Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review: The ALMOST Perfect Phone!

Here’s my review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The most beautiful phone ever made. It’s almost the perfect phone but there’s one thing that could be better! Watch for the full review. Check out Dbrand Skins here:

Samsung Galaxy S7 Review:

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Gudmundur G says:

The ALMOST Perfect Phone!
You should try to tell that to Samsung shareholders.

cucumber1004 says:

Matt, write another review is banned by us,canada and other countries for occasional explosion !

Pawel Rybicki says:

Awesome review. Just got my note 7 a few days ago and I’m loving it so far. Does any one know the name of the theme in this video. Or where to find that black wallpaper.

engineer 17 says:

The poor battery life is weird. Mine is from Videotron (Canada) and I can easily get 4h+ of screen on time (5h+ sometimes), so there might be a problem with your phone. Maybe the recall will be a good thing for battery life.

殷屹飞 says:

Hello, what’s the model number of the note 7 you get in Canada?

Luis J. Nuñez says:

amazing review but 4:05 would be cool if you record from the other side so we can see the screen 🙂

Oh and yeah.. id spend more for the note7 because the spen would help me a lot in college and since i like photography a lot the camera would be amazing.

TechTranslated says:

Great video Matthew! I would also love to own and think of this as the perfect smartphone, however as you may have heard there have been many explosions and I do not wish to have an exploding device in my pocket… with that said I definitely agree with everything else you said! Battery is not so good for a new “note” in the note line…

Robert S says:

thanks for sealing batteries in phones you dumbasses!!!! sealed batteries are fucking STUPID!!

Anusruto Ghosh says:

Samsung will be Samsung the best I think. what do u think…………

bakaanikimachisu says:

Samsung Galaxy Time Bomb

Marc Williams says:

How did you set up your dark menus?

Master Best man says:

iPhone 7 plus or note 7?

Phillip Pugh says:

dude how the hell did you get that bad of battery life I get at least 5 to6 hours of screen on time now the more you charge it

willz gaming says:

this shit is blowing up

jayson chin says:

note 7 is water resistant not waterproof. There is a big difference bet two terms.

Klaus von Schnitzel says:

such a beautiful bomb

Kozza says:

I heard that life gets hard when you’re older
And the fun stuff’s just for kids
But what I realize as I grow up
Is that it’s just a 1:14 (Click on timestamp)

Alan Cruz says:

u said waterproof at 8:19

Michal Kolman says:

I don’t think two apps for the same thing are a problem, I actually prefer to be able to choose. For most of the stuff I prefer Samsung apps and would hate to see them disappear being forced to use Google apps whose design and feel I don’t like as much. They feel like putting design before function and I’m buying the Note 7 for function, not design (altough it’s still majestic in this department).

Margaret says:

I stop following the new tech products for just about a year and the Note 7 is already out?

My phone feels so old now, lol

pitbull64 says:

what screen protector are you using?

Rachel S says:

I really want the new note 7 however I use scrapbook on the note 5 all the time to collect recipes (I have about 100) so far nothing I’ve seen says these can be transferred over. Is there a way to do this or will I lose all my recipes?

Hayley 헤일리 says:

Those damn white menus are hideous. I haven’t updated my note 4 because I hate the layout. I’ll keep my dark menus

Sourav Seal says:

hey can you giveaway note 7 black please reply……….

Daniel Morelli says:

Fellow Canadian subscribed and joined the notification squad 😀

Ynot GamePlays says:

I LOVE THIS PHONE TIS THE BEST IN THE WORLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vijay swamy says:

what was the launcher used in the phone.. that was different and cool..

DIY MAN says:

its also the first note phone to blow up

Raymond Petit says:

Subscribed! Excellent review! I too had problems with battery, but a factory reset and a few cycles later I’m on track to get about six hours SOT! That’s an increase of three hours SOT! I’m happy! As for your question, nobody makes a phablet with a stylus. That said, I am thinking seriously about never spending so much on a phone ever again. The free T-Mobile Tab E promotion and the Samsung 256 gig SD card took the pain out of my purchase.

Andrew Moon says:

Best phone because not only is it a phone, it’s a grenade!!!!!

Miklós Tamás says:

Im using a Note 4 2 years now. should i upgrade to a note 7?

Shaarujon Vijayakumar says:

Great Review! Really well done Matthew! Keep it up Go Jays Go!

Kaoli Nao says:

Xperia x by sony has alot bad review… They are proud of samsung… Look now… Its a bomb phone

Chikens AreGood says:

I think this phone is far from perfect and i personally hate the design (i think it looks like cheap plastic) but it has good specs nonetheless if only the android os was more efficient it cant keep up with the specs

aw11roman says:

no mention of the ram capacity in a review? really?

ZR1 Gamer says:

Hey Matthew,Great Video as usual.Can you please review the Xperia XZ ?

Anfal Shams says:

3.5 hrs on s7 edge sounds wrong.. Shouldn’t it get more than 6hrs

Ronald Melia says:

Why would anyone spend so  much money on a phone and not have a say on what apps it has on it.  Really Stupid

Lennox1492 says:

Matt, at 1:31 look very closely… did you see the screen flicker and get brighter? I had an s6 edge and this drove me CRAZY as you can’t turn it off. I found it annoying at night when I would walk from a dim room to a lit room and the phone would slightly get brighter.
what I hated about it though was that I couldn’t disable it. it’s not the “auto” dim feature. I could have the phone on full brightness and it still didn’t feel as bright as my previous Samsung phone with a clear difference side by side.
it seems that this is only done to the edge displays and not the regular displays. if Samsung continues at this route then I will probably not buy another one and that’s sad. I have been a long time Sammy since my original s2 going with them thru the thick and thin over the years from S2 to Note 2 then to Note 3 then Note 4 then to S6 edge and I traded that in due to the screen feature for a note 5 (my current model)

I sum it up with I am disappointed that the colors no longer seem to “pop” with this new feature. yes it’s more of a true color display BUT long time Sammy fans like Sammy for those deep blacks and punch ya in the face colors!

so sad! Matt have you noticed this at all? take your phone and turn the brightness all the way up and uncheck auto…now shine a flash light on the phone into the sensor and watch it get bright as if you were outside. now cover the sensor and watch the screen, particularly a white screen like Google browser, the screen will dim significantly within 5 seconds. this drives me NUTS that I can’t turn it off

omegasend says:

i’m with Telus also, i got my note 5 for 249 with taxes….

not sure who buys their phones up here a full price but when you get a contract deal for 2 years nation wide calling and 6 gb data etc etc for 70$,, that’s a good deal.

Ridha Vadox says:

this phone is amazing *.* just wow specaily the screen

Dennis Espiritu says:

Nice review on the Note 7!

bri says:

“The ALMOST Perfect Phone”

that explodes

John Lewis says:

how do I make my notification screen black and your settings screen is black please

Harish Bala says:


Omg breeze says:

I still rather have a house phone..

Fayaz Syed Hussain says:

Battery life is just awesome! I get 41/2 hrs screen on time, my s7 edge gets around 51/2 screen on time! but it still good!

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