Q1 3G Smartwatch Phone REVIEW – Android 5.1, MTK6580

The review of the FINOW Q1 3G Smartwatch Phone

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A quick correction for the video. The watch can be set to have the screen waking up when you turn it towards you. This setting is called “Flip bright screen” and can be found when you swipe down from the watchface that you have set.
You can dictate text in text messages if you install the Swiftkey Keyboard. You can also ask question to Google Now. Do not install the Google Launcher. It will be very difficult to uninstall it.

FINOW Q1 Smartwatch specifications:

Display: 1.54 inch Screen
CPU: MTK6580 Quad Core 1.3GHz
GPU: Mali-400MP
System: Android5.1
Band length: 19.7cm
Band wide: 2.23cm
Bluetooth: V4.0
SIM type: Micro SIM
Functions: Pedometer, GPS
GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
WCDMA: 850/1900/2100MHz


Rik Bakker says:

Hi. I just received the Q1. Great watch. But no HR monitor? I have seen reviews where it was actually shown. Did I miss anything?

raj singh says:

name of the watch??

yuprulesing says:

Amazing review, the poor quality of the heart rate monitor worries me though! You covered everything!

Tom Bosko says:

Can you use GPS without a sim in it?

Sachin John says:

can you download any app o this watch?

105kacsa says:

How to Remove Google account?

richie rich says:

I can’t keep up with your reviews. Loll. Awesome always.

Joshua H says:

does teh internet work by sim card hsdpa?

unrealgamer59 says:

does it have a camera please answer

Aviad Aroshas says:

this watch is waterproof?

Kirsten Toh says:

There’s one disadvantage of the Finow Q1 that I didn’t realized before I bought it. While I knew it didn’t have a camera and I was OK with that….but now I realized whatsapp web can’t be made to work with the phone and whatsapp cannot be sync to my tablet for me to use when I want a larger screen. This is one disadvantage I found using a smartphone with no camera.

Senior Blackfox says:

Excellent review. Does this watch communicate vi bluetooth with a smartphone such as the Samsung S4 or is it a standalone watch? Without the SIM card can it make calls, text and work with other S4 apps through the smartphone?


also receive mobile notifications?

gilad bahat says:

is this watch waterproof?

Paras Parmar says:

Redskull, thank you for a very informative review. Just bought this watch in silver and it’s everything you said it was.

EngiNerd says:

best review on the Finow Q1!

Ctall Shrestha says:

Redskull hey what about the ram.. previously they used to say 1 gb ram..now they say 512 mb..even the link you gave has 512 mb shown on specification..can you plz clarify..

alejandro Castro navarro says:

can you install whatsapp?

Han S says:

how long does the battery last with wife on. maybe 3 10 mins and 10 text message.

tuongnk71 says:

124usd on your link gearbest

Sergiu Moldovan says:

HI! Can you connect a bluetooth headset to it and listen to music from the watch directly,without a phone connection? Thank you!

Tom Bosko says:

I picked up the I2 and I don’t think it will work with ATT Numbersync.. That lets you share the same phone number with your smartwatch 3g. Also, is there a champion app for your smartphone to set up notifications? Link please? Thanks, good info, I know what to expect..

vlad sbughea says:

Where are you from?

fishman1955 says:

Very detailed review. Nicely done.

Andrew Charnley says:

Good review, unlike smartwatch-ticks you don’t bore to death going through every single option but get down to it, showing what matters ie. GPS fix, using in real-life. Good job!

raj singh says:

and prize

Jose Almonte says:

I’m trying to send notification through bluetooth but it seems to not work, any idea?

Kirsten Toh says:

do U mind to comment on the Bluetooth connectivity…my previous smart watch…have to be in direct line of sight with my earphone for connection to remain.. it was annoying for the connection to keep fluctuation…

105kacsa says:

How to Settings/Backup&reset/Factory data reset ? Do it this way?

x_Blue-Devil_x says:

can you make calls and send texts via Bluetooth?

porki porki says:

what price of this watch

byro lilio says:

where I find the heart rate application for q1

105kacsa says:

It wasn’t a mistake? Start the watch ?

Dorax75 says:

Do you have any information about GPS quality (sensitivity, reliability), can be used as activity tracker (Strava, MapMyRide, etc…)? And how long is the battery life with the GPS on?

Sadatul Islam says:

can you please tell me,does the color on the bezel of the watch peel off?
i mean peeling off or cracking for some kind of scratch?

Banana Duck says:

I got this watch and compared to my friends phone it has more than double the ram and storage lol

porki porki says:

is this watch support 3g gsm sim?

Aviad Aroshas says:

this watch is waterproof?

Macgyver Freitas says:

Its can receive a whatsapp notification from a Smartphone?

Daniel Rodriguez says:

+redskull the watch have resistent IP67?

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