A 7060mAh Battery Monster – Doogee BL7000 Smartphone Review

The review of the Doogee BL7000 Smartphone.
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In this review i take a closer look at the new Doogee BL7000 Smartphone. The main selling point for this phone is the massive 7060mAh battery pack inside it. This phone is powered by the octa-core MTK6750T CPU that is paired with 4GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage. The phone is running Android 7.0 with a light Doogee skin on top. Throughout this video you will be able to see the performance, benchmark results, battery tests, sample pictures and much more.

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Faiz Shaikh says:

Are you Scottish

Ryan C says:

faulty unit

Barbie smiley says:

can you upload a video of DOOGEE bl5000 vs DOOGEE bl7000

Sebastian J says:

7060mAh Battery??????? That’s Bloody Amazing!!

Robert Kochis says:

This is why it’s time to start measuring phone batteries in WH, not mAh. Nice review!

KinectZ Gaming says:

When you run out of ideas for a brand name so you copy but make it look alittle different.

Nadir Hadj Chikh says:

HI REDSKULL. Tks for your video. I am french and when i saw your video i cancelled my order for the BL7000. Its just a joke this phone. I hope they will refund me. Do youy test the umgidi S2 pro witha 5000 mAh battery. It look like a very good phone but i dont find test like yours….

Victor IF says:

It would be interesting a comparative video of the Doogee BL7000 with the Oukitel K3.

Jiřina Macháčková says:

I have the Doogee BL5000, I still want the BL7000, mainly for the will of photography

childrolland says:

The front facing camera picture you take at low light conditions is really as horrible as the battery life. It was a very good idea to to put an arrow pointing to you :). You may put this picture somewhere in the web and entitle it – “True picture of a ghost/poltergaist” :D. Anyway – good review. Thanks

Ben Ooi says:

Do you suggest to buy this phone in this price range or other option?Actually I just placed order through aliexpress for bl7000 but a bit curious after saw this review video

Ralph says:

Thank you for providing such a very honest review.

gurjivan ghuman says:

My redmi 4 gives about 9 hours on screen time

pawan hada says:

hey what song is that at the opening of the video

Blank Cr says:

What’s the intro music? I’ve heard it somewhere before and it’s annoying me now lol

Marcus S103 says:

The top camera is fake it’s a single camera and that blurry circle is just a software trick if you look at the top camera it’s lens is just glass no camera underneath

Agam Syahputra says:

Will it explode?

Cor F says:

Another thorough review Alex, well done. Always appreciate you including GPS lock time and other GPS information in your reviews. GPS quality quite often gets completely overlooked by other reviewers.

MrSiberson says:

Оплатил 12500 за сей телефон. 15 дней тянули резину с отправкой на
почту. Теперь почта рапортует, что посылка где-то бродит(уже 9 суток).
На сайте висит цена уже 10.5 К. Короче: похоже влетел с этой конторой.
Теперь они ведут отсчет от крайнего срока в 60 дней, т.е. ждать ешё 51
день!!! Знал бы – ни за что с ними не связывался. Психи кроют. Козлы
бессовестные. Похоже, через 60 дней придется открывать спор по возврату
бабок. ВСЕМ совет – не заказывайте, пока не будет инфы от реально
получившего сей девайс человека. Похоже, его собирают из запчастей
где-то в сарае и не успевают.

Fábio Pacheco RJ says:

Tem função de 2 clicks na tela para abrir e fechar a tela, sem uso de botão físico?

Wayne Ramsden says:

Doogee mix the phone that has dual cameras but only one works badly at that.and the other one is just a blank with no camera behind it.its a con.so now if the say they have a phone with a 7060mAh battery that means it really has a 1800mAh battery.doogee are full of shit.the company is basically committing fraud on a mass scale.disgusting.

Maciej Maciejewski says:

Hi, can you test Doogee s30? Regards.

shreyas cse says:

it’s a really good review. Could you please review Vernee Thor plus as well please.

bhavesh tak says:

1:24 Game name plz……….

pawan hada says:

thats a damn bad english for sure

aimal khan says:

the dual camera on doogee mix was fake now this 7000 mah is lookin fake … watch @mrwhosetheboss video for fake dual camera

Mr. T says:

i was going to search it on amazon then ” 1:34

Sebastian J says:

22 More Bloody Idiot Morons Dislikes And Counting…

CGPhotoKandou says:

i like that you seem to be a really honest youtuber who also shows the cons and not saysmore good things so people buy more phones with your links. This Review shows it once again. You are a great an honest reviewer. Please keep that up 🙂

Wong Wai-Kit says:

7000? math problem..

Waqas Saeed says:

Dear Alex, kindly review oukitel K3 and oukitel k10000 pro. Kind Regards.

shreyas cse says:

is the battery backup that bad in Doogee BL7000 phone i mean 7000 MAH should mean something??

Joseph Lejano says:

i love you man

Ry.F Bustos says:

joke phone ladies and gentlemen

Udit Mishra says:

Using lenovo p2 with 5100 mah battery & getting 15 hours sot easily

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