ZTE Axon 7 Official Full Review: Is this the best $400 Phone? (Outline below)

Buy it here from Amazon: http://amzn.to/2avPIa3
Check out OnePlus 3 Comparison: https://youtu.be/xPltnI5sX-Q
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Check out Unboxing: https://youtu.be/J9N4MGi-uXs
Axon 7 Software Tour: https://youtu.be/VVkQ2IZ0Q-o
Axon 7 Q&A: https://youtu.be/WBmqALSQUAI

Connectivity/Reception/Dual Sim-3:45
Audio Quality-7:29
Battery Life/Charging-9:28
Fingerprint scanner-20:19
Accessory Availability-20:57

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Robert Clark says:

Phoenix huh? Nice city man! Do you know of Carey Holezman or Holzman he has the PC repair site big or growing on YouTube. I think it is cool you both live in same city!

Haroon Shabir says:

can you use the US version on a UK courier? Thanks

ricky stewart says:

does it has notification lights for emails and miss calls

shekels says:

One plus 3 has tons of accessories since it took off more. dbrand, rhineshield etc.

Mike Czenkus says:

I heard ZTE patched the wi-fi issue.

Mike Czenkus says:

I have $450 to spend and will never give OnePlus my money, What do you recommend?

jophino says:

is it a good uprade for someone coming from a galaxy s5?

Louie Hanias says:

hey, cool review. I am either going to hold out for the new nexus or get axon 7 if it is guaranteed nougat. have you heard any rumors about axon getting 7.0 ?

dario.t says:

bug camera lowlight?

Joshua Quinn says:

does it work with sprint?

Matt Mayden says:

the axon 7 doesn’t heat up as much, but It throttles alot.. It’s really how the manufacturer, decides to clock the cpu. No phone ever wins the heat/performance… If it performs good, It gets hot. If it’s slow, It stays cool.

prophylac says:

Great review!  Thanks Jeff – very helpful information.  the video mentions that the camera app will turn off music playing in the background (e.g., Spotify) when taking pics.  That seems annoying especially for those who listen to music and take pics all the time.   is there any setting to disable that, so that the music continues to play while taking a picture.  I can understand if this happens for video (given video also captures audio), but not sure why this would be the case for just taking pics?

D C says:

I’ve seen awful reviews for this phone on amazon.


will it work in the UK?

Mihai Alexandru says:

In 23 minutes lost 10 percent battery doing nothing just swapping some apps , nice phone .

Alex The Commie says:

I FOUND IT FOR ONLY $350 ON AMAZON FOR THE GREY MODEL. WHAAAAAA?! Seriously, tjis phone is SOOO good. It has a promised Android N update, and with the feature set, it beats out even its toighest competition. And the fact it went for such a large sale… Jeez

Debra Dukes says:

Jeff my apologies had no idea that you did any review’s on this phone and can’t Thank you enough for coming back to answer me on the Review very much respect your Honesty that is big to me.Also I basically got this phone to hold me over to get the phone I want not one I have to settle with.Especially if to me very picky girl.I truly loved my Note 7 and gave had the whole line of Notes and I have never got attached to any phone.Computer maybe but now that they are making phones like small size computer like the Note 7.Only because in the past I would pull Computer apart and build them the way I want or should just say I have been in to tech period for years.But my logic with getting this phone was to hold off on going with any phone that does nothing for me like the 7/7Edge or LG for the Money when I don’t like them have had every phone makers you could imagine.I think most are overpriced and insult people with their gimmicks Now you know the Note 7 they might have a little but you could tweak everything and the phone was one of their best.I can’t Thank you enough for sharing your thoughts Awesome Review.I bought the Axon 7 to listen to music and customize the heck out of it and not be afraid I threw my money away on something I had to settle for.And I definitely will be following your next Review’s because I think we both will be surprised what is to come.And I see you don’t fall for Hype like me. Again loved the Video and Honesty Thanks again Deb

Suchanart Thongsuk says:

Does anyone else has any issues with the phone signing off Wifi constantly?

Paul Piacentini Jr says:

The only reason the Oneplus3 has some advantage is because of the 6gb of ram. If it only had 4gb then it wouldn’t be even that great of a phone. If the Axon 7 6gb comes to US I would probably upgrade to that if only the price is like 100 dollars more. So if it came out as $499 it will be a go for sure.

Scott Somerville says:

will this update Android as fast as say nexus6p

Brendan Phillips says:

Axon 7 VS OnePlus 3??? HELP

Continual Soiree says:

Really great review man. The Axon 7 mini is only $199. Would you recommend getting it instead. I’m broke.

Nono Bonono says:

No possibility to root = no buy

MrVeeBlog says:

Well done Jeff. Very well done. I used to be one that wanted to root a phone but for me, 99 percent of any of these 3rd party roots come up short somewhere important. Camera, wifi/LTE, battery etc, it comes up short. So I’d much rather leave the phone’s OS as is, and maybe drop a launcher on it and call it a day. But thanks for the in-depth review of my next android phone.

henrkpc says:

Thanks for a great video Jeff how is call quality under a phone call to someone ?? Are they same clear and can volume be same high like your others high end devices?? Hope you have time to helt me to answer this question..

Humberto Neto says:

Why does it look like the navigation buttons are blinking? (the side ones)

ahmad hejazi says:

where can I find the version without capacitive keys because I saw it on YouTube

Donny Fair says:

the best audio experience far as phone speakers is the alcatel 4s. The moto mod is louder than axon front facing speakers. but dac wise it’s the axon.

Jan Morrida says:

My unit is now very Buggy after the MiFavor update B27?

kamran K says:

so there will no future updates for this phone??? is that true

james cooper says:

will you be reviewing Axon mini ?

I SoulxBlade I says:

This or the one plus 3 ?

Mark Nicholson says:

I’m curious about how it works with dual sim cards inserted. What options are available for setup?

kushin_out says:

bell notification is awesome! my girl pick my phone up wont see snap. pof. kik notifications. if i let her check time

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