Sony XPERIA X Review: It’s not a flagship phone…

Sony’s new Xperia X is a bit tricky to pin down. We’ve got a top tier price, but Sony’s approach to hardware is a bit more conservative, parring down the vanity specs for a more focused and streamlined experience. We’ll always celebrate more premium options in the mid-range, so does the X satisfy the savvy shopper? Here’s our full review!

3 things we like about the Xperia X (and 3 we don’t)
Xperia X First Impressions

Major thanks to the folks at for their assistance with the Sony Xperia X loaner unit we used to complete this review.


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ashcrash143 says:

I like SONY phones,but at this price point i go with LG G5

kitty purry says:

what sytlus/pen are u using for this?

Wajih Siddiqui says:

Xperia x or moto G4 plus?
Xperia x is $50 more than moto G4 plus rn at $350

Xperia GO says:

so…. xperia x is not flag ship but iphone is… seriously

avehein says:

It also plays high resolution audio out of the box. Great buy for audiophiles.

Nyeem Olusanya says:

tysm man I’m gettin this phone soon

Loretta Smith says:

is it worth 350.00$

roy haddad says:

hey man does it have a loud speaker?

Samir Jhingran says:

Got it yesterday for $399, very good phone.


it cost now 250 dollars

John Quezada says:

what stylus are you using in this video

Anders Bengtsson says:

xz sucks

Michael Galli says:

480p video and this asshole is talking shit? The 650 has better specs and is newer than the 808 and 810. It has the same GPS as the 820 & its tunes for SONY from Qualcomm.
This “review” wasn’t even a final American version with release software. Fuck this guy.

Petre Mazilu says:

so.. for ~400$ is this worth it?

Mysteryboy0007 says:

this dude sound like a sellout. This video suck. Expensive sht not worth.

Nur4r1hy0n says:

This one or the z5? Why?

Windex says:

damn Sony why I still have the z5 its legit

Ryan Tjandra says:

Double tap on S7 is more faster than Xperia X’s cam shutter key 😐

BlairTech says:

Does this work on At&t

Tagic Mrooper says:

Are people really that stupid and naive talking only about how they could buy a phone with better specs for the same price? You do realise that times when specs matter have passed long time ago? If you watched at least few reviews this phone destroys bunch of flagships like HTC 10, iphone, nexus ,ect at multitasking, process speed and so on. So if you don’t like the phone so be it, but dont act like a bunch of retards that only care about big numbers on sheet. The price dropped drasticaly, it’s barely above op3 or 6p price now.

Naoki Maeda says:

do you guys think that sony’s beginning to lose its mojo, or is it just me that thinks that way?

Best Audio says:

that is why people using iphone call fuckdroid ‘poor’.
those fandroid cannot even afford a sony product.

Jackson Dasilva says:

You know, I think Sony has a crappy 3rd party company that builds it’s Experia line of phones. It’s the only explanation to why Sony’s DSLR cameras are the best on the market: Sony a77II, Sony a99, Sony a6000. Sony a6300. Not to mention their DSLR Lens line up: G-lens, Vario-Sonnar® T*, Distagon T* and their collaboration with ZEISS(an industry leader in Lens manufacturing) and yet they seem to just drop the ball on cell phone cameras. My $270.00 Sony WX350 can kill anything from their cell phone line up. It’s very disconcerting to see with a $600+ price tag. Time after time, Sony is SHOOTING THEMSELVES IN THE FOOT! Come on SONY, STOP COMPROMISING!! If they don’t do something in their next iteration, I believe that they finally have dug themselves into a deep quandary hole that they will not be able to climb out of. I say…FIRE their operations/products director!!

Mohamed Ashraf says:

the best thing in this video is the dragon ball z poster 😀

Luis Castillo says:

its $399 now, which makes it good buy now

Christian Andersson says:

Well. It doesnt seem to be any better than my Z3 or my Z5P.
I do wonder when Sony actually gonna make a BETTER phone.

TSLstudio2010 says:

No one said it was a flagship phone 😛

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