ZTE AXON 7 “Real Review” The Best $400 Phone?

ZTE AXON 7 “Real Review” The Best $400 Phone?
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The Best sounding and listening smartphone with hifi audio – highest Quality sound reproduction and amplification of music/video playback and record.
• Optimized Camera experience takes great still images and video W minimal manual operation – larger Camera, 20 MP rear and 8 MP Front facing cameras, for higher Quality images
• Fingerprint customization – launching apps, taking pictures for security and to launch other application
• Beautiful Industrial design with continuous smooth Surface that feels great in your hands
• 3250 mAh battery with Qualcomm quick charge 3.0, Expandable memory Android M (6.0.1), Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Processor


Zeaiclies says:

There is the Android 7 update now and a UI update too.


been carrying around the S7 Edge since release day . recently took it basic training and the screen shattered on it shout out to my drill SGT who stepped on it going to order this phone as a back up til the S8 comes out !

Parm Sangha says:

so which phone I can buy 6inch display that work on t mobile

John Redmond says:

I bought the Axon 7 largely due to this video. Please don’t buy ZTE phones. They load the phone with Chinese bloat that is not wanted nor can be removed.

Enrico says:

interesting!!! But i think it’s not as good as the agm x1! what do you think?

Jonnie Blaze says:

My bro been rockin this for a few months and said he may never buy another 800 dollar phone

micheal robinson says:

Does this have a feature to lower the screen for one hand operation?

Miles Armstead says:

shout out to Flossy Carter I got this phone you’re review helped a brotha out #squad

Justin Askins says:

How is the software on the ZTE Axon 7? Glitchy? Smooth? How close is it to stock android? I would get it if I knew for sure I’d have no software issues.

MrAmidge says:

Hey Floss, I’m trying to find the best midrange phone and I’m stuck. I’m on Verizon so I know 1+3 is out

Oscar Diaz says:

you know if its getting android 7.0 or nah?

Adam Bomb says:

Damn. Love your voice.

Edison T. says:

zte axon 7 best..beautyfull..cool..different performance..

Ben Bertram says:

Damn good review. All the technical info with the “English” translation. All real, loved it.

Jason Statham says:

Your voice is fucking incredible

Bibs7467 says:

You say “on deck” quite a few times hehe

Death Kid says:

thank u I need a phone like that lol my galaxy broke and I got a cheap phone called the Alcatel one touch pop astro and it absolutely sucks and yea I’m gonna get that axon

Dabkatz says:

Could you review the Axon 7 pro if you have the chance

Adam Bomb says:

This is the best review of this phone I have seen. I’m sold on this phone gonna buy it when I get paid.
I subbed BTW.

YTBeth says:

If only I had found you 4 days ago. Wouldn’t have wasted time going from one review to another trying to piece together a complete picture. Here is the one stop shopping center for info, people. Thanks!

wail wong says:

Flossy, what’s your view of ZTE Axon 7 vs. Oneplus 3T?? I”m a cheap MOFO….which one should I choose?

Abdelkader Mesbah says:

i would like de bye the axon 7. my question is : can activate virtual nav bar whith root ? thk you

Clarence Gatling says:

yoo floss axon 7 or galaxy s6 ????( same price)

Kathleen Torres says:

should I get this or stay with g5?

Jason Statham says:

micro SD slut hahahahahahhaha

my45acp1911 says:

LMAO, mac and cheese grease dripping all over your fingers. Use a fork! 😉 I love your videos. I want to replace my Galaxy S5 and I have been watching your videos for the past two weeks. I subscribed after I watched the first one.

SgtShaken4 says:

So, there are 2 kinds of reviewing. The quick and pretty, and the ones that are functional and relatable. This may not be the prettiest (without the B-roll), and may not be the quickest, but boy does it smash the last point. Very very informative video (KEEP IT UP BRUH)!!

Beverly Williams says:

Hi Floss…have u noticed any overheating during gaming or charging with this phone?

michael varney says:

hey flossy this is Docktorwho my other account acting up I wanted to ask you From Idol to 3+1t or Axon 7 do you think I should get in have Nexus 6p thank you bro your the best as if I need to say it.

troydiamond says:

like a boss review

Crazcompart says:

I haven’t heard much about this phone, other than it has externals and a DAC that can compete with HTC’s BoomSound, and is priced a good deal less…

matthew spiteri says:

Compliments & thanks for the review Flossy. Regarding the ZTE Axon 7, OK it needs some more improvements, such as more UI polish, better photos mostly in low light, more display nits & most of all the capacitive buttons. but let’s hope that ZTE will see your review & others and they will correct them for the next gen ZTE Axon (8). But considering the actual ZTE Axon 7 overall, there is absolutely no doubt that the ZTE AXON 7 IS THE BEST PHONE/PHABLET THAT MONEY CAN BUY!!!!!

James Smith says:

Top review top review you’ve earned other subscriber

Zeaiclies says:

32 bit dac for the head phone jack and the dolby clean tech. software, so great sounding for any headphones on the axon7.

james dunbar says:

I fucking love my axon 7

Mohamed Abdourahman says:

wish it had a 4250 mah battery. Le Eco ‘s phone has no head phone jack and the software is shit, but has big battery.

Continual Soiree says:

Love your vids bud.

So it works fine on att cell and wifi? Sorry not sure how this stuff works. Thanks

Ivan Spiteri says:

Always considering that it cost only $399 & even less, the ZTE Axon 7 is the best phone that money can buy! Well done to ZTE, & hopefully they will do the same with the next gen Axon 8, & if so? it will be even more successful than the 7.

Rodney Palmer says:

I’m subscribing just because you’re workin hard and keepin it real. Peace.

Not sure about the phone tho, too much $. When it drops to $250 next summer maybe I’ll get it.

Vien Ton says:

Shoutout to Xerxes

Ian says:

Sup Bro. Ive been around your channel checking lots of videos out, as I see you as the realist reviewer. Good shit homie.
But aye, Im about to get this phone, Im convinced after watching so many videos and info bout it. Problem is theres like no good glass screen protectors for it anywhere, would it matter to use without, I mean Im a careful af with phones and never drop but you kno, You roll with protectors or nah ?

Ask me Ask me says:

One thing I like about Flossy’s reviews is that he keeps it REAL. No bullshit. He’s honest, he tells you straight up how it is. Straight facts and honest opinions. He’s not here to make one product look bad only to convince you to buy another like some reviewers out there. He just states the honest pros and cons on everything and allows you to make your decision based on what you want. I definitely subscribed to his channel. Flossy……………..you da man!!

Vien Ton says:

Can’t decide between this and the HTC 10 :/

douglas harris says:

Verizon works perfect !!!

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