Zhiyun Smooth 4 Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer

Zhiyun-Tech released their latest generation gimbal for smartphones – the Smooth 4. The headline feature on this new stabilizer is a big, nicely damped zoom/focus knob that allows you to zoom and focus your phone’s camera without touching the phone! There are several other really nice features including manual exposure mode, standby mode, motion timelapse, and the kit comes with a tripod. I have to confess that the Smooth 4 makes shooting video with my phone a lot of fun!

All of the gimbal shots in this video were shot with the iPhone 7+.

Check to see if your phone is supported at https://www.zhiyun-tech.com/smooth4 under downloads.

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Links to gear discussed and used to shoot this episode:

Zhiyun Smooth 4 Stabilizer Gimbal for Smartphones

Amazon (US, UK, DE, FR): http://geni.us/k1wB

B&H: https://bhpho.to/2IxnDen


Aputure COB 120d – This is one of my main workhorse lights. Not a week passes where I don’t use it for at least one shoot

Amazon: http://geni.us/YrslSq
B&H: https://bhpho.to/2icq36p


Aputure COB 120t – When I don’t have to match existing light, I prefer to use this as my key light. Really nice, warm skin tones

Amazon: http://geni.us/lHTcfa
B&H: https://bhpho.to/2yUWD4z


Aputure Light Dome Soft Box – When I need a nice, soft light on the face of the talent in an interview or talking head video, this goes on the COB120 key light

Amazon: http://geni.us/74in

B&H: https://bhpho.to/2z9bRSw


Lupo DayLED Fresnel Light with Barn Doors – These are useful when I need hard light as well. I don’t have soft boxes for them so they’re not quite as versatile as the Aputure COBs, but really great lights with a super durable build.

650, 1000, & 2000 in daylight, tungsten, or bi-color
B&H: https://bhpho.to/2DtVJhQ


Blackmagic design Ursa Mini Pro Cinema Camera – used for the talking head shots in this episode

B&H: https://bhpho.to/2AKJOcN


Sigma ART 24-70mm f/2.8 OS Lens (Canon EF Mount)

Amazon: http://geni.us/4JE8j2w
B&H: https://bhpho.to/2kjsI2x


Panasonic GH5 – Used for some of the product shots

Amazon: http://geni.us/Efb6r

B&H: https://bhpho.to/2BcorBk


Panasonic 12-35mm f/2.8 OIS Lens – incredibly versatile lens that is on the GH5 most of the time

Amazon: http://geni.us/uMsKam

B&H: https://bhpho.to/2i6s2gv


Copyright 2018 by Curtis Judd

Music – MzA by Cary Judd, used with permission

Ethics statement: Some of the links above are Amazon.com or B&H Photo affiliate links which means that if you click on them and buy, I get a small commission. You don’t pay more by clicking these links than if you just went to the retailer’s web site on your own. I use the proceeds to buy additional gear to review and help you improve your sound, lighting, and video. Thanks for your support!


lucas compan says:

Thanks so much for your detailed review, Curtis. Do you know if I can make FACEBOOK LIVE VIDEOS with this gimbal?

Rick Davis says:

Is this your number 1 choice in smart phone gimbals?

Multimediareporter says:

I am concerned about the battery. Can the battery be recharged?

Otto Rodriguez says:

Outstanding review! Thanks.

Rory Tate says:

Excellent video – helped me decide to purchase it, which I did. Thanks very much.

Todd Fogleman says:

When researching a cable, I found a flat usb c flat 90 degree to usb a only. I couldn’t find the usb c flat to a micro cable. Has anyone?

ChessBase India says:

Dear Curtis, Thank you so much for a wonderful video. Can you help us with one feature which we cannot find. How to turn off sound while taking a picture or video in a silent event?
ChessBase India

Freddy Morales says:

hello, Do you know if I can use the ZHIYUN assistant app with the Smooth 4?

3dr14n G says:

Thanks for the summary.

Alexander lim says:

Is the app for free to use? Or there will be fee to use its full capacity?

Anon Uzer says:

Great review Curtis. The product was well explained, there’s a few of those on Youtube already, but you included some awesome footage in your samples showing not only it’s features but a glimpse at your great videographer skills. Subscribed, thank you

Mr Nine says:

i did not get your point about its battery issue……………………………in what time does it wear out?

500 cycles…………………….mean one can charge battery 500 times and then it will be finished???

Sabunim T says:

I want to be happy with this, but I’ve got the iPhone 8 plus and can’t get it to stay balanced longer than 5 minutes

Sudharshan Hariharan says:

Thank you for the concise review Curtis!

Denise Houk says:

Do NOT buy this unless you use an ipone. It does not work with android. It has nothing but problems and will make you cry. No 4k video, no zoom, it will zoom in and out spasticly through the app, it barely functions with an android phone as of 9/12/2018

Abdullah Aljeraisy says:

can I use the original camera app on my iPhone instead of Gimbal app? because camera app has the feature of taking picture while recording video

Lars Bo Jensen says:

Great video, sir. Thanks…

Nigel Richards says:

Subscribed!! Best review I have seen (and I’ve watched many) on the Zhiyun Smooth 4.

John Farrands says:

Can anyone tell me does the gimbal turn 360 when tracking thanks

ade .perbend says:

beautiful review !!

el ausente perdido says:

so how can I use an external microphone using my iPhone 8 plus with this gimbal?


I’ve recently ordered this gimbal and then watched your nice review.
Liked it and subscribed.
I have an idea. What if you add the window (with previously recorded on the phone for example) on the video where you show the device while it’s recording?
Like on the 00:22 seconds the video begins showing your phone and in my mind I was imagining how the video was recorded (if it was recorded at that time).
I hope I could express myself so you could understand.
Thanks in advance.

vladthevid says:

Curtis, I really like your style of tuition and look forward to more from you. I’ve just bought a Smooth 4. My iPhone 7’s battery doesn’t last more than 25 minuets! I’m not recording, just getting use to it around the house. Is there a setting I need to adjust in the phone to extend battery life? I’ve bought a special charging adapter which allows the phone to remain mounted to the gimble and a iPhone cable to plug in but there doesn’t seem to be a cable on the market to connect the two when mounted and on the go. Can you advise please. Thanks Peter

DipKhu's Lifestyle says:

Beautiful video bro I am Indian

Prince_ Gamer says:

Which is better,smooth 3 or 4?

KriStof says:

I wonder between DJI osmo mobile 2 I have iphone 6s Can you advise me

Danil Kece 77 says:

Greetings youtube, Mr. Citrus is suitable using HP anderoit

Jow Ramos says:

Hi may I ask if this gimbal works with samsung s8? And what app should be use? Thanks

CaptGamer 101 says:

Is this Gimbal compatible with the Panasonic Luminex LX10?

AU THANH says:

Why is the filming done? video has a sound but can’t run?

Work Pics says:

Curtis, have you heard of any complaints with the Smooth 4 with Android phones (maybe more specifically Samsung Note 5) where the dial’s actions are not smooth at all? I find it very jerky and unreliable with respect to that.

Rod Buddy says:

Im pretty late for this but may i know how much it costs in US dollar?

SMiah World Tour says:

Sir,I can’t used Samsung smart phone

DianeLibrarian says:

Thanks for your very helpful reviews!
Can you please comment whether one could manage to plug a wired lavalier microphone into an iPhone while using this?

floyd roldan says:

Because of the features in this gimbal support the S9 plus


Dual Ports Adapter for iPhone X splitter gives you that extra real estate to charge your phone and use audio mics. Invest in it guys!

gigih gemilang says:

how about the analog?

Ean Floyd says:

I heard there were some issues with object tracking. This is something I am interested to film myself. Have you experienced that?

Oscar Aguilar says:

Nice video and review, I need to know if this will handle a Samsung galaxy S9 + weight and size???

Sam Tay74 says:

Will this work on a Samsung Galaxy Note 9?

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