Apple iPhone X Review: The Future of the Smartphone?

Watch our Apple iPhone X review! Ten years of iPhone is not just ten years of iPhone, but also a decade for the modern smartphone. At this point younger generations have no clue just how much smartphones changed after the iPhone was introduced in 2007. Navigation buttons and keyboards were killed in favor of slimmer designs and multi-touch controls, and that was the primary step into how everything has evolved until today. About the only problem is that hardware grew stale. The game transformed into more of a war of ecosystems

Every other iPhone after the first was more an iteration. Sure they got larger, far more powerful, and brought new features. But the primary reason for love of loyalists and the pan of power users was that if you placed any iPhone on a table, it was hard to tell them apart from the front.

This is one of the main reasons why the iPhone X is so important. Never before has Apple deviated from the things that made an iPhone, an iPhone. This is really the first time that visual iteration makes a jump to visual innovation. In Tim Cook’s words, “this is the future of the smartphone,” but the question is if this first step is good enough to define how future smartphones should be.

Watch our full review.

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Dara Tinnel says:

I love how no one’s mentoring the swiping features came from webos and the Palm Pre and the BlackBerry Z10 have these features they’re great features to use but no one ever mentions them in an iPhone review it’s like oh it’s a new technology a new way to use a smartphone. No dummy it’s been done before

Rooban Parandaman says:

which is better to buy 8+ or X

sic22l says:

So no word about the oversaturated pictures? Samsungs are getting bashed for this even though … they don’t bump colors as much anymore.

Chiradeep D says:

Hi Jaime, Can I know how’ll you transfer your whatsapp chats from an iOS device to android when you’re switching phones.

Mr2ee says:

One thing is for sure: iPhone X is the future of Apple price tag.

Final Four says:

iPhone still outsells every other phone by a wide margin. Samsung fans don’t want to talk about that. Enjoy your Note 8 though.

Miguel Medina says:

Phones aren’t worth more than $300. Minus cameras.

Vikas Patil says:

Dbrand..i hear it always

Fritz Wunderlich says:

It will make much more sense if it costs under $800 in all countries.

Dennis Pietrandrea says:

iPhone X is horrible. It lacks polish and lost functionality. I miss a proper headphone jack and I miss touch ID. I don’t want to sacrifice these features just to have a slab that looks nice.

I wish smartphone manufacturers would look to Samsung for their engenius comprises made to make a quality product on the hardware front. Granted software I’d lack luster but that’s much easier to improve upon normally.

Apple should just try and follow industry standards unless it brings something of actual value not to do so.

abcdefg says:

I used this phone for a week and I’m officially giving up all faith in apple. They are obviously just out to make money… not the best product. Good thing there’s many other better options.

Jdizzle says:

Only thing Iphones are good for is taking perfect selfies, the phones get boring after a while, Iphone X looks like a bootleg Galaxy s8 with a weird ass notch.

Brandon White says:

It’s your best friend’s birthday. Can’t find the perfect gift? Download the Amazon app and let it find you!!!!

Kenneth raiford says:

still don’t take better pictures then the note 8

Andrew Hoffman says:

Not against the $500 or more it would cost to replace your screen and the $1,500 – $1,800 Australian dollars you’ve paid for your iPhone Ten (X marks the spot).
Want a back pocket, case less phone? Buy a ruggedised mid-ranger.

Kasparas Visockas says:

You guys are very late with the reviews recently. The interest in a review of either iphone x, pixel 2 xl or the essential phone is gone for some time now…

JOSHIM.ALI052 says:

Yeah future of your pocket

C V says:

No, it not the future of the smartphone just because the Apple did it. I see future specs in Androids for 3-4 years now and iPhone has not them or introduce them as a new, super technology. Com’on guys, we know about technology, not like Apple boys..

Saurav Khatiwada says:

Whats with the hand swipe to show people photos slide show. That was really ugly

Mahesh says:

No mention of face unlock !?

Ip Pakco says:

iPhoneX sucks dick

Andri Hlynur Bjarkason says:

Wish it had wide angle tbh

Rod Schermerhorn says:

You guys are great,good listening experience and watching experience!

Kenneth raiford says:

how is the iPhone x the future of smartphones Samsung started it with the note edge that phone started it

bonjour toby says:

Good but need some improvements

awais ahmed says:

What the notch is that

Edmund Khoo says:

future of a piece of shit, I’ve already sold mine away.

Aakash Jhaveri says:

Very nice intro

Sam Lung says:

Future of smatphones? Nahhhh Tim you were the future back in 07. Your time is up

Stefan Fernandes says:

Love the naruto t shirt

Stephen Neal says:

OnePlus5T is cheaper, with amazing specs, and build quality.

Qwiss says:

Where did you get that shirt man? It’s cool.

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