Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review – The Perfect Phone?

The Note 7 is the latest from Samsung. What’s new about the Note 7? Will the Note 7 be the new standard for smartphones? Lets find out what Jack has to say.

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Episode Credits:
Host: Jack Sui
Writer: Jack Sui
Editor: Barret Murdock


zeo pale says:

over hyped exploding pice of shit hue hue hue

Alex Andrade says:

Ah, the naive old days of August 2016. “The Samsung Galaxy No-” *BURSTS INTO FLAMES*

Alexis Michail says:

Aaaaaand it explodes. So no.

joe joel0v3sgames says:

sony xperia for da win!!!!! i have a sony xperia e3 which i recently killed by accedent and getting a z very soon.

Jano Privracki says:

Anything else other than it being a very powerful phone with a stylus? Not as impressive, in my opinion.

Vernon Warren says:

I want a removable battery and a IR Blaster

AGNH Gaming says:

the perfect phone

pros a lot

cons makes your house cathe fire!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ollie M says:

Win this phone here:

C Mendoza says:

Sounds like it’ll make smarter just by using it. But does it blend?

Timmy Johansson says:

Loved your review! Great job 🙂

Graystripe000 says:

I have an S6 with a two year contract. Yay.

Joshua Needham says:

but did it blow up

Swordust says:

Definitely has my attention.

Warg says:

Like to see a Google Pixel review.

CasuallyPlayinGames says:

Comment to win YAY

zepcrazyfre says:

…it would be perfect if it were priced at $350.

myCousinVenny says:


a dead account says:

“The Note 7 could kill you if you charge it!”
**buys Note 7**

BennAllain says:

Thank you for your review. It’s really good. I’m definitely buying the Note 7 !!


what abt heating problem?

MiGiz says:

Wow, this phone is AMAZI.. *blows up*

Israel T says:

yes its the perfect phone unless u r one of the unlucky 36 out of 2.5 million people who got perfect spontanious explosion version

KeRtaZ BuReMz says:

😮 wow 😮

Martin Smolko says:

Shall we? (I though Linus wrote this script)

seda Yusuf says:

this guy is funny lol

hedi bousbih says:

note 7 active, maybe?

darkpill says:

Nice iPhone clone.

sgauntt says:

I like this phone, but I don’t understand the curved display?

Aluminite says:

A 35 mAh battery. How long would that last, 2 seconds?

e money 12 says:

I like the video review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and I am waiting to get mine and play around with it and enjoy a great phone that sound something out a good phone for this year and next year coming up

TMF says:

What the fuck. My gaming pc is cheaper than that.

Arvydas Andrius says:

other say that battery is shit and sound quoality is average :oanyway im sony guy but sony drop its vibe so i migrating

matttzerminator says:

Long but honest!!! Nice vid!!

Christian Möller says:

Accept the battery blowing up

TheColonelK1LL says:

hah, little did they know

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