BEST Cheap Smartphone Gimbal 2018!

This is really the best budget Gimbal for your Smartphone to buy in 2018 ! The Zhiyun-Tech Smooth Q is cheaper than the DJI osmo mobile 2: * subscribe ++ ++ Checkout TechlineHD:
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Zhiyun Smooth Q 3-axis brushless gimbal uses the 5th generation Honeycomb processor, which makes the gimbal more powerful – its torque range is 40 percent wider ( two times wider than DJI Osmo mobile ), and its response rate is 30 percent faster than before. This enables multiple accessories to work simultaneously, such as fisheye lens, microphone and etc. It also works well with 6 inch cell phones without counterweight. With 5V 2A output via USB port, the stabilizer can be used as a power bank to charge your mobile device.
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TheOtherChef says:


kevin bailey says:


Ramons Kepweng says:

Jittery on panning

Jason Stanley Cancer says:

This looks brilliamt. I’m a small YouTuber Vlogging weekly, this would help so much. Thank you for this video.

casey acantidalo says:

I own SmoothQ, i opted for SmoothQ over smooth4 simply for the joystick.

Cody Cabler says:

This video made me be a subscriber…nicely well did! Lol

Steve smith says:

I had this gimbal. It does not work with the Samsung Note 9. The Note 9 will not balance on this gimbal and will overload the gimbal motor shutting it down after just a minute. Better off with a full size camera gimbal with an adapter or the Freefly Movi with the counterbalance weights. You get what you pay for. Go cheap, get cheap.

kaka tolya says:

lol 9000 inr and you say this is cheap . you must be rich

Phoenix YU says:

智云,intelligence cloud

Loren Fitzgerald says:

NO Good Stay away from Mozel Mini 3
I purchased the Moza Mini 3 after Watching almost several video’s on youtube saying how fantastic it is. This was for a very special trip to Thailand and my return to Vietnam as a Veteran, I thought due to the size and all they claimed it could do it was going to be perfect for recording videos to send back home and keep my experience.
I have only had it a week and have only tried it in my home this morning prior to packing it fort he trip I decided to see what it can do ? ” ( It will do nothing start up then seconds later it went to sleep tried it several more times before calling their technical support they agreed that it was faulty offering to repair it at no charge or I can return it for a refund ) ”
I am sending it back because I depart in the morning .

joetylerdale says:

Nice video! My take is if you are really talking about 2018, the Zhiyun Smooth 4 is now at $119….Combined with FiLMIC Pro $15, You have an unbeatable combo. Please, before you jump into the “bargain bin” consider my suggestion!

John Papatheodorou says:

Good video, horrible music. Seriously it’s like some creators have never listened to something with quality.

j I says:

i have a smooth q and it’s plagued with problems, constantly plugging in to re-calibrate. these are cheap for a reason.

ProfessorOzone says:

The video I watched did not look smooth. It looked like it was moving in discrete steps. Is that my playback or is that real? Also, it would be nice if you made the music in your video closer to the same volume as your voice.

techline - Linus says:

Ohhh yeah, it was nice collaborating with you on this video 😀

Margo Free says:

I am having a hard time figuring out how I can have an external microphone and a gimbal set up at the same time? I have yet to see a set up that allows for this. Specifically I would like to get the SHURE microphone for iPhones and it connects to my iPhone 8 at the input port that gimbals connect to. Any suggestions? Thanks!

cellofellow says:

Welcome to CANADA!!!!!!!!

Mo Feez says:

Hi may I know which product is best compatible with android phone especially mid range handphone as i use Huawei nova 2i?

Kennith Rosales says:

you dont need gimbal if you have sony phones.. haha

YouGadget TV says:

Name of the gimbal?

avadhesh yadav says:

Will zhiun work with MI A1 ?

A Badger abroad in Thailand says:

I got a smooth q when it first came out. It still lasts forever, I’ve dropped it, stood on it, got it wet and even got slapped out of my hand by and elephant. I also made an attachment for my qx100 and mounted the phone to the bottom of the gimbal and it handles the weight fine.

Eesha says:

what is the cost in indian rupees and from where should i buy

Wildhog32 says:

I love this Gimbal, I use it for my action cameras and works really well.

Kishan Chudasama says:

I am confused between Dji osmo 2 and zeyun smooth 4… Uae mobile advertisement/film making, revie/interview

Tiny.t16 says:

Will it fit a iPhone 8+ anyone??

ivan reyta says:

How much is that??

RS1 says:

Why does the video seem like it’s skipping??? Or like there are missing frames…

Roykie 17 says:

Awesome I need stabilizer like this !

Kl1m says:

Meh that shitty loud intro music

Andrews Vj says:

Could anyone help me with your old gimbal unaffordable .. please !!!

Rudy Alfonsus says:

agree. in gimbal world, zhiyun is the best

Jimmy Ingente says:

i just realized i bought the strap instead of the gimbal and i just wasted 296 in our country currency… the links u gave in the disc i thought it was all gimbals well too bad i lost money now omegalul (edit) quite sad i cant cancel the order tho.. im just a kid trying to vlog lol

ImTheHawkeye says:

Why are they all electric? Every diy gimbal is based on physics and works the same

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