Smartphone Awards: 2015!

The Best Smartphones of 2015!

On the “Perfect” Smartphone in 2015:

Top Big Phones [0:41]
Best Compact Smartphones [1:58]
Best Smartphone Camera [2:56]
Top Budget Smartphone [4:35]
Best Battery Life [6:31]
Most Improved [7:45]
Top Design Award [8:21]
Bust of the Year [9:26]
Best Smartphone of the Year [10:09]

Samsung Galaxy Note 5:
Galaxy Note 5 Review:

LG V10:
LG V10 Review:

Google Nexus 6P:
Nexus 6P Review:

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus:
Galaxy S6 Edge Review:

Apple iPhone 6s:
iPhone 6s Review:

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact:

OnePlus X:
OnePlus X Review:

Moto X Pure Edition:
Moto X 2015 Review:

OnePlus 2:
OnePlus 2 Review:

Google Nexus 5X:
Nexus 5X Review:

Droid Maxx 2:

LG G4:
LG G4 Review:

Blackberry Priv:
Blackberry Priv Review:

Droid Turbo 2:

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium:
Sony Xperia Z5P Display:

HTC One A9:

Video Gear I use:



dessnom says:

best phone the z5 no other 4k ip 68 side fingerprint scanner

Noah Fletcher says:

yeah boy, 6P train

Ntsako Phakula says:

I got the s6 edge plus 3 months ago, it’s amazing, still top 5 display overall, amazing specs. I had a choice between iPhone 6s & the Samsung. my friend has the 6s and it’s disappointing, so I went with South Korea

Adam12995 says:

there were a lot of 2014 phones on the desk. The moto g 2014, nexus 6, blackberry passport, and the one plus one lol.

Abid Gilani says:

note 5 is the beast

Adhtiyan NPrakash says:

where is moto g3?

Sukdeep Kaley says:

wheres 2016 phones of the year?

Govardhana kailash Thangavelu says:

Can you make a Smartphone Awards 2016 for us ????

Taqi Ali Shah says:

who came here after 2016 awards ?

WisMicYal11 says:

Where is the 2016 version??

Robert Brown says:

G flex 2?

K.E.P says:

Galaxy s6 active has quite a good better and probably just add good camera as note 5(same as regular s6/edge) and is cheap right now.

Elias Jr Martinez says:

So the Sony with a 4K display and huge density of Pixels with amazing colors is not in this list?

Tech 60k says:

smart phone award 2016……?

Alex Costache says:

i nave Gheorghe Nexus 5X

Corior Pat says:

Where is The SE?

Salman Idris says:

I’m waiting next smartphone awards

Praveen Rohira says:

who came here after watching 2016 smartphone awards video?

loopy gamer says:

id get a note 5 if they sold it in the uk

Kevin Chou says:

Oh boy Best Smartphones 2016 is coming out

Yazan Amre says:

Damn Samsung is dominating in 2015 and 2016 . so excited for 2017

Master potato says:

the best battery life phone of 2015 isn’t the Motorola

tonybabdos17 says:

Just siting here waiting for the 2016 version……

Lucas Aiden says:

I’m waiting for the Smartphone Awards: 2016

Barney wait for it Stinson! says:

Just watching this again after seeing teasers on snapchat for 2016

Kuson Gmail says:

Do the 2016 smartphone award

Trooper 21 says:

Note 7 da bomb and I mean litterly

Govind P says:

Exactly 1 year after this one

Falco Lambordi says:

Dear marques. You are my most reliable guy when it comes to tec my HTC M8 died recently and I was stuck with my M7 and I was browsing for a new Phone and ONLY THANKS TO YOU i made the desicion that I would buy the NEXUS 6P. I Would’ve bought the Pixel XL like but im in a budget at the moment, so thanks for all your reviews man. MUCH LOVE you the real MVP

Corior Pat says:

You can’t just give the MVP to your daily driver every year.

Captain America says:

Marques do a award video of 2016.

sargam brown says:

Lg’s and samsung’s camera is better than iphone 6s+, what a joke

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