Zhiyun Smooth Q Review. 3-Axis Gimbal For Mobile Phones

Zhiyun Smooth-Q review. 3-Axis handheld gimbal stabiliser for smartphones like the iPhone 7 & Galaxy S8. Including comparison against the older Smooth C model from last year.

Where to buy:

Europe Amazon: http://bit.ly/SMOOTHQUK
America Amazon: bit.ly/SmoothUSA
More info: http://bit.ly/zhiyun-the-youtube

If you want to see “pretty” cinematic footage see my Smooth C review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkgBW_p2ZUQ This smooth Q’s just a smooth and stable.

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What are you doing to get your s7 to look that good after upload. I’ve got the smooth q and the s7 for my next season of gold rush. But I tried to upload a video. And it looked great on the phone and on edit but then after upload to YouTube the quality dropped?

HBPLUS says:

why no reviewers mention about its heating problem on the back motor? i updated the damn firmware.
also when there is no phone attached it makes noise.

Lorens Momongan says:

Mi Max2??? Good for zhiyun??

Guyana Online Shopping says:

you should have had a link to order from so you could have made money from my order.

Sarah P says:

What microphone accessory did you end up using on the Samsung s7?

Milagros Arango says:

My Gimbal did exactly what happened to yours when you added something to it but without me adding anything other than my phone what am I doing wrong?

Youngsun Kim says:

Great product. does it keep focusing on spot? i would like to use for shooting golf swing.

mohamed amir says:

Thank you

Sarah Buenaventura says:

can i use it for iphone 8+?

Roberto Lima says:

Good morning !, I would like to know how to recharge the battery of Zhiyun Smooth Q

Michael Tanghal says:

how is the battery?

Living Walks says:

Hi there, we’ve really been enjoying watching this, thanks for the review. We film natural sight and sound walks in cities using gopro hero 6 black and a zhiyun gimbal, and find the combination just right (you can see several films using this combination and also using our camera phone with the gimbal on our page if it’s helpful?). Thank you for taking the time to add this helpful video.

Rudy Sijnke says:

Will it fit Xiaomi Mi Max 3?

Mr.Harrold PH says:

I wish i have that Gimbal :'(

Arian Gomez says:

This video is very helpful. Thanks a million. ☺️

New FE AGENT Raymond Saldana says:

how long does it take to charge it initially. The light is yellow, will it turn green when it’s charged?

patdogg1978 says:

Thanks for the review. Quick question, is zooming in & out an option? Thanks

Braka 47 says:

WARNING: be extremely careful when you use your phone in landscape mode while its plugged in the battery pack. it may seems that the gimbal will handle the auto stabilization, however, if the phone wasnt balanced on the gimbal before powering it on, you may notice one of your motor overheating. it will also significantly decrease the battery life. and for the users who wined about the quality of the phone app, please try to use it properly cause it rocks.

Xoxo Girl says:

How do you connect you’re phone with the stabilizer? Is there an app?? Or blutooth?? Just bought one and really don’t know how to use it, first timer hehehehe

Gmonkey says:

its ok horizontal but the gimble doesnt seem to work on vertical.

ToroTuna says:

thanks ! gonna buy it soon !

Mr Imaginativ3 says:

External mic gripped on the handle with a cable would be the solution. And it is even better this way if you are vlogging and talking about what your looking at. Only issue would be to move the mic forward when you want to shoot video and audio from forward position.

D G says:

Would this work ok with compact cameras?

CarlosMurgaHI says:

Will this fit a iphone 6 Plus?

Christopher Gelpi says:

Once it is on selfie mode, is there a way to trigger it via Bluetooth to take photographs?

K. srvHs says:

The app is actually called ZY Play in the App store

Dan Lewis says:

THANK YOU, for using a personal mic!

Sibagatov Rustam says:

So which one is beer-rah?

Frank von Thienen says:

Could you do me a favor?
Can you switch in the mode where the phone can be moved left and right.
Then move the grip in horizontal position (more or less)
Then turn the phone to the very left…
If you now move the grip a little up or down (depends) I get horrible vibrations and the gimbal is not usable anymore in that position.
I tested 2 Smooth Q and both have the same behavior, which is actually a NO GO.
Can you check, if that happens to you as well
Firmware is 1.6.0

Ujyalo Bihani Foundation says:

I think its not q 3 axis. Its only q version. Your title is misleading.

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