Best Smartphones of 2016

My selection for best Smartphones of 2016.

Playlist of 2016 Smartphone Reviews:







Akshat Gupta says:

lg v20

george walton says:


The imdad Tv says:

APPLE is the best compony ever made or will be

ItsLiam 21 says:

News reports: Iphone 7’s are the nee note 7. They are exploding just like the note 7. 8 reported cases of iPhone 7’s blowing up.

Firaga13 says:

A tip to quickly launch the camera app on an iPhone is to quickly press the power button twice and then swipe to the left. 🙂

mc solo gaming says:

My favorite smartphone is :iPhone 7 plus .

pro agraprana says:

oneplus 3t

Shamnaj Ktm says:

Best smartphone in2016 is Samsung s7edge

fullname gurung says:

xiaomi redmi pro.

Fidel Reyes says:

lg v20

Pie_Studios says:

1:22 just do it please

Atari Jaguar CD says:

my name jeff

Nouman Sarwar says:

Mr DetroitBrog I like your reviews.which should i buy mid range smartphone Honor 8, LG G5, Samsung A5 2017?

Slutty Boyz says:

Why do didn’t show the new samsung galaxy a5 2017??

UnknownVlogger says:

5:22 “Battery life is superb”

Treyzon GD says:


Asad Heidari says:

sony xz

Lariah Murillo says:

Hauwei Honor 8

Pradyun Setti says:

huawei’s implementation of dual cameras is far superior to apple’s

Malik McGregor says:

lg v20 is the best

Tommy Houle says:

Even if I am an android fan boy, i have to say that the iPhone 7 is the best, but not in customisation

Rondale Smith says:

I like the Samsung Galaxy and iPhone both top company

Khristian partoza says:

DetroigBorg since you have many iphones can you give me one?

Ashley Zepeda says:

I like the iPhone 7 it’s not too big or too small. Although yes I will have to give the design award to Samsung s7 I like the new black colors. I love the storage and camera. I love how it’s water resistant and how it works so smooth. And the speaker are just Amazing. It’s perfect in my opinion

phones and other things says:

Iphone 7 plus

diamondxx7 says:


AntiDepressantBleach Concentrated Clorox Bleach says:

Anybody who says the iPhone 7’s design is stale has never seen where the Galaxy S7’s design was derived from

Muhammadh Fahim says:

iPhone is the ever best SmartPhone

Meagen Kasey says:

I love iphones

SuperMario Fan says:

I like neon switch

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