Smartphone Awards 2016!

The best smartphone options of 2016!

Top Big Phones [1:27]
Best Compact Phones [3:34]
Best Cameras [4:57]
Top Budget Phones [6:53]
Best Battery Life [8:53]
Best Built Phone [11:11]
Most Improved [13:05]
Biggest Bust [13:43]
MVP [15:32]


Galaxy S7 Edge:

LG V20:

Galaxy Note 7:

iPhone 7:

Google Pixel:

OnePlus 3T:

OnePlus 3:

ZTE Axon 7:

Moto Z Play:

HTC 10:

Xiaomi Mi Mix:

Project Ara Suspended:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee



Uncleben1102 says:

im so sad moto x pure didn’t live its hype. i got it late, about 5 months ago and its having alot of problems. camera wont start. Bluetooth wont work without forced stop. randomly it decides to crash and restart, sometimes the bootup animations will get frozen taking 3 minutes. speakerphone calls other than stock, only use bottom speaker. screen scratches extreamly easy. battery life is not good for me (thank goodness for turbocharge). gallery will show all pictures as grey. gets hot with heavy use or with turbocharge.
it has its ups and alot of downs, i had a chance for the moto z, but i chose to stay with the roots. my mistake.

pat 1 says:

I’m struggling to get a One Plus 3 and then you show this lol

Free Thought America says:

I want a Pixel XL but I have Sprint. What can be done about that and will I be able to root the phone easily to work with Sprint network?

Tim Fuzail says:

Redmi 3s prime gives 10 hours of on screen time

Beatrise E says:

There is one problem whit the IPhone 7… it’s freaking expensive!

V RA says:

samsung guy!!!!

Real Racing Gamer says:

The Motorola Z play is the best MVP because its one of the only phones that have mods on it and it has the best battery life. It’s not too expensive even if you buy mods like it’s projector.

- Freezanator - says:

*What’s the name of the game at **16:40**?*

Aryan Mudaliar says:

what about Redmi note 3/4

pavi agarwal says:

IPhone 7

Caleb Wagner says:

Why are so many phones from 2015 on your table?

Sai Kiran says:

Tell me which is best phone to buy

Astro Kat says:

What’s the pale blue one? And the blue and white toward the left of the screen?

Shaikh Uzair says:

OPPO f1s Best Selfie phone Ever..!

Everything nathan says:

what was the orange one?

Bhaskar Chandaluri says:

which mobile is best to buy….?

Snorlium Z says:

What about the iPhone SE

Enzo Foove says:

What about the battery life in the S7 Edge? 3600mAh of pure power!


LG V20 is the best
Who agree????!

Appu Doddamani says:

pixel XL the best

Chayan Mondal says:

u ar amazing

Jack liu says:

The note 7 also had a very explosively exciting battery

Rachel D says:

I need a phone that has all of these categories combined

Murtaxa Rzv says:


ZeidGho says:

Oneplus 3t All The Way

A Chicagoan says:

Google pixel is better than iPhone 7 in the small phone section.

Alejandro Espinoza says:

You forgot the lg power x it’s a cheap phone with a big battery

Sudesh Kumar says:

Marques…Can I Get the Sony phone…I have not used that before…my parents wo’nt buy me that phone

ZeidGho says:

No best selfie camera category? Again, Oneplus 3t is the MVP for me

Ian says:

fuck the holes

Humphrey Daniel says:

It’s crazy how I named most of the winners before you did

jamal eddine aanani says:

Wht is MVP?

junior Hamilton says:

All of these companies need to thank Microsoft and Nokia for changing the smartphone game

Zeus 999 says:

Looks like a lot of people bought a 1+3 includeing me

Monste RFish says:

i like nextbit robin it’s cute and i wish it could be in one of the categories

Thndr_ says:

The iPhone 7 Is NOT a small phone! The iPhone se should be the best small phone. iPhone 7 Is quite large.

Alief DN says:

Not Mention Xiaomi, No China Phone, FeelsBadMan

Cayden Steffens says:

I’ve had the Moto z play for a week and it’s never died once and I use my phone my phone a lot the speaker isn’t the best and it has a 16 mega pixel camera and all and all its just a great phone I have Verizon and it’s only 10 dollars a month

Sean Jerom says:

*Puts like 200 phones on the table. Only picks like 20.

Lego Man 12345 12345 says:

oh wow, and I’m watching this video with my samsung S3 mini… 4.5 mega pixel rear camera and an even worse front cam

Hifza says:

“”It’s 2016, weird things happen”” Sums up our 2016 experience in one sentence. From president to memes and internet community

Facundo Alvarado says:

My MVP would be:

-Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge
-Google Pixel XL
-OnePlus 3T

dessnom says:

you missed sony Xperia xz

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