We’ve come to a time where cameras are in everyones pocket. Live video apps like Snapchat, IG stories, and Facebook Live are the new television. Most people think phone cameras are all they need so here I am testing a smart phone gimbal because of those facts right there. Come hang out with me as I do a thorough review of the Zhiyun Tech Smooth Q smartphone gimbal. Because of its convenience, Im bringing it everywhere like Muir Woods, Lombard St, and Golden Gate Park. Eat your heart out Bay Area.

—Learn more—

Smooth Q: http://geni.us/JjPo
USB C Adapter: http://geni.us/6MushNu
Lightning iOS Cable: http://geni.us/4RxGx
Micro USB Adapter: http://geni.us/xJn7
GoPro Bracket: http://geni.us/Egu6ov
Smooth 3: http://geni.us/nBdFAX1
Google Pixel: http://geni.us/hug9Bj6

NAB Vlog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZOni7iQjQI
Rider M: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xcSopui6fE&t=150s

—Im everywhere—

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/atolavisuals/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/atolavisuals
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/atolavisuals/
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Website: http://www.atolavisuals.com/


April Sky (Schill Paulsen Remix) – Sebastian Forslund: https://goo.gl/wo2ahZ
Summer Nights 2 – Axel Ljung: https://goo.gl/wo2ahZ

–Gear I used for this episode–

Sony A7Rii: http://geni.us/9QjJX
Canon 24mm f/1.4: http://geni.us/7JSwCsc
Sony 10-18mm f/4: http://geni.us/RFwCk8Y
Canon 100mm: http://geni.us/ish2
Sigma MC11 Adapter: http://geni.us/6Ty0GB
Sony 35mm: http://geni.us/Q1pg
Sennheiser Lav Mic: http://geni.us/6Z5D5b
Fotodiox 2×1 LED: http://geni.us/stdl7eP
Aputure Mini LED Light: http://geni.us/XEfhiiO
Manfrotto Befree: http://geni.us/0bdbnH

See my full list of gear: kit.com/atolavisuals

—Thanks atolafam!—


AE86 SuperCharged PascalCasimir says:

Thank you for this I’m gonna get one now

nurbolat zharylgassov says:

You are very pretty!

Joemi Gonzales says:

Can i manually rotate the motors during operation. Is it safe to do that?

floex831 says:

4:03 – “That’s next level shit”. – Immediate Thumbs Up!

thesimulacre says:

“firm but floaty” lol

eui says:

1:46 ok, first of all, why the fuck are you unboxing in a public place where it’s obviously noisy? don’t blame that guy for talking to someone on the phone

Paul says:

Thank you. My test of the Smooth Q

Alejandro Garcia says:

Hella. Won me over. Good review.

Julio Arroyo says:

I have the smooth q but why would anyone want to record in portrait mode?

shin g says:

The world has changed by GIMBAL.

Jatt Production says:

Love you

Thomas Cory says:

Awesome ! You helped me make up my mind.

Jake The Outdoorsman says:

I have Galaxy S8 with a case on it. It fits but the weight combined according to the stats is 196g. The Smooth Q says max payload is 200g. Will 196g make the gimbal sluggish?


Just smooth… 🙂

capt fahad says:

Are u a homeless if not then why unboxed outside… Worst Unboxing ever 😉 sorry…

John Staley says:

Soderberg is a professional phone shooter.

Blank blank says:

What’s the charging time for this? It says 2.5 hours on the manual but it also says when charging is complete it shows a green light. I charged it for way longer than 2.5 hours but there’s still no green light. I’m not sure if I’m overcharging it or if my device is defective.

M.I Abid says:

ur almond shape face is a killer.

Fateh Amor says:


Xoxo Girl says:

What was the app?

Mehdi Aardin says:

good video. just don’t bully people for getting likes on your video “The old guy in your video” he technically can sue you 🙂

A says:

haha ur great

skurtis says:

you know she from the bay when she said, “hella more features”

Ariel Barillas says:

i love your voice

Scott Clements says:

This Sucker, now that was funny lol. I got this Smooth Q, works pretty good for me and I Got a old Note 4 but I love it and to me it’s better than most of the new phones.

Dizzle says:

You say they claim it’s okay to use in the rain and snow. I just looked at the User Guide that came with mine and it clearly says prevent contact with any kind of liquid. Rain is a liquid. Snow also is a form of liquid. My question, though is very basic. How do you know when it’s done charging? Another video said when the yellow light turns off it’s done charging. I’ve been charging mine for a while and that damn light is still on. It started off blinking yellow. Now, it’s solid yellow and no longer blinking, but the light is still on. Been charging it for over an hour.

capt fahad says:

Well make a review about moza mini

Raven Gamingg says:

Will this work on my s9 plus?

SNR Özcn says:

You are very cute 🙂

Dom Brown says:

Atola must be from CA. Much love from Sactown over here, appreciating this video!

Phil sarusal says:

do this work on Samsung galaxy note 9?

JCANPetros says:

Nice review…oh btw you’re cute.

Libby Hall says:

Hi, thanks for sharing. I have a Note 8 and the tracking works well with my phone. Once you click on the camera for there’s a dot with for corners surrounding it. Perhaps they just updated it but I’ve been using mine since I bought it in 2017.

Harold H says:

The ipad comment gets a like from me.

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