Ubuntu Phone: Is It Worth It? (Aquaris E4.5)

I am back from London. I attended the Ubuntu Phone Insider event and have an Ubuntu Phone I took back with me. Here is what think about the device and the OS. Help support my channel and make it possible for me to obtain devices to review.
Cool Stuff I have or Like:


Aryan RAJ says:


Bhusan Raj Bajracharya says:


Alor Christian Dela Cruz says:

i want that urbanears!!! haha

andrei vacaru says:

It looks like a phone from 2000 , Wow so innovative!

Lewis Khan says:

Qualify background mate monster.

Rick Barron says:

You have really nice hands…..Just sayin…..

Aryan RAJ says:


Ecstatic Maniac says:

what do you do for a living?

popnfloss says:

finally, a product that makes the windows phone look good

Nazariy F1 says:

Very Nice UPhone

Jessica Freire says:

que celular horrível bicho

Jose Tabar says:

can you do a video on the Meizu PRO 5, great work!

Rahul Chowdhury says:

thanks mam really cool phone

Emrah Royal says:

very bad

Dip Sarkar says:

bkr phn

Starfire is me says:

i have onePlus 3

Dikshant Telvekar says:


ky fielding says:

very wierd phone


17.26 minutes! this couldve been 5min the most. unbox, turn on, swipe-swipe, touch/type, turn off, done! and still have an extra time to twerk. nice chubby hand bytheway

Pojit Basumatari says:

following by
Lenovo k3note…

Mark Jonel Corpuz says:

it’s like another launcher for Android.

Tom Saunders says:

task clue loan zrtmuq boost snap top.

Debanshu Roy says:

why do you have the android bot 16:45 , whereas this is an entirely different O.S…

Matt Matti says:

Stop fucking talking so much

J Travels says:

So I guess what you’re saying is not only is the hardware horrible dogshit, the execution of the OS is, well, horrible dogshit.  That about right?  The Ubuntu Edge looked so hot…

raviraj sahani says:

I love you Eric

mininijafan says:

the os is pretty good 🙂

Dennis Rabasto says:

made in china this phone?

kambata k says:

its freeze coz you opened 20 windows or apps stu.

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