Freevision Vilta M Smartphone Gimbal Review (in 4K)

One more smartphone gimbal, and this is my favorite yet! Check it out to see why.

*Android App v2.0.0 has been released with a fixed IntelliTrace function as well as added manual camera adjustment control functions.
**You actually CAN charge your phone from the port on this gimbal, but since it’s on the handle, running a cable to the phone while using it will still be tricky and affect balance.

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Klaus Wolfer says:

Can you try to talk in a way so that it is clearly understandable. This video is surely comprehensive but with your mumbling voice I stopped after 1m. Sorry, no go!

Scott Michaels says:

By the way, you can use the gimbal to charge your phone! For an iPhone, you simply need an OTG cable. It even mentions this in the instruction manual

Romain H says:

Hi ! Can you confirm that we don’t need to use the FV app to be able to use all the physical settings (dead band, speed, and Inception mode) ? Thx !

Harshit Yashwardhan says:

Wow after watching i iam pleased.. Why i havent got u before waisted my 3 hours on othets videos

C V says:

Excellent review. Thanks ! Getting this gimbal for my android phone.

Eric Torresgil says:

great review i just bought one brand new yesterday based in part on your review. I charged it last night but so far today i have not been able to fully test it out because i have not been able to connect it to my phone via bluetooth. I could tell the box was opened and I am pretty sure that it was a return so the first person that used it did not reset the device or at the very least delete the bluetooth connection. I was hoping you could tell me how to factory reset the device. Their is no information in the manual and none on their website. I have also done a google search and emailed vilta customer service but have not gotten any response. If anybody else knows how to reset this gimbal please post the info. Thanks great review i do hope i get to fully test it out.

Scott Michaels says:

Yoroshiku! Thanks for your review Scott (awesome name btw!). I’ve seen a few other reviews that people were complaining about the audio quality using the app. What’s your thoughts on this?

Adam Wolski says:

Hi man! Great content!
Have you ever had an issue with downloading your videos recorded using “FV Share” app? I am using Iphone and PC and have an issue with that

randy kirstuk says:

Do you still like the Volta above the moss mini ? These are the 2 I am most interested in for traveling.

joel wallin says:

what is the red/green switch on the front above the mode-trigger button used for?

Ian Bailey says:

Great review!

Rico Reyes says:

I just received the gimbal. It’s very well designed. The app is a little disappointment IMO. I wish it has a 24fps mode and a flat profile. By the way, how to i focus with iphone using this gimbal/app?

David Давид says:

in my profile video from Amsterdam on iphone 7 +FREEVISION VILTA-M )

The Narrow Path says:

Hi and thanks for the great review of the Gimbal. I wonder if you can changes the speed when you zoom by pressing the button harder. Or this Gimbal only have one zoom speed? I am close to buy this gimbal. Before i was out for the Zhiyun Smooth 4, but i think it is to much button for me to handle so it will be a good movie. And i seem to miss the joystick if i buy that Gimbal.There is another Gimbal thats make my interest in “Snoppa ATOM” Very compact, what you say about this one compare to Vita M
? Keep ut the good work.

The Happy Hour Hound says:

Can you use it with a point n shoot?

Sham Maideen says:

First 3 mins of watching this, I thought to myself, if I hear the word mini-tripod one more time, i might have to jump out the window of my 6-storey apartment.

Daniel Lee says:

In POV mode can you do a full 360 degree barrel roll when holding it out vertically (roll around the pan axis)?

James Mason says:

EXCELLENT tutorial. Do you have to hold it straight up while shooting or can you hold it horizontally (aiming forward).?? It seems that aiming it forward helps to give smoother footage while walking.

Warren says:

Where can I download the Free Vision app ? I’d like to try it on my OSMO 2. Thanks

geneva acub says:

Hi scott, which one should i get im confused between dji om2 and vilta M , im currently using iphone7+ and s9+

Charles Feinberg says:

Thanks for the amazingly quick reply. My problem is this. When shooting stills of the moving chicks as well as the adults I don’t have luxury of setting up a tripod. I must hand shoot and no matter how stable you try to hold the phone you will always get vibrations and large formate pictures are never crystal clear. I can use my DSLR and deal with speed control but that defeats the small iPhone 7+ size and weight.

passsacaglia says:

Great one mate! Didn’t find the link tho, but let’s say I have ProShot app on my iPhone 6 which lets me shoot in 24 and 25fps for example (altho not letting me change buffer)… how can I change the fps with this or does it run on the native one that’s set in the SysPref’s menu? : )

jeff wu says:

Hi Scott, very nice video and i like it.
I just got my Gimbal, but i found an small issue that could help for some people. when i used my wide angle lens on my LG G7 thinQ to shoot video or pictures, some portion of the adjusting knob was in the screen. So we can not use wide angle lens for some phone. at least for the LG G7 user.

RugambwaYT says:

Hello Scott, can filmic Pro be used on this gimbal?

Cloud Strife says:

Start 2:34

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