The Best Android Phone You Can Buy [Summer 2016]

Claiming anything to be “the best” in a field as subjective as smartphones is asking for trouble, especially in a year of great Android phone releases. But I’ve carried the Samsung Galaxy S7, on and off, for the past 90 days … and when people ask me which is the best Android phone out there … it’s the Samsung Galaxy S7 that I point to. Join me for MrMobile’s long-overdue Galaxy S7 review – and let me know what smartphone works the best for you: sound off in the comments below! (Just keep it clean, you guys; we’re all friends here.)

Graphics erroneously state the Galaxy S7 has 3GB of RAM. In fact, it has 4GB. MrMobile regrets the error.

This review was based on 90 days of usage on retail hardware purchased by Mobile Nations. It was tested on T-Mobile and AT&T between Greater Boston, New York City, and rural Long Island. Throughout the test period, the Galaxy S7 was paired with a Motorola Moto 360v2.


“New Media” and “Cutting Edge” by Olive Musique, available at Premium Beat:

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… with the Android Central Galaxy S7 review:


Tom Liu says:

Boom 7 lol

Hyun Lim says:

Michael Fisher is best reviewer that I ever seen

nThor Espiritu says:

The black onyx Samsung Galaxy S7 is my favorite smartphone for 2016.

D Bolano says:

just subscribe, great reviewing skills right their.

Arjun Ambarnath says:

That’s it! I’m convinced… getting one this Diwali! Tested the phone and absolutely loved it.

jamir gordon says:

how is this a bigger battery which makes it faster at charging but I have a 1760 MA battery phone :Alcatel onetouch: and it takes 30 minutes for it to get to 100% 🙂

Roland Watt says:

What theme is he using

Atlas says:

I got the silver one. my only problem is that I can’t see the small edge curve on front on silver version

Justin T says:

What game were you playing?

very handsome says:

what’s better the s7 or s7 edge I got the s7 instead of the edge

regie de pedro says:

is the galaxy s7 included in the recall or just the note 7?

Abdessalam Abouriah says:

The s7i s not the best at anything but it good at everything

Chris Contrarian says:

Tmobile has a great sale on S7s now ($360). I went to a Tmobile store to purchase an S7 outright at the sale price but they said I couldn’t buy it for the sale price because I’m not on a qualifying Tmobile service plan. (I’m on a $30/mo Tmobile pre-paid plan).

My question is, could I have someone with a Tmobile qualifying plan buy the S7 for me and then take the Tmobile SIM card that is in the phone I have now an put it in the S7 to get around this rule. I friend told me that wouldn’t work because the phone is locked to the number of the person who buys it, but I thought a locked phone meant it is locked to the carrier and any SIM card from that carrier will work?

speedyink says:

Late to the party but my upgrade cycle is in the fall. Still, this video helped me to decide that this was the best all round phone for me. It ticks the boxes I want, the only one it didn’t (dual front facing speakers) isn’t really a big deal since, really, how often do I listen to music on my phone speakers?
So far, I’m loving it! Thanks for the help and keep up the good videos!

Katelynn H says:

How much is it

Diego C says:

damn right lol i knew it all along

Corinn Heathers says:

touchwiz = vomit

Jesse Kona says:

I love my s7, but the fatal flaw is its limited 32GB internal storage. Sure, the expandable storage helps this, but many things, like comics (Comixology and Google Play Books) and large games (GTA, KOTOR) insist on internal memory and are thirsty.

Yamnat says:

iPhone 7 plus is better

Rivil General says:

The RAM is 4GB

Mobilegamer 12342 says:

i have a S7 and i am fully agrree with you isane camera isane performance perfect phone

Dylan Jennings says:

The S7 will get some C4 and blow my ear up, if you know what I’m talking about then you’ll get it.

NKWTI says:

“If you can afford an extra 20 – 30 bucks a month…” As opposed to spending around what you’ll wind up paying anyway all in one shot (cheaper or not).

Rex Fang says:

Best reviewer on youtube!

Eric sherrill says:

i agree its a gem.

Avneet kumar says:

what theme is at 3:32

Tyler Glockner says:

4:02 .. 3GB RAM? ..

Dancer_girl123 says:

This phone sets on fire

Abdullah Amer says:

Your voice is soothing as hell.

Caio Vilas says:

What is the theme in 0:26?

Jonghwa Kim says:

Ages pretty good after a few months.

Jack Pineda says:

Should I get this for Christmas or should I wait for the s8?

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