Samsung Galaxy Folder Android flip-phone review (live)

Samsung Galaxy Folder Android flip-phone review (live).


Icy_ Hyoudou says:

where can I find one? I’ve been wanting to go back to the flip phone.

seemoremacstuff says:

checkout ZTE cymbal T
US android fliphone

igops alaipo says:

can you just pls use the keypad, cause we already know how to use the touchscreen. 🙂

Mads Thvilum says:

Wow. It looks awesome. I have wanted something like this for years (with top specs of course) Give me a Razor with sd821 6gb ram and a decent camera. 😀

Amir Amran says:

2016 software inside 90’s hardware design. Funny. Why not? An option for people who miss calm shell.

TheCandid says:

been owning one for about 7 months now and its not bad. ive had a lot of peope ask me about. only negs i have is that the chrome on the hinge scratches easily and the touchscreen is a bit finnicky.

Joe's Whatever says:

Will u review the the high end Samsung flip phone

ja52ng74 says:

Can you assign the T9 buttons to work in emulated games?

ACupOfChiliSauce says:

I want it now

Ryan shirhabil says:

I have a flip phone and it came out in 1999

john doe says:

Wow, I’m amazed these phones sell over there. The question is why? Is it something about Asian languages that makes an older keyboard easier to use or do a sizeable amount of people over there just not like all touchscreen phones. It’s like Steve jobs never existed.

Mathew Poynter says:

I kinda want an Android flip phone

D'fabulousYOU says:

hi! how long does the phone last?

Deko says:

what model is that it fancy me

Hyunah says:

do you know if the folder 2 is compatible in the US?

G.E. Pierce Sr. says:

I am blown away!!!

Rizar Adri says:

Yay flip phones is back

Wallabynge says:

YUCK. Still Android. Burn it.

Jonathan oQo says:

galaxy s7 equivalent flip phone is the”Samsung Veyron” it’s not real gold,

Koltin Nilam says:

I want one!

Francis. Mingora says:

trackfone has one out flip fone andorid for 99 bucks at best buy nout as good as this one

jennifer nichols says:

just buy a zte

kesterwww says:

Wow, looks like a horrendous phone to use. The touch screen looks really awkward, too small and way out of reach, also the T9 keypad looks like it would get in the way. Also it looks pretty unresponsive and laggy. Good luck using that for 28 minutes, let alone 28 days! 🙂

Toa whitelaw says:

Im thinking off going to a flip phone touch screen

indo legion says:

where is this for $200? im not seeing anything close to that price online!

Joe DeJohn says:

This is awesome. Which others work in the U.S.?

Jesse Kona says:

Wow, an Android phone with a physical “End Call” button! That’s all I wanted.

Mohamed Ashraf says:

How can i buy it 😀

Jan Skoda says:

how long does the battery last on normal day use (some FB, browsing the internet a bit, text n call) ?

Bacon Cat says:

The 1990’s are winning.

Papyrus Senpai says:

Where can i get one? Actually could i have a website beside kyoex that has phones like these? Like this one and the lg ive cream smart and stuff like that. Lg and samsung smart flip phones.

Abdullah Ashardinata says:

damn.. i want that phone as second daily phone, featuring my main phone originally from indonesia called Andromax ES

Tamy Roxx says:

how do i get one?? which site??

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