2018 GIMBAL SHOOTOUT | OSMO 2 vs Freefly Movi vs Smooth Q

We wanted to test 4 of the best Mobile Gimbals on the market right now and see how they performed given their various price points. This is a completely unscientific test…. as i’m sure you can tell ☺️ Read more: http://momnt.io/UltimateGimbalShootout_YT

We covered some basic test shots, but we know there are many more ways you could put these gimbals through their paces.

Shot on the iPhone X with the Moment Photo Case and Wide Lens.

The Gimbals we used 👇
Freefly Movi – http://gomovi.com
Osmo 1 & 2 – https://www.dji.com/osmo-mobile
Smooth Q – http://www.zhiyunstore.com/en/zhiyun-smooth-q/

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Geert Marteau says:

Great music guys.

Ender Bean says:

Any experience with the Freevision Vilta M gimbal? Thanks!

b69w6naz says:

Can the Osmo Mobile 2 fit the IPhone XS Max with Moment case?

Joshua Taylor says:

9:00… I did an actual, genuine spit take. At a coffee shop. New sub. HIGH FIVE.

D K says:

good job guys! and fun to watch.

ardas says:


Lance Wilhelm says:

Honestly, the without gimbal shot on the skateboard felt raw and more real! Pretty cool if someone wants that style. NIce video guys.

Motolani Olatunji says:

I am just confused

Гу Га says:

Hi guys, my name is Andrey, I’m your follower from Russia, I really like what you do, keep on rocking =)

I’ve recently got a DJI Osmo 2 for my iphone x, but have a problem with video stabilization. When I’m walking with it (even if super slow) there’s a little shaking with every step I make, which is supper annoying and ruins the whole footage. As I read online it’s a problem everyone’s having with iphone x built-in stabilization. But i’ve noticed in your videos everything is fine and you’ve got no annoying shaking even when you’re running:

How do you fix it? Is it some app you’re using? Or you’ve got that video shaking and remove it in post production? I’d really appreciate if you could share it with me.
Thanks in advance.

Brandon Biggs says:

The Movi is definitely the move—so buttery and I love the form factor! | Score 10% off the entire moment shop right now, use: https://bit.ly/2FJJi6l
& #momentsquad

Yunus Adi saputra87 says:

Osmo 1

purity liberty says:

Well, in my point of view I think Smooth Q is the winner of all because if you really could see the difference between other Gimbals you’ll realize how Smooth Q is super stable and that’s the twisted story

Viktor Dite says:

Thank you so much for this video!

DannyTravel4Food says:

Do a full depth review of the Freefly, cus im thinking about getting one. thanks 😀

Tony Carcamo says:

what about microphones?

buysellfootballshirts.co.uk says:

Where can I buy a lens like you guys have on you phone? (For iPhone XR)

b69w6naz says:

Can the Osmo Mobile 2 fit the IPhone XS Max with Moment case?

Kenny Lauderdale says:

Really good video. Thanks

Ankit Jain says:

Do any of these work with android?

Fabricio Novak says:

I’m having a hard time using the Smooth Q + counterweight + moment wide angle + nd filter. It seems stable for a couple of minutes, but it seems the motors are not able to hold this much weight. Does anyone have any tips? Or a suggestion of a gimbal that can hold this equipment?



the24hourlayover says:

My question, which one can hold an iPhone XS max with the Moment Lens case??

Ingenious Productions says:

movi for the win. im looking forward to your in depth review of that one. great video. thanks

Adil Ablat says:

check out the Freevision Vilta M, better than the above models

E Moody says:

I was about to buy the Osmo 2 but found out that the software doesn’t work on a lot of Android phones. I saw that my LG V30 will not be able to use a lot of the features that are in the gimble’s software. Bummer but i’m glad I didn’t have to go through finding out myself and having to return it.


Which lens do you use?

TheMetalAfterthought says:

What are your thoughts on the Vimble 2 and using a large phone (iPhone XS Max)?

Malik Fortenberry says:

I Like OSMO 1 & 2 The Most.

Chase Brenton Cates says:

I’m in love with both of them.

Ray Myers says:

This video makes me miss my 85 Vanagon Westfalia so bad.

Jeff Kam says:

What about the issue problems with androids as every video I have seen is with i phones? Pros/cons.

Kevin Olson says:

Can you guys please work it out with the guys at Freefly to have compatibility between your app and the Movi? Or else work a deal to put your color profile and camera control options into their app? I love the modes in their app, and the color control in your app. It SUUUUUCKS to try and match Log footage from your app with footage shot in the Movi app because I needed a dutch roll or a movilapse.

mattandhisnikon says:

What would be a good external mic to add to one of these rigs?

Justin Harnett says:

Have you done an in-depth video of the Osmo 2?

Hidir Redzuan Ahmad says:

looks like Osmo 1 has the smoothest footage.

ChrisChillzz says:

Song 0:10 ??

Freethinking Влади́мир says:

What a hip video. I must upvote. Nevermind they’re reviewing a gimbal which isn’t sold anymore, and two gimbals which are still in the pre-production phase.

b69w6naz says:

Can the Osmo Mobile 2 fit the IPhone XS Max with Moment case?

laserr10000000 says:

Need a side by side vid

Criss Nicksson says:

Great review


Thanks for this video i almost bought the smooth q one LOL


Great work guys, makes it easier for people to make a decision. We prefer the Osmo 1 because it is the smoothest and has the best roll axis shown in all your shots. Thank you for your effort.

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