The Zhiyun Smooth Q Gimbal is the best smartphone gimbal I’ve used in 2017. It’s half of the price of the DJI Osmo Mobile and gives comparable results!

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Plattenfirma Jay Octavouj says:

Thank you

Sam YG says:

Great video! I know what to buy now

Goerkem93 says:

PIVOT had me dying lmfao!

justin94block says:

how do i pack this when i travel internationally?

Ginah Biete says:

Is this gimbal can fit the pro camera? The small sports camera?

xXxXxJ0K3RxXxXx says:

Christiano Ronaldo?

Thiery M says:

Great video thank you. But seriously dude, don’t you know that the two fingers sign you did at the end is nothing about ‘peace’? It is the devil’s horns sign. It’s a salute sign to lucifer aka Satan. Do your own research. We were lied to that it means peace for so many years. Just think about it for a second. How is sticking two fingers up, peace? Doesn’t make any sense. It’s time to wake up!

Bradley Stevens says:

I’m buying one!

Dusable Lewis says:

I have this thing where I can see drug users right off the bat…..

Tanel Murd says:

i got the smooth 4 and after some use and vs a DJI i find that it has some flaws that für some reason Zhiyun does not remove on even on a 800 buck new models, one big flaw is that the motions of the motors are not 360 free, , i guess it has to do with a fact that cables run in them and turning locks make sure u dont snap the interiour cables… i donno, i just find it bad that some angles are really restricted, like the 3.axis, it can only turn the phone 45ˇ at one side but 65 at the other, after that it give in and the phone take a dive… other bad thing is when u want to film very close to the ground, u cant just hold the gimbal upside down, because again motor lock, once u hit that spot the gimbal cant work properly and the phone goes out of line, DJI has no locks, so you can even run around the phone 360 and all is well, but not with Zhiyun. But its cheap so that works its magic

Curating Indigeneity says:

How is it if you add the wide lens and microphone to it, does it calibrate equally with no strain?

NXM Beauty says:

Are your thoughts on this one the same now? I really want to start “vlogging” but I need to find a good one

Roger says:

You got awesome hair lol!

RaS_ aL_GHuL_x says:

Is there also like a professional selfiestick for mobile ?

St3PdOwN2UrL3v3L says:

You could peel a coconut with mouth that wide.

gomgomboy says:

it’s $99 last i checked, now that’s more reasonable but $75 would be nice…

D'Vince says:

That Friends clip got u a like, nice review

Mars on Earth says:

I am planning to buy a Zhiyun smooth 4 to use with my LG V10 phone. Internet says this phone weighs 195g where the maximum working load for the Zhiun smooth 4 is around 210g. Would this phone work along with this gimbal safely? Is there a possibility of motor damage? Is there any better option with slightly more capable to handle this bulky phone within this price range? Look forward to finding a good solution. Help appreciated.

EmotionalBeats says:

It overheats and motors die quick. So…

Kian Siong says:

awww yes saw the difference

TrojanThugMusic says:

Do I need a gimbal if I’ve got a tripod?

Bader Jamal says:

Would you know if the active track works on Android?

Danial Mujahid says:

Thank you for the detailed review! 😀

Levinox 2 says:

you look like christiano ronaldo

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