The Late ‘Blu Vivo Air LTE’ Phone Review

– It’s been out for a while now, and I’ve finally found it for a great price. The Blu Vivo Air LTE can now be purchased on Amazon for less than $140 USD! If you’re a GSM network user, give this phone a chance. If you’re not up to make the carrier switch, at least check out this phone’s super-slim design! Link below:

Blu Vivo Air LTE:

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‘Blue Flame’ by Mich


moradierethamster says:

This channel needs more subs… Keep it up!

makaighost says:

I was pleasantly surprised when I purchased my Blu life one X, I got it on sale for 100 on amazon and for that price you get some killer specs

beshj says:

Does america still have tmobile? in the uk its now EE

vik bane says:

is it a GSM ?

Evbil_wafflez says:

doggo does a youtube

Linus Chaple says:

your keyboard looks dusty
just saying

Moo Moo N Speedster Productions says:

actually no this is my first time hearing about this phone…

Mr Dover says:

3:15 “both phones come equipped with 2gb *vram*”

Nerotius95 says:

Like finally there’s more phones with almost stock Android OS <3

Rick Budzak says:

Thinnest phone on the market… still has room for a headphone jack.

glich610 says:

Checked the amazon page and it says that for Tmobile it only has partial 4G LTE. Does that mean that it runs slower than regular 4G LTE phones?

Gregory Christian says:

wait wait wait- did i see an rx 480. PLS DO SOME BENCHMARKS OF THAT

Alexander Martens says:

Bend Test time

Leonardo perez says:

did you have any issues with it after a long time use??

Stuart Carson says:

More interested in the Rx 480 on your desk.

Nicolas Marez says:

Lol this video has got me phone shopping again. Ive been trying to get rid of my ZTE Overture 2 for many months. On the subject of phones to never buy even if you desperately need a phone, the ZTE Overture 2 is amazing. It drops wifi connections forcing you to use your network data, and the secondary Mic made to reduce background noise in calls actually picks up your voice and registers it as background noise. i absolutely love talking to people on the phone and them not being able to hear me! like why would i ever want a phone that i could communicate on? But at least i know the quality control is good. My brother and I both got ZTE’s at the same time, and they both have all the same problems. A+

RandomLegos says:

RX 480 teaser… AGAIN!

Alex Diarra says:

did anyone notice the rx 480 in the backround

Tyler Weigand says:

Your dogs are so fluffy 😀

Mark Nuncio says:

hey bro thanks for the video. It really helped and I have a s4 so it helps a heck of a lot more.

John Montgomery says:

Was kind of excited until I discovered that LTE is not supported on AT&T. I was looking into switching to T-Mo but there is literally zero coverage where I live.

Ozzie Peck says:


Intel Core i7 7700k says:

2:54 such a tease XD

lazerusmfh says:

OmgWtfItsSoThin! Thin phones were cool like 10 years ago for me.. now its more about battery life than anything, since NO PHONE lasts a full day of use. :

Yahtadi Shidiq says:

New intro.. Hmm.. Better this one, good job greg
That thing will bend easily for sure

madcomputersurfer says:

Awesome review.

Matt McGregor says:

$129 now on Amazon. Just keeps getting cheaper. White/Gold is only $127. Impressive. To get LTE, it might be $135. Still …

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