Sonim XP7 Review – Indestructible Phone?

The Sonim XP7 is an ultra- rugged, LTE Android smartphone that claims to be able to handle anything you can dish at it. See our full review!

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Charles Benoit says:

Do not buy….. had three in the last two years. nothing but issues. first one dropped calls all the time. second one began to peel bumpers off. third one, no one can hear me. I used several phones in same area with zero problems. spokes person says sonim xp7 is know for not being compatible with most towers. out of all my phones, hands down, the worse. plus very slow processing.

Towtruck Joe says:

I found that very useful.

EveryApplePro says:

It’s 1.5 times thicker than the original iPad.

Just a bike says:

what if you put it in a waterproof bag? you could use it underwater until the batterie drains out xd

gimplekin says:

something that needs to be said about this phone is just how loud the speaker is. you can wear this on your belt, under your coat and still hear it while running heavy machinery. used this phone with a company i worked for last year, never had any issues with it. your mileage may vary.

use it for what it’s meant for, a construction phone.

Coach Yanel says:

I like this gameboy

E. Lin says:

Yup! This is a workingman’s phone. Definitely a phone for the rough and tough outdoors.

strpl2 says:


Jack Wade says:

For Construction Foreman that answer calls to crews every few minutes, drop phones constantly, live in the elements, need to hear conversations over equipent noise, and want that nextel motorolla adapted to the smartphone world….this is it.In the contruction world Gaming gets you firedand who can see colors through a scratched up screen protector covered in dirt and grease anyway or the cracked iphone glass! The battery life will make it through the 12 hr work day and it can be thrown at someones head as needed without the expense of buying a new phone.all things considered it is far cheaper than buying 10 i6 phones to make it through 1 year of work. many do not realize that the i6 is only lasting a construction worker 1 month before the glass cracks or it gets dropped in some type of liquid and dies.

mountainman320 says:

this phone is not water proof. take it in a few feet of water and you’ll see what happens. sonim xp7 fails in the water proof department. splash water or rain but underwater it’s done,kaput

Manuel Sandoval says:

where can I get one…

Jernario gill says:

dammit this is the perfect phone for me…. but im real big on software…. is the CAT S60 out yet???

roadhouse brows says:

finally a phone for a guy who doesnt wear tight pants, dye their hair or wear pink shirts!!!

Jamal Fakih says:

I’ve been looking for a rugged phone, but for some reason there are very few that will work on Verizon’s network. Does sonim make phones for Verizon?

Александр Крахмаль says:

Sonim XP7 price –

Dildobike_ says:

Ios army

Игорь Неверов says:

It’s not so ultra-rugged as they told you. The screen was broken because of the fall less than a 1m high from the car door! So I’m very sad about that! It doesn’t cost it’s price…and it’s camera is shitty like on samsung for 70 baks

Ashron Chan says:

You Got COC ?

Charles Benoit says:

Avoid this phone. The rubber on back peeled away after few months work(warranty fixed it) but then front peeled. No one can hear you when phone gets wet. Water stays in mesh. Poor touch screen controls and low grade software. 5/10 and it only receives grade because it still functions after abuse. And I have tried three others of same models. Also for some reason it does not work well with Bell mobility. Been fighting them about this phone for almost a year plus.

Mark Ayres says:

song name?

Maria Ortiz says:


collins202 says:

My company uses it for my job (Paramedic) and only certain apps are programed into it. its very durable.

Alberto Navarrete says:

But is it TechRax proof?

pratyush shukla says:

price anyone?

Navin B says:

step on the phone, the said

New syaiful says:

iku hp opo transformer

TechGamer - Pixel Gun says:

I remember when I was here 2 years ago.. feels like yesterday

Levente Molnár says:

So they just invented a brand new durable smartphone, which cannot do anything, but you can buy it for like 500 bucks?
Man, Nokia 3310 still manages this durable-shit challenge.

TransHerring says:

I’ve been waiting for someone to post a video review of the Sonim XP5 for a couple weeks now since it came out and no review videos yet. Can you do one?

Commando Universe says:

i would destroy it in 3 minutes

Amigos guerreiros says:


alex delgado says:


Coach Yanel says:

I like this gameboy

Simpson Makoni says:

I just watched a 1 minute video helpp:((

KaosBC says:

can u review the Runbo X6?

Bill D says:

The phone looks good enough for someone like me,as a mechanic..I’m not looking for a phone to play games! I got a Samsung right now and the screen broke twice on me and I cant afford to buy a new screen for over $200.00 ever few months!! I would rather pay for a “good” phone once then a shitty Samsung phone which is only good for yahoos who work in an office!!

Dorsa Arfa says:

In compare to Cat B15, which one would be better?

KaosBC says:

btw if u are shopping for price,, check out older yet reliable Kyocera duraforce/brigadier

Devil Slayer The Saint Of Killers says:

Sonim vs VT Miltope! Which is tougher?

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