ZTE ZMax Pro Review: An amazing phone for $99, but with one fatal flaw

Read more: http://9to5google.com/2016/08/01/review-zte-zmax-pro-is-an-amazing-phone-for-99-but-with-one-fatal-flaw-video/ Earlier this month ZTE caught everyone just a bit off guard by announcing the ZTE ZMax Pro, a brand new affordable smartphone that cost just $99. With a price so low, there had to be some major compromise, and I’ve spent the past couple of weeks trying to find it, so here’s what I’ve found.


ne0rA says:

I found 1 unlocked carrier on a diff site!!

DeShawn Brooks says:

I got mines from T-Mobile

caguko says:

its on tmobile

deathtoflesh says:

only flaw i found was the multitouch function while its in a case.. works flawlessly otherwise.. maybe the case on is creating static or something that’s messing with the hardware?

kw0304 says:

I got mine from Cricket for $79

Solomon Grundy says:

just bought one today. I like it. it was cheaper than the lg connect I bought and LG connect isn’t a very good phone

cesar lee james says:

just got this phone today I’m happy as hell it has a built in movie theater it’s the best phone

Lori Baker says:

Love the ZTE MAX PRO

Hey Kay says:

I us the ZTE and it is nicer than you think

Angel Omar Gama Tapia says:

what wallpaper do u used?

MsLewis34 says:

Not being funny I haven’t had a phone yet that haven’t had a problems, it don’t matter what carrier u get, they are bound to have problems I have the iPhone 6s Plus and I paid 829 unlocked I have had more problems with this phone then any other I have had, I also have the zte zmax from metro pcs I purchased that for 99 dollars, as well the only problem I had was it kept freezing a lot right when I was getting ready to get my new phone, so the price of a phone don’t matter, cause the higher the phone more problems I got with it

RubenAlonzo says:

Thanks for the review, but it being a MetroPCS exclusive is not a liability. In case you didn’t know, MetroPCS is actually T-Mobile and that is as fine a carrier as any.

Mangotree Gaming says:

I’m a metro user and got $100 on this day
get ready metro pcs I’m coming

itsjimsley says:

so this wont work on tmobile

Char : Roblox and more! says:

who’s watching on this phone that he’s reviewing lol, this phone is awesome

gypsy knight says:

got mine for $30 new

asia_danielle_xo says:

T-Mobile carries it too! I’m debating on if I want it or not.

Taylor Renee says:

my ZTE max pro charges really fast it goes from 3 percent to 100 percent in 20 minutes. and that’s way faster than the iPhone 6 I had it went from 5 percent to 100 percent in an hour

greenbox 420 says:

tf I have T-Mobile and have this phone

Ted Stout says:

Fast charging DOES work. Just swap out the included wall wart with a fast charging one. I did it with a Samsung fast charging one.

Goo Gobbs says:

I can’t get mine to spell check/auto spell check?  I even called the Zmax hotline, they couldn’t even figure out…..?

Junior Suarez says:

the sound from the 3.5mm headphone jack is bad

Huzaifah Seedat says:


does this phone support international bands? i am from.UK……..???

jjray says:

It’s now available on t-Mobile

Walter Knight says:

I’ve had the phone for a month now and it’s amazing.. best phone I’ve ever had.. No comparison and being backed by Metro is just a plus !

jess I first says:

I have this cellphone and I can tell… more than enough… just great have all my apps running with no problems at all… besides metro pcs got me happy with the service.

XxFallen StormxX says:

I’m watching this on my ZTE Zmax Pro!

TwoCam Sam says:

The only thing I hate about this phone is the location of the power button…I rather have it on top than on the side…

Solomon Grundy says:

metro pcs is great imo. at least it is in nyc

Loretta Toombs says:

I just bought this phone yesterday and I love it!!

Everything Gaming says:

um I got my zte zmax pro at t mobile wtf bruh

A A says:

metropcs is the way to go imo.

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