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kim thanya says:

I need a phone that can give an example warning: the day will rain, sound when stolen and I need a high quality camera because it can help me in recording video and also the Google Assistant will help me in doing college assignment.

Ez Boon Fong says:

I really want the phone because whenever I listen to a song and I like it, I will want to search for the title of the song plus the singer!

Jude Tangente says:

….Google has, once again, built a phenomenal camera system…..The Portrait mode, which is unusual on the Pixel 2 in that it relies on only one camera lens rather than two, also works impressively….. The best feature that i like is the squeeze-to-activate-googleassistant….
….by the w@y i follow your instagram and facebook. //)(Wish i’ll be the lucky winner.

Shawn Co says:

I think the best feature is the translator of the phone

Hari Krishnan Suresh says:

Watching this on a Nexus 5x. This phone is the ultimate Android phone made by Google. Best camera and stock Android. Stock Android is something that differentiates pixel from other Android phones. The clean ui is one of the main features about this phone that makes it different from others. But the most useful thing for me is the camera and the unlimited storage on Google photos and the Google lens feature. It will help me as a student in my day to day life with taking pictures of notes and other stuff and storing it into Google photos with free storage and I don’t have to delete it again

Twig says:

The feature is that it is a smartphone

ksarika08 says:

Play ROBLOX and if so can u friend me if so ign gloriousayan190

Nabil Ali says:

Google Assistant will help me to open bunch of apps and close them really fast. 😉

Rogan Tiger says:

Do an rewiew Ps vita

heyyy Gwennie says:

The camera would help me as I love to take pictures of places and food , and it could help me blur out without editing . I know I could use a real camera but I could not afford and my parents does not allow me to buy

QuickscopeYT - Pixel Strike says:

i will do anything thing for one im literally crying rn cause im so in love with it i want it u guys are so so so lucky i really want it

Fatma Wahyuda says:

Feature camera and game very smooth

Ethan Cabiling says:

The feature of the phone that is going to help me is the google assistant because its much better and you will have someone to talk with when you are alone

aryssa qaisara says:

I want to gete the phone because I like the phone and cool and it han gorila glass please

QuickscopeYT - Pixel Strike says:

so i subbed to both channels i shared this to 2 of my friends and i followed u in instagram and liked u on facebook and the reason i want and need the phone is cause first of all i need unlimited storage cause i have stuff the download sometimes i would really badly need it also i like how it charges in 15 minutes mine takes like 1 hour and it the percentage drains fast also i like how it takes pictures in the dark and cause also i can just say take a selfie its really helpful instead of clicking the picture button i have many more reasons plz read this i hope i win

KVN says:

Can i win a phone.

Edy Jackson says:

The phone could help me translate what my cousin is saying as we don’t see each other that much and they are from other countries

Brandon Chua says:

The phone will really help me when I’m overseas . Pls let me win the giveaway:)))))

Nico Carlo Corto says:

I do what you say and my brother loves your video and i subbed but i dont have an instagram Hope win

KVN says:

This phone will help me have no lag like my current phone.

Abhay Surya says:

I love you notgodgamers

QuickscopeYT - Pixel Strike says:

also i told my friends to plz sub on both channels

Qays Hateem says:

The Google asistent

Mine Shorts says:

I love the song feature thingy! I have always wanted to find out the songs like in the toilet got song right then also cannot tell the song it goes dododododod search on Google also cannot. So it will help me a lot! my insta name is @piggaroni I’ve done all steps!

omkar kadam says:

I love the phone
I love the lens feature And I thought about having such feature in my phone ones
I’m currently studying n it would be a great help to me

Max Chaser says:

I want it because it can help me to capture small things that I want to take and my phone camera is not good. It’s not only the camera and I can take with my Google Assistant because I don’t have friends

Nebirus Gaming | Overwatch, GTA V and more says:

the camera is going to help me take photos when i go on a trip. ten to go on a lot of them

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