IPHONE GIMBAL SHOOTOUT | Osmo Mobile 2 vs Zhiyun Smooth 4 vs Moza Mini Mi vs FreeVision Vilta M

Smartphone Gimbal GIVEAWAY: http://bit.ly/2Vxuo6G

I tested 4 IPhone Gimbals against eachother in a battle to see which one is the best to get you smooth footage.

The iPhone GIMALS used in this video:
1. DJI Osmo Mobile 2: https://amzn.to/2LBdX43
2. FreeVision Vilta M: https://amzn.to/2mw6msD
3. Zhiyun Smooth 4: https://amzn.to/2zX8qmT
4. Moza Mini-Mi: https://amzn.to/2Ny7KXc

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Irina says:

and who doesn t have IPHONNNNNNNNE? ciao

Jeremiah Diaz says:

Just watched a video on the DJI Osmo, very convincing that is a product I will not buy.

Lillian Rayman says:

Pitch lock is possible in the dji app

Elizabeth Hutton says:

Iphone gimbal????

1dir says:

The Movi seems great but it’s not for left handed folks. The others are ambidextrous.

Kenny Lauderdale says:

Brilliant video. Will these work with the Note 8? I don’t use iPhone.

Lindy Reed-Shukla says:

The best test of smartphone gimbals I’ve seen so far. Very intelligently detailed and tells me what I need to know for my possible usage (my first gimbal!). Thanks so much for the info!

I’m leaning more toward the Vilta because of the grip and wrist strap. Why don’t more gimbals have this latter feature?! XD But…I do love FilmicPro, so… *sigh* 🙂

Abdul Ahad productions says:

Please can you make a video how you made this shot & tell us which gimbal you used 0:36 i just saw you video best i was searching for gimbals

Impax Films says:

Thanks for helping me make a decision on these! I’m gonna buy the Vilta from your link. Great video!

Peter Malek says:

Which mic do you suggest for the free vision? Will it throw the balance of the gimbal off??


almost a year in existence and the Smooth 4 still has tracking issues. That’s really the only thing holding me back from buying Smooth 4… I guess its true, Zhiyun gave away too many free Gimbals that obviously a lot of people will say good things about it and try to sugar coat the negative ones (like hopefully it gets fixed with software update).

Thanks JEVEN, if not for your video and comments of everyone here I wouldn’t realize this and might have gotten the Smooth 4 as well… Since it’s black friday, the OSMO 2 is currently on sale so I’m probably gonna buy that one already. I love the physical buttons on the Zhiyun but it’s really a lot bigger compared to the OSMO2… plus the #1 feature a gimbal should have (aside from stabilizing) is tracking. And after several months, tracking is still not fixed so yeah.. I’ve given Zhiyun enough time already. Time to jump into the DJI OSMO 2.

Muffin Factory says:

The osmo also has the three modes witch locks the pitch or the yaw, but inside the app, when you know it,its easy to find

anupom & bitupon brothers anupom & bitupon brothers says:

Nice vdo sir

Tales by Firelight says:

Great video! helped more than the others I saw. You can say what’s up or Iphone gimbal if that comes natural to you! Who cares. I totally understood what you meant. I’m glad you’re not scripted.

joelson ferrao says:

i have a Zhiyun Smooth 4 try to spend more time with it and you will see thats de rigth choice to make!!!

Music For Life says:

iphone gimbal, iphone gimbal, iphone gimbal, iphone gimbal wow

Abdul Ahad productions says:

The round one in the grass

Devinchi 550 says:

Lol you iphone cats love riding apples dick about their lack luster products…iphone gimbal lmao fuck outta here with that bullshit guy

johnfehringer says:

Curious, why did you leave out Movi by Freefly, a tested company for drones and professional gimbals?

Peters Geluidtechniek says:

I bought the DJI OSMO mobile gimball 1, ±2 years ago. Loving it for a long time. But there came the DJI OSMO mobile II, so I tought it’s better “Let’s buy it”. Worst choise ever. Now I have the Smooth 4 and this is the best gimball I ever had in my hands.

G5 Films says:

Would you say that Zhiyun Smooth 4 is now the king since it’s integration with Filmic Pro?

Jeven Dovey says:

I didn’t say “whats up” at the beginning of my video…. I’m told its annoying haha

Håkan Näslund says:

Haha it cracks me upp that some people gets annoyed about you say iphone gimbal haha

Raihanas Cuisines says:

I am new to this and could really use some advise. I am looking at purchasing a gimbal that will wirelessly charge my phone, I have a iPhone X plus and when I am doing my cooking demos I would like for the phone to be charging at the same time. I was also wondering if I can still use I movie editor since I am used to using this editing software. I spend too much time with my cooking videos and don’t really have the time to learn a lot of tech stuff! I really appreciate the help! TIA

Michael Coburn says:

really good channel and you are giving away so much great information. Thanks. Your trailer video rocks.

André Gonçalves says:

Correction: They aren’t iPhone gimbals. They are phone gimbals !!

thomas666 says:

In a newer video, you rave about the smooth 4

Paul Watkins says:

Phone gimbal not iPhone gimbal.

David Miller says:

WHich on is best with Android? DJI is available for local purchase. leaning towards that.

Pasindu Game Review says:

i like your channel because you are replying all the comments and you looks a professional photographer..

Ayda Walsh says:

Thank you for spending the time to do this – Especially with 4 of them. I was curious on the Audio/noise from the gimbals and if you heard any of the motors? Maybe next video?
Thank you again for doing the comparison! Look forward to your other videos!

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