:


Hacker Cracker says:

So…Bluboo S1 out from my list now….now I’ve to choose between dogee mix or maze alpha…maze alpha is too big so I’m thinking to go with dogee mix

TheLadySuper says:

I’m waiting for mine.

abre161 says:

Is there OTG for this phone?


Phone is worth $40 at best.

Johnny O says:

Best eastern European tech reviewer by far 🙂

Machiyes Raai says:

Hey There Alex thanks for the Awesome Cool Review video

paul davison says:

Awesome as always alex

Jorge Nascimento says:

Does the gyroscope sensor work? Is it possible to remove the autofocus that gets in the way of filming?

Romick Vieira says:

“WE” lol… the “shit i have stuff to doo, now ill say we, include the other guy and then leave and have him do the job for me”

TheNadademais says:

this screen is better(more durable/resistant) than the one in the xiaomi redmi note 4 (or 4x)?

pelagos23 says:

Thank you for this review.

Benjamin Mazanka says:

Will you test Doogee Mix?

Thomas Knight says:

Hey Alex I know I asked a while ago but what would you recommend for under $100?

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