OnePlus One Review!

$299 “flagship killer” Cyanogenmod phone? Meet OnePlus One!

Top 5 OnePlus One Features:

OnePlus One:

Video Gear I use:

Intro/Outro Track: Deadmau5 – Slow Down, Start Over


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Annberry Yuppie says:

it doesn’t have any where to place memory

Luka Đurđević says:

Still worth it?

r Negoro says:

Still using this phone, apparently one plus 3 and 2 sucks, because cynanogen os is still the best. Just hard to find anything wrong with this phone. It cant break , updates are always happening, sometimes stable sometimes not, but you can always reflash to a better stabler past version.

Shane Horne says:

it’s a microphone

ThePerfectGift says:

Please review xiaomi mi mobile and xiaomi yi camera

Ultimate Anialater says:

lol 1+3 issssss out XD

bharani soundhar says:

This video made me to buy opo and I’m not disappointed after 2 years .. Thanksss…

Nearev says:

can u update it to lollipop?

Kukuchiomeda Noveleta says:

one plus what company? China product or nob

I'm not trying to kill anyone says:

Just a question, is it a good idea to buy this phone in 2017?

Arjex says:

I lov ethe intro song
i kept repeating it b4 he could say hey guys and it sounded gooooood i did it 4 like 5 mins

shafiq Kamarudin says:

still worth it on 2017 ?

Alberto 9324 says:

Honestly, i cant believe that 2 years ago i chose an iphone 5s over this, i remember the reason too, since i had an ipad 2 before this, i had all my stuff on icloud, but my mom even said ” why don’t you get the oneplus one, its only $349.99 ”

and i can’t believe i chose the 5s, if i could go back in time i would have gone with the oneplus one, (basically payed $1300 cause my brother and i got the iphones 5s), because on january 11 2015, an iphone 5s 32gb cost me $650

yup, and i was one of those kids that always wanted an iphone, now i have an axon 7 and i have to say my 2 years with the 5s were honestly not bad, to this day the 5s is great, but damn, 5s over the 2, damn

htdtr says:

Does this have quick charge?

Vivek Chavan says:

Sadly I can’t buy it anymore in 2017. I wish I could. Can’t afford the OnePlus 3.

^_^ Hello says:

Cyanogen mod is a flawed hackernerd OS and having no way to replace the battery? No thanks, I’ll gladly pay double for a real phone

Ak47 says:

so is oneplus x better or 3?

Shar Sumer says:

I’m watching this on a oneplus one phone it has a very high quality camera

gold mine bros says:

I have a question since CyanogenMod is made for smartphones that do not get updates anymore this won’t ever stop getting updates will it?

X-Techi says:

Thats not metal on the sides, its plastic!

d3vill0ck says:

Been using this baby for 2 years. When I break it, I’ll buy the exact same one! This thing is golden!

oi oi says:

currntly have a sony m4 aqua is it worth it getting this and is it good for pokemon goo

Ranil Intong says:

does it have development option try to check the animation scale, maybe it can solve that home button issue.

WindøwSeal says:

For 2016?

xeetechkerim 9999 says:

wow that price of this phone is good i buy

Vales Valet says:

is it still worth buying?

Fabian says:

God, Android was ugly back then! Still rocking my 1+1 though, it’s still a great phone

StraightHate420 m/ says:

This is the best phone I’ve ever had the themes are sick I’m using 3 themes at once

Vadow789 says:

Oneplus started from the bottom…

Quartz Nation says:

hey marques..I’m on the fence with buying this..only question i have is when daydream is on is there a noticeable backlight in a dark room? compared to an amoled screen i was wondering if this is visible.thanks

Rajesh says:

does one plus 1 supports android “nougat ” os ??

Stephen Ewaski says:

A good but in 2017? I’m currently using a first gen moto X (my s6 broke) is it an upgrade over my X?

piyush sharma says:

oneplus 3t is out now.

TheTechGeeks TV says:

also check out our one plus one review

Ateeq Ahmed says:

After 2 Years… Finally got ma hands on the Phone! Damn…. And First things first Flashed CM14 😀 😀

Rafkat Hossain says:

still using the beast in 2017…

bharani soundhar says:

After 2 years of usage i found the reason for home button lag.. Its because the double tap home button action. go to settings and disable double tap action and you feel the difference immediately. actually the phone is waiting to determine it’s single tap or double tap.

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