The Phone From The FUTURE! No Bezel Xiaomi Mi Mix Review

This Phone Makes My iPhone 7 Feel ANCIENT. Bezel Free 6.4″ Display on Xiaomi Mi Mix. The iPhone 8 Might Look Like This!

iPhone 8 First Details:


Thunderstorm _YT says:

where did you buy it

Maksim Mrvica says:

copy your ass!Xiaomi,this name,comes from its previous rom,this company started with making roms,like cyanogenmod.This company overturned Chinese cellphone market,it is not a copy/paste company like the others in China.

Haecon Baecon says:


Did it have a headphone jack?

SansPrek says:

Apple got tech!! great meme


hey what country are you from?

Azim Alif says:

there are some apps that are called lunchers on the play store, with it you can change the complete feeling of the phone. unlike the iphone…

an bo says:

looks like a sharp aquos plus

Ansari Usama says:

Software is awesome, miui is one of the best software available, miui is extremely customisable

The Rodger says:

To be honest, the lack of a bezel is a neat design feature but in practice the screen will probably be a pain to use(for me atleast)

Amante Apilado says:

wow!!amazing phone in the future…hiw much in US$? this available worldwide?

The Drakester says:

Hope you don’t stop doing Apple news etc I love your channel


were does he get dis awesometech

Haecon Baecon says:

Didn’t watch the whole vid

Rad Domino says:

5 years from now? that can suck my cock

nyaz hisham says:

everything apple pro is it made from china

Rachel D says:

Tech-gasm. He’s a fanboy guys

James boi _deez nuts says:

the iPod nano looks like that too

Sabi Playsgt says:

But if it had and error (ads) im gonna bang it offfff

Pratham Dhawan says:

I have this one product but it slips from my hand and display has been broken

Adrian Echim says:

I dont like the bezel free design , I really don’t.


where can i get that for metro

Lucianna D says:

looks cool but still keeping my galaxy

Šone Zver says:

they fucked up with those navigation buttons bar on the bottom. took a way screen and looks ugly. I hope it can be readjusted in settings. Definitely waaaaay over priced. sharp made much better bezzeless looking phone like 5 years ago. for fraction of a price. (i know the specs are not different but still).

heath dobrich says:

I hate that everything is compared to Apple…

Alex Ander says:


alex arcega says:

I just stumbled across this video and I noticed that we have the same ring tone tongues

SelinaB. DIY says:

Maybe you could take this phone apart and show what’s on the inside

faisal khan says:

i want this phone in pakistan

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