Top 5 Android Phones June 2016-Mid-Year Smartphone Awards

Galaxy S7 Edge Full Review:
OnePlus 3 Unboxing:
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HTC 10 Impressions:
Huawei P9 Unboxing:
LG G5 Full Review:


S7 Edge Carved Wood Case:
OnePlus 3 Otterbox Case:
HTC 10 Rhinoshield Bumper:
UAG LG G5 Case:

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Abu Niwaz Rabby says:

jeff 1+3 or 6p ? need help bro and nice vid

HTC FAN says:


christophe hofmann says:

how is Axon 7

qasim ayub says:

what about Nexus 6p

Simon Frik says:

Let me w8 for the 1+4

wd ah says:

what about zte axon 7??

Aneesh Selvamurugan says:

Great video! By the way, which icon pack is being used in the Oneplus 3?

Radhul Krishna says:

Hey you fool the Lg G5 is way better than one plus 3 it’s the 2nd best smartphone

Sonu Gaudel says:

Google 6p

Chiawa Bime says:

no xiaoming nor vivo

David Harrell says:

one plus needs a 5.7 to 6.0 screen size 5.5 is to small.

Nate The Great says:

for the htc 10 almost all of them give a pink tent
I couldn’t care less since I am looking at my phone DEAD Straight

Eileen the Crow says:

I like your reviews but hopefully this list changes because there’s several better phones coming out.

TheDarkShadowGamer says:

dude…U reply to all the comments congrats for being my favourite utuber

Houssine Bakkali says:

the fuck man , really ?!!! the LG G5 is at the bottom of the list

noel martinez says:

I had the s7 edge and the battery sucks I went to the iPhone 6s Plus and on a full charge my iPhone lasted a full day and half the night so for that I choose the iPhone 6s plus

Mazin Bashar says:

I want the s7. I hate touchwiz. what do I do?

Shannon Ferguson says:

Your smartphone choices are questionable

David Ramos says:

420 likes blaze it

Simon Šelih says:

there is a update available for OP3 which makes use of full 6gb of ram

MrArbeter says:

So you choose LG G5 over Nexus 6p weird list or is the nexus 6p that bad?

BlessedThrone says:

what about vivo y51?

Sondre Lisø says:


jeff yu says:

How much will u sell the s7edge for?

Jugger-Nog says:

+Jeff Springer review the axon 7, its a beast

budweiser4 says:

Xiaomi MI5 could be on the list. It’s one of the cheapest flagships with great specs and design. Yet it is still from a reliable company and works great. Great value for around €300

muhammad hafiz says:

p9 have a radio or not?coz i heard p9 don’t have it

ryan milovich says:

s7 Edge looked more pink to me.

O M says:

Samsung s7 edge sucked ass..

Eileen the Crow says:

There is no way an objective list would give the s7 top spot. It is the most mediocre of flagships.

Toby says:

When he compared the htc 10 and Samsung s7 edge for the pink tint, the s7 edge had a more pink tint that the htc, haha

No Name says:

I’m officially switching over to android because of the stupid iphone 7 not having a headpone jack. Fuck apple.

Novski says:

How did the Huawei make it above the HTC 10? Not agreeing with this list.

Chamara Hasintha says:

Great review & great covers, can you please tell me what theme that you are using on OnePlus 3, thanks

Jill godfrey says:

what abt the Nexus 6p ?


jeffrey…jeferey!…JEFF! why are your fingers so dirty?

ThienLong1218 says:

Like the vid, agree with most of what you said. Will you do a review of the Axon 7 when it comes out? How about how it compares against the Oneplus 3 and Alcatel 4S?

Emily Roberts says:

My friend has an lgg5

Mpec Hobby says:

What is hos wallpaper on the s7 edge

Fahd MassTech says:

ZTE Axon 7 should take the 2nd spot, it’s more better than One Plus 3 with the same price tag. & LG shouldn”t be in this video!

The Vibe Guy says:

Should I get iPhone SE, huawei p9 or Sony Xperia x? Gonna use the phone for a little bit of gaming (Pokemon go), Instagram, snapchat and YouTube.. Please help

Emily Roberts says:

She likes it

Manali vora says:

for me in second half of 2016 the best phone would b
1 – note 7
2 – moto z n z force
3 – axon 7
4 – LG V20 this may go up
5 – iphone 7 this also may go up .. this is wht i feel

Shannon Ferguson says:

I don’t know how you can use so many ugly ass cases

PCMasterRace says:

How did he get his icons to look like that on the OP3? Rooted?

Muhit Don't know WT is gaming? says:

HTC & huwaei got busted by 1+3
ha ha

Ghylliana Yu says:

can you give me a smartphone?
all of my phones are broken

Brian Connor says:

what icon pack is that on the s7 edge i need to know reply pls

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