OnePlus 3T vs Pixel XL // Real World Phone Battle Review!

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Graham Ferguson says:

Love your shooting style with the diffused, bokeh focus. Makes your reviews and stuff really nice to watch, it’s kinda relaxing too.

Imran khan says:

i liked the style

Arjun Prasad says:

good review well said broo…

Tom Farrell says:

That phone you claim is the Pixel doesn’t look like one. R u using different Launcher

Anshi Tiku says:

I love the oneplus 3T

Sean Cook says:

not able to be used on Sprint, so not as good for me, sad

Kevin Mano says:

hey, this is kevin from india ,
i seriosuly like your style i mean the way you review lol
ha ha Good work mate 🙂

Saman Arasteh says:

I like yo style

edoardo brizi says:

Man, would you suggest to buy the s7 or the op3T?

Royal Richu says:

I like ur style

Brad Harris says:

Kevin, I really like the non scripted video. You got right to the important things we want to know. Good job bro.

Melvin Freeman says:

Awesome style:)! The video was great!

Carmelo Santana says:

I think this has been one of the most real and unbiased comparison I ever seen of this two divices,
thank man… oh yeah I got my 3T on board..

Nathaniel T. Hughes says:

good job!

Lenny Maunton says:

I have had the 3T since o2 launched it in the uk approx £500 I’ve had many phones and have always opted for apple phones since the last few years, I had the Samsung s5 for a while, then the honor 7 and now the 3T all did great jobs for what I need in a phone but wow the 3T is so far the best phone I’ve ever used

Vinni xd says:

Hey I like this style. I like your style! 🙂 thanks for these awesome videos man! Keep it up!

Gary Z says:

great comparison…thanks! i’m waiting for the one plus to include a better camera with optical imaging stabilization..make a great difference.

Thiery says:

Here just 446.99 dollars with coupon code: OPTGBS

Douglas Smith says:

OnePlus 3T does NOT work on the two best networks for my area…Verizon and US Cellular…sad…If they ever get that GSM versus CDMA thing straightened out in the USA.

Moonwaterz says:

Both smartphones are overrated. IMO MEIZU Pro6 Plus is the winner. Flyme OS is the best UI/OS

Yash Agarwal says:

Amazing video
If u had one pick which one?

EibonTheWise says:

Yo Kevin, I like yo style.

Tomer Koster says:

The Best Style! Keep it going ON!

Tommaso Caretti says:

This review is really sweet. Good job. Keep on. Subscribed.

Benja S. says:

New subscriber. Great video!

Pratham Raina says:

Hey, I like this style. And while unfortunately I couldn’t get either phones and am stuck with an iPhone 6 that my cuz used to have, I’m definitely gonna get one of their 2017 models in the sense of the OnePlus 5 or the Pixel2 XL!

Casey Taylor says:

Hey, for that delay in the picture taking on the oneplus 3t was that because you it saving the original raw as well? I noticed it slowed it down on mine but is instant as an iphone with it turned off?

Abbie Ruperto says:

8:30 that’s odd, I personally have been extremely impressed. yesterday I decided not to close apps when I was done and just multitask as much as I want, and sometimes even having the brightness cranked all the way up. it was perfect. the phone always knew exactly where I last was, I was switching between games which was perfectly smooth and fast, and I had messaging apps open, sometimes music playing, YouTube , etc. it handled all this perfectly except that occasionally I’d get a little flicker when going back into chrome after not using it for a while (while also having 5 or so pages open). I let the battery drain to about 10% (usually I just charge it around 40, I’m afraid of battery degradation), and totaled a little over 7 hours of screen on time. all in all, this phone has amazing performance, and pretty good battery life. I hope no one gets deterred 🙂

ANURAG Indla says:

what’s the wallpaper on one plus 3t I need it for my 3t

Welly Dosen says:

hello kevin, what icon pack did you use on your Google Pixel?

Dae Bruh says:

3T looks better.

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