Best Smartphone Ever Review

Google Pixel 2 is a gift God, and the greatest device I’ve ever seen. The Google Pixel 2 puts all other phones to shame, and everyone should buy it, as well as Pixel Buds.

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Varun Kashib says:

Google, The Pixel 2 / 2XL is a fucking turd! Get your shit together, make a decent phone that’s worth the cash you demand for it and stop trying to create the illusion that the Pixel 2/2XL has no issues, it does, it sucks even if it didn’t..

Esco Scott says:

Was that chick on your screen your girl? Damn

Hungry Henry says:


Jeppe Werring says:

The iPhone X display better be good as they had 7 years to use it.

Shibi Kumar says:

Including wireless charger with iPhone X box does not make sense at all. The main purpose of wireless charging support is to have ease of charging in the public places like airports and coffee shops. Now you won’t find different charging pins in the airport, just one QI wireless charger. Makes sense.

Ruben Mendoza says:

Probably the best video you’ve made so far!! Congrats

TurtleNoise says:

Hey guys should I wait for the 2018 iphones to come out before I upgrade from my galaxy s6?The battery is crap now lol and I get the occasional lag, so I’m like semi-desparate to get an 8 Plus, but I’m loving the screen on the X and I would love to have a Plus model of it

John Bousley says:

I still haven’t got my iPhone 10 smh

Ally says:

I haven’t got mine yet so I can’t comment, lol!! Got my case before my phone! Great review though

Alvin Rodney says:

Your girlfriend is very beautiful! Good review of the iPhone X.

Rick Esperado says:

wow… made me wet,,, good job

Jonas Goller says:

Hey Drew! I love your videos! You are getting better and better and better in your really hard job! I hope, you can keep up your great work. And may the monitisation be with you!

deedav98 says:

Next year I would like to see your comparisons to HTC phones. Because I feel like HTC heavily watches what apple n other manufacturers do and tries to push things forward n becomes a mix of the best of the phones out. Samsung’s are popular but they aren’t great at being android phones (typing from my s8)

Pressan says:

You criticised Android for having “control centre” right at the top(when there’s so many different ways to access it) I get you’re a biased apple sheep but we can’t even expect consistency with you?

Sandeep Unni says:

Check out my iPad giveaway

leg0ipodtouch says:

Is that How to train your Dragon music I am hearing? Tailosive you sly devil, using my favorite movie’s music.

im probably going to jail says:

your girlfriends hands are way more aestheticslly pleasing than yours… no offense 😛 cut them off so you can use them in more videos and as a sacrifice to our lord and savior google pixel 2

whiteandnerdytuba says:

Lol nice try but I still had no ad. Who wants to text me the exclusive wallpapers

Shakib Ali says:

I actually like the bar at the bottom and the notch. The notch gives it a unique look. I’m loving the iPhone X so far, it’s the most fun phone I’ve used so far. I’m really enjoying my time with it. Good job Apple.

Stephen Melissis says:

Please stop trying to spread conspiracies man, lots of YouTubers are getting demonitized for no reason, even the sports channels I watch

hector gomez says:

I love how sarcastic you are through out the whole video

iagoeu73 says:

Thank you man, you represent a lot of us ! If I had the money, I’d pay for you to fuck demonetization

Trinquinity says:

There’s a setting to remove the omnipresent home, back, and recents button to just swipe up and then use them instead on the galaxy S8…

lltheFacell says:

17:38 (fetty wap!) woah nice job dude, you got a good looking girl

Valk says:

Ewww use discord in the dark theme boi

Nosh Nosher says:

The display isn’t actually larger than the 8 Plus’s display. It’s smaller in area. You can’t use the screen diagonal to compare different aspect ratios.

Sandesh Deshmukh says:

You got me emotional man in last few minutes..

Matthew Scope says:

Lol so the X has no cons it’s 10/10?

Mikail Usman says:

umm..won’t google’s machine learning ai figure out the thumbnail looks like an iphone?

BackForwardPunch says:

Price was too low?

ChrisOfCringe says:

I don’t know what it is but I love the thumbnail for this video, maybe it’s the blue filter

Shifu Gaming says:

i dont like the google pixel 2 but whatever xD

Imhanlahimi Cassidy says:

I need more dislike buttons

anthony velazquez says:

Why are you friends with people that use galaxy phones!??!?!?!    ;P

Mafaz Abdul Karim says:

One tiny thing, you can actually use locked notifications that only unlock with a Touch ID on older iPhones. I’ve been using it on messages since iOS 10 and on many apps on iOS 11.

Additionally, I disagree massively on the price. $200 is a lot of money. I can understand why Apple priced it at a $1k but it is unfair to the massive Apple loyalists who can’t afford it. My income is about $300 per month and saving up to buy an iPhone is already a difficult thing to do. Now, it’s even worse. I at least hoped that the base storage would be 128 GB.

Otherwise though, great review. Of course, there’s a lot of bias but then again, they aren’t far from far from the truth.

Jataun T. says:

I really love your content so much. You think of things differently than other tech youtubers. You point out a lot of things, like you analyze why apple makes decisions and no other tech youtuber really does that. Keep up the good work, I love your channel!!!

Truth Findings says:

Why is this guy in my suggested? How do I remove him? Apple fanboys are annoying.

James Eastham says:

Been getting a solid 10400 on geekbench when running iSO 11.1.1

BrimstoneTS says:

CORRECTION: APPLE DESIGNED THE SCREEN, SAMSUNG BUILT IT. Rip samsung because it’s better than the ones on their phones…

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