Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review

We review the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – the latest in a series of super-sized smartphones with cutting-edge hardware and a useful, if peculiar unique feature – the S Pen stylus. The Note 7 is like an S7 edge on steroids: even bigger, and with some extra capabilities in the form of the above-mentioned S Pen, and a brand new iris scanner. Watch our video to see how it all plays out for Samsung’s latest and biggest!

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review:

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B Posey says:

This guy is a complete joke! Where did you find this guy phone arena????

iPhone69 says:

585 likes 584 dislikes………. DUN DUN DUNNNN

huzaifa zulqarnain says:

Omg it took years to take the S pen out shit mann its too slow.

Xavier D says:

Criticize the Note 7 for it then praise the iPhone for the same things later lol.. You guys are a joke.. I’ll never watch your reviews.. and no I’m not a fan of any specific OEM seeing as how I’ve owned most of them in the past three years.. I’m pretty unbiased..

Mark Okoli says:

the iris scanner is more secure and much more usable

Gino T says:

first time watching a phonearena review in a while, this video reminds me why I unsubscribed a while back..

Scott Maulo says:

This review is a total fail!!!!!! He says it doesn’t unlock on the table and then it does!! And really you can’t open it with sunglasses on?!?!?!? You can’t see your eyes with sunglasses on asshole that’s why you wear them to block the sun!!! I have never heard so much shit on this phone!!! Maybe just maybe you don’t like Samsung!! And if you’re complaining about the SPen then you’re a total ASS and shouldn’t buy it!!!!!!

Wei xu says:


Top 5 says:

YouTube shud allow 1 subscriber to give atleast 10 dislikes on a video. I would’ve given a 1000 to this one!

imserious2187 says:

when is apple gonna get rid of that shadow bar on the icons dock

Jose Cunha says:

Too much bull…t, what a douche! Unsubscribed.

Matthew says:

Is there actually any difference between the displays? This is the only review I’ve come across that states this. Anybody help I really want this phone!

rakesh nayak says:


Jeremy James says:

I’m so very disappointed that they took away the Action Memo feature. I use that feature all the time so I am going to be returning my Note 7 and sticking with my note 5 since I use that feauture so much.

Lauritzen DJ Official says:

This bloke is fuckin annoying…

Under Pressure - Power Washing LLc says:

Junk…. Should have listened to Insidetech101

Helal Ahmed says:

worst review ever and biased review

Rene Lol says:

do you think i can’t use the iris

Darlene Paul says:

You didn’t cover the exploding into flames feature…

Zane Barbara says:

Fucken Apple sluts

Wasfi Hammad says:

How can you create a separate one folder call it “GAMES” in the Samsung Note 7 to have all your games in one folder? thanks

nonshatter7 says:

It’s nice to hear a review that is far more objective and critical of the phone, in contrast to so many others. I want to know the facts, good and bad. I’ll make my own decision as to whether these negative points matter so much (they actually don’t to me). With the exception of the “iris scanner won’t work if you wear sunglasses” comment it was a refreshing review.

cance7984 says:

Effort wasted on features like iris scanners which is certainly going to be abandoned by users (inaccuracy, slow, etc). It’s practically an S7 Edge with a somewhat smaller battery, slightly larger screen and a pen. Why add features but reduce battery capacity? Surely that can only mean less battery life? At a price of $849.99, this is mediocre value for the money.

Niroop Matta says:

Wow this guys is a piece of shit

Fahad Abdul Samad says:

Plenty of nonsense in one review…

Wakil Ahmed says:

So let me get this straight, you gotta LOOK at an EYERIS scanner for it to work? Wow that’s so inconvenient. But seriously you looked like a retard trying yo unlock your phone while its on the table. By the way who the fuck does that?

SejongEO says:

yup.. im revoking my subscription

Magdalena Urbaniak says:

to be honest this review wasn’t that good… to much of personal preferences, like complaining about the way of getting the s pen out? i love that it pop out after a SIMPLE push for many reasons (like long nails) so how can you pick out on this? plus the wide angle making a banana shaped face?! how the f will it do that, are you taking selfies with your head in the corner of the frame, or what?

Top 5 says:

@4:13 Seriously are you so dumb?
Cant you lift the phone with your hands rather than trying to get fucked from behind?

Mehedi Hasan says:

you guys are such fools and stupids. this chanel is a joke. unsubscribed. Grow up and do real review like pocketnow, MKBHD. AndroidAthourity.

Pvt. Hudson says:

That review was explosive!

mariekt says:

ahh, yes.. and much like regular life, the attractive ones with accents are always bias.

Aaron Fleischer says:

Phonearena and Android Authority are the biggest iphone suckers out there, Phonearena outright comes out with lies lies and lies and Android Authority makes never puts out display to full brightness on Android Phones in their videos and always shoot with some kind of tint effect making the display of the Android phone to look as if it cannot produce good colours…besides this there are other shitty techniques they are using to make sure avg and below avg people end up believing Android Phones are crap compared to iphone and Apple is the only company out there that can get things right…

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