BEST Smartphone Gimbal 2018!

For this price, the Zhiyun smooth 4 is probably the best gimbal to get in 2018. Checkout the Smooth 4 Smartphone gimbal: * – –
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Fox says:

Please stop the music!

E36 BKovac says:

Maybe for iphone..but not for android..dji have best algorithms..and tracking are bad.
Osmo mobile 2 are best 😉

sourabh kashyap says:

Make a comparison video between smooth 4 ,moza mini mi n osmo mobile2
For Android user

Jaime Jeremy says:

I wish theres actually a footage for the way the gimbal movement quality. Cause using a still camera to shoot a gimbal moving up and down side by side with the phone swaying and swaying but theres no footage of the video taken

Simone Figliuzzi says:

The Camera is the default one or it’s an app? I need the name ahaha

edgeofugly says:

Avoid Zhiyun. They got thousands of complaints because their battery is cheap and unreliable. Yet they do nothing about it. I used Zhiyun Smooth Q and it only lasted me one year before my gimbal went kaput. You need some electronic knowledge to open the gimbal and replace the batteryz which i am not:(

BarryBoi says:

WOuld Huawei Mate 20 X work on Smooth 4?

Florian NFC says:

Great info, I just bought the Zhiyun Crane 2 and.. IS a BEAST, with a Panasonic Lumix GH-5 and Leica 12-60mm f2.8 is perfect for cinematic. For travel is quite an overkill, but that is me! :))))))) Great channel and a great way to learn! A HUGE THANK YOU!!!

Umeed ka Sitara says:

Any one here wanted to sell their gimbal (second hand / refurbished )
Please comment / contact , i need on urgent basis.

ItzzTies says:

Put stroke warning in beginning of video!! xD

Lars loves Tech says:

nice review stefan you know where to send it if you are not using it anymore…LOL….who was your camera person…let me guess bettina…AHA

JIN YOUNG Lee says:

Please check, Red-light, unintended turned-off problems… there are so many problems for using this device. I have experience to returned twice for these problems, but I haven’t got figured this out. It was so frustrated experience for me.

Banana Joe says:

HAHHAA omg the end 😀 are you okay ?? Nice video. Looks like a supernice festival.

Carlos Rodriguez says:

Sorry brother, nothing is more irritating then loud music and slick editing. I tuned out in the first 10 seconds! I just want a real person giving me real info

Stefan Schacher says:

Awesome video. Loved the scenery. That’s finally a different review with emotions 🙂

Kranti saini says:

its the only good eeview of this one and results with android are no good

jim ecig says:

Great video as usual

Imran Maeen says:


Christian Pazos says:

Is this compatible with a GoPro 4?

techline - Linus says:

Great video bro

TechMagnet says:

Checkout the Sziget Festival here and let me know on Instagram if you wanna meet up:

Bryan Nome says:

It make blury vids. How do i fix this

Markus Haier says:

Good Gimbal for the price. Crazy how cheap they got… I bought one for 270€ last year 🙁 Are you going to sziget aswell ??

Hussein Kefel says:

Hi, thanks for the video. I recently purchased the Zhiyun Smooth 4 and sadly I had to return it because it didn’t work well with both of my Android phones Huawei P20 Pro and Samsung Galaxy Note8. The issues I experienced is that even though I updated the firmware from website it still has some problems like 1. After a minute or so the Gimbal will fail to recognize my phone then I have to reconnect again and again which is terrible. Now, I’m thinking to get the Zhiyun Smooth 3 (older version). My purpose of the Gimbal is to get some smooth footage. I know Zhiyun Smooth 4 has more good features like the zoom dial and vertigo effect mode but failed with Android phones after watching many videos on YouTube I realized it is a major failure for most Android phone owners. I hope the Zhiyun Smooth 3 will work fine

gomgomboy says:

even the best gimbal won’t help ur footage if ur Michael j fucking fox

Carmen Minichberger says:

Awesome video and stunning visuals. Whats the price for this gimbal in austria ?

KlaydPro says:

Nice work! Enjoyed it 🙂

Paris qian sen says:


doyrfan says:

Can it fit a phone with a case?

Chef Curry says:

Does it have active tracking?

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