Zhiyun Smooth 4 Great Gimbal In depth Review

AMZ US: https://amzn.to/2qCC752
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AMZ AU: https://amzn.to/2EZasjI
AMZ CA: https://amzn.to/2HbvkGh
AMZ JP: https://amzn.to/2vqWdVt

The Smooth 4 by Zhiyun is a new smartphone gimbal that claims to have the best features and possibilities. We have reviewed some other gimbals in tha past, and we will tell you in this review if this new Smooth 4 Gimbal is a yes or a no.

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nelson f1 fan says:

It’s the first time that I will purchase a gimbal,
I really like the smooth 4

Benjie Nazzaro says:

Does the app let you do 4K 60 FPS on a iPhone XS Max? And is it good?

BarryBoi says:

Would it work on the newly launched Mate 20 X?

CThienV says:

Would disabling battery optimizations for that app help with it crashing?

Carl 24 says:

Can it carry with a case on an iphone 6?

myaffiliatejournal Sam Oa says:

does anybody know if this works with Filmic Pro on iphone?

Hardi Hidayat says:

Got smooth 4 yesterday and I’m using Galaxy Note8. The software is fine, but the zooming function is not as smooth as iOS version. Hope they will update the app again soon.

Pablo Enrique Villanueva says:

Gracias por el video, éxitos en tu canal. Soy nuevo suscriptor. Un saludo

Phantom in the Shadows says:

I bought a smooth 4 gimbal and it’s never worked it’s not compatible with Android. Even though Zhiyun state that their new gimbal is compatible with some Android phones. The Zplay app consistently crashes and I was never offered a refund.

Losha Ponomarev says:

Anyone know anything about http://www.zhiyun.us ? Is this an official zhiyun distributor for the US? I purchased a Crane 2 from them and I can’t find any information on them, and no one to contact about my order. I think I have been scammed but looking for any help on this website! Thanks…

VicioMaker says:

Passa a italiano

Hello nice review … I wanted to ask you if the dedicated app works well with android phones and specifically with the huawei p10. Thank you for your answer.

Ubadah Aljabri says:

Amazing video well done

Alicia Zhou says:

why not try feiyu tech’s vimble, you will be suprised with it.

Ayaan M says:

I have tried Zhiyun Smooth and here is the footage after 1 week of use.


Jow Gray says:

It is working on vivo phone??

We Talk UAV says:

thanks for all your comments, and you’re right, when shooting this review I thought it was my phone which was causing problems, but apparently it’s the android app, and lots of you are having same problems. So, as I’m still experiencing some of those, be aware of that, if you have an android phone, it may cause you problems!

Saptarshi Saha says:

do a comparison between zyune smooth 4 vs dji osmo mobile 2 please.

ally guo says:

Too heavy to carry for travel. Not like it for mine

ElloDraws says:

Do you have to download the app? Or can you just film with the standard camera app?

adam zagel says:

Can someone please tell me how to use the front camera and tracking myself or rear camera for selfie mode. Samsung s8+

CThienV says:

I want the osmo2 but it doesn’t have pan lock.

Epoch983 says:

Hello there, my biggest issue with gimbals is that it’s very difficult to use an external microphone and, even if you succeed in mounting one onto the gimbal body with a ring or something similar, it will be in a fixed position, only pointing in one direction, not rotating, panning, etc. along with the phone. So: have you found a way around this problem? I own a brand news Rode Videomic Me and I’d love to use it on my S7 edge even when this is mounted on a gimble (which I still have to buy): any ideas? Cheers!

Adamos Antonio says:

Hi. Will that hold gopro?

Halis H says:

Rather than Smooth 4,  I prefer Feiyu vimble 2, As a mobile phone stabilizer,it can call a selfie device with the extension bar.

cara wei says:

Zhiyun Smooth 4 , portrait can not track the face,the motor is burning hot ,zoom slightly stuck,I am a little disappointment,hope to improve more

Andrei Lucaci says:

For that price i teach my hands to become smooth :))

B SIPP says:

Also if ur giving any away I’d luv to use one and I’d put it in our video naming u and the gimbal or mic like.
Thanks again keep up the good work I’ll keep following

المغامر ابو خالد says:

Can i use it with snap chats video?
Or only to use its own program
Please answer me

jay hardy says:

I had a different experience with the Zhiyum Smooth 4. It never worked and support would allow me to return/replace.
It sets in the local land fill now for it’s constant software/firmware
errors. I bought a FreeFly Movi two weeks ago and have experienced a gimbal now
that WORKS so I can add specifically that this gimbal is loaded but problems are too pervasive to make it one that you’ d be able to use. It works as a gyroscope, but you don’t buy it for that, you buy it to link with the phone via bluetooth. This is a poorly executed gimbal. I am
far from the only person with problems.

The Brothers Music Studio says:

Good shot! The smooth 4 is the latest version for XHIYUN? And I know that these smooth 2 > smooth c > smooth q > smooth 3 are outdated, Wanna buy the smooth 4, am I correct? Thank you ^^

Yooperlites Erik Rintamaki says:

I just ordered one of these. Do they make an adapter for use with a gopro?

Andy Bond says:

Yep! The android app is pants, trying to shoot in panoramic mode and the gimbol was doing its own thing, and it seems Zhiyun don’t have a fix for it. It should advertise it for apple phones only. C’mon Zhiyun sort thing out with Samsung or the android developers.

Chris Babb says:

The Smooth 4 is now compatible with FiLMiC Pro! This is a HUGE upgrade for this gimbal. I have tried both the Smooth 4 and the DJI Osmo 2 and prefer the Smooth 4 1000%. My Osmo just sits in a box, hoping it will be used someday if anyone is interested.

Polish Mama BC says:

it is not able to follow on my iPhone, also it can’t switch from selfie to normal when recording….

daniel flores says:

“let’s see what cinematic experience…”

Next shot shows a disgusting filter layered on top of touristy video…….

35andsolid says:

nice review, can you make one how to get the video from the smoth 4 in to the iphone so it can be up loaded on to a mac?cheers

B SIPP says:

Hi there I know this is an old video but I need a new gimbal when I started I bought a real cheap one so do u recommend this one or the dji one. This one I like cause u can add a mic to it. I saw it online for $125 with the mic. So I think it’s a good deal the dji alone is like $135. I don’t know if u used both. I really need someone who knows about them to go me a lil advice which to buy? I hvthe money. I just need it for a cell phone. I HV a go pro 4 and a Panasonic call corder to.

joseph nicholson-porter says:

Those shades are incredible

Roy Petrie says:

HAHA LMAO! 13:50 “and… maybe I’m about to die now!”

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