Samsung Gear S3 Review – S Voice, phone calls, handwriting input, maps, apps store and more

Again I am answering some of your questions from reviewing my previous videos. It’s surprising how time flies when you are making a video even though you are mindful of the need to keep it short. Sorry again.

S Health – sleep tracking and other fitness services 1:27 – 4:54
Calling 5:10 – 10:07
Handwriting – 10:15 – 15:40
S Voice 15:41 – 19:29
Altimeter and Barometer 19:43 – 21:36
App store 21:45 – 25:37
Maps 25:40 – 27:48
Iphone 27:55 – 31:00


Clif D says:

Nice Work with the video!

bargins says:

can this watch measure heart rate continously while running? and does it show Your current HR on display?

im_egga says:

Is there Twitter?

Benjimikey says:

Thanks for your very helpful review I have since ordered the classic version based on your review. If you have always on how long does the battery last

Abcd ض says:

hi great videos. how does yhe esim work.. do you need to take out another phone contract. or can you pair you’re current phone number to the watch. so it works without the phone.

Ian Jay says:

Hi. What app are you using for navigation? Where can I find it? Thank you.

Deshon Singletary says:

you get some good sleep, i wish i could get 7 to 9 hours of sleep lol great video tho brother. keep em coming

Nathan Berrigan says:

i dont have a samsung phone but its okay i get a new one in april;)

outlaw133 says:

No Spotify app for the gear s3 yet in UK…. grrr fking UK…. anyone make a how to for this? the gear S2 had Spotify and so does the apple watch series 2… FK UK

blackistheword7 says:

aod looks good

Cjbiddle says:

Is it possible to use android pay with the frontier?

Zaheer Sabir says:

Hi. do you know how to remove music from the Gear s3 as my watch has synced over 1gb worth of music and more or less took up all the memory?

Adam Poll says:

Best and most informative review on the Toobs to date.

Lateco Braxatoris says:

Can U do calls and write messages with another Android device than Samsung smartphones?

David Cruz says:

It works with google Maps?

Gowtham Indrajith says:

Did somebody tried this watch with ios??

Alphonso Peters says:

so does the bluetooth edition work for calls and text on the go? I saw from other comments that it does work, but can I bee on the move and just text, because I have sprint and there is no sprint model and I’m unsure if getting a different model with a different carrier would be a bad idea or not

pomona909 says:

does anyone knows why i cant find the nike app ?? i used to have it on the gear s but im not able to find it for the gear s3

raynardos shockley says:

hello … u say in this video that u can send and recieve text messages with the bluetooth version of the Frontier , but u dont tell how to do it … would u be able to make a video explaining , or showing how to do so step by step ” PLEASE ” , i , and alot of other people , would REALLY appreciate this

Carl Boarder says:

Heya, thanks for the videos so far, really nice and im 90% going to buy except the s2 got bad reviews as a running watch. have you gone for a run without your phone and how did the heart rate / gps / watch perform? did you try headphones etc

Ruben Kelevra says:

Does it rotates or is this fake?

Soldiershak says:

Does it use Google Maps I can’t tell. Maps is the sole reason I’m interested in smartwatches.

Jose lito says:

hey, what’s the best app for navigation.. bought the gear s3 frontier for when in my motorcycle.. my friend has the iwatch and it would great but I don’t know what app is the best for the gear S3 frontier.. help please..

Ved Shah says:

Can you use wearable widgets and try activating Google now voice assistant…… See if the sound comes through

varatharajan v says:

Brilliant review. Thanks!

im_egga says:

You also basically gave out your address

Guneesh Sahny says:

I have a gear S2, and the biggest turn off was when after an update i started getting one whatsapp text at a time. I could only see the latest whatsapp text that i got and not the rest of the conversation.Before that update i could see all the unread texts from the same person. now i need to open my phone to read all the unread whatsapp texts. Can you please let me know if it happens on the S3 as well??

Clark Jordan says:

New to #SamsungPay? Enter my code 4874F8 before your 1st purchase to get $5 in rewards.

Alex Nila says:

Hi. thanks for sharing this video. Quick question: when you were using the maps, the gps on your phone was actually turned on, wasn’t it? I could never get my gear s3 to navigate using the watch gps, and not the phone, so wanted to know if you’ve seen that as well??

Gabe Ulrickson says:

for the keyboard and t9 you move the slider to the diff inputs

David Kennedy says:

this man loves his pizza the last video he took pictures of his pizza 🙂 good review mate I just ordered the classic thanks pal

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