OnePlus 3 Review: A Great Phone with a Couple of Problems

OnePlus 3 is the best smartphone you can buy for $399.BUT theres a few problems. Checkout dbrand skins:

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Sadhiq Nazeer says:

nobody complains about iPhone crap display but oneplus gets all the hate

Masood Hussain says:

Why everyone is ignoring the pathetic wifi reception on OP3.. Wifi drops every alternate minute and reconnects.. I think this is a MAJOR issue..

sokratis georgiadis says:

i have oneplus3 and its fucking amazing phone…With this price i prefer to bye oneplus3 between s7 edge and iphone 6plus.Its not only the price ,its the performance of this phone..

BreathemanArthur says:

Very good phone, I really like it! But aluminium is very very soft, much softer than Iphone 5s, u should use it ONLY with case. And the same situation with screen. It’s definetly softer than screens on iphones plus 2.5D. I’ve drop it from 20cm!!! Small scratch! I’m so waiting for case from Aliexpress!!!

Hikki Panda says:

I am so torn between oneplus 3 and the ZTE axon 7 :/

Skyline711 says:

I think you can make a revisit video of this phone since they fixed the ram management issue with an update a couple months ago

Daniel Paul says:

One thing that’s been bugging me slightly with mine, and it appears the same on this one, is that the rear camera looks like it’s ever so slightly rotated. It’s only 1 or 2 degrees but definitely noticeable if things like that bug you (sorry for pointing it out).

Creetan Chhetri says:

having a problem my recent apps automatically open n closes what may be the problem need help asap ????

jacobfrazier1 says:

Can I pick this up on Verizon?

Tom says:

I can’t believe you just said this display is a pretty bad one, thats fucking hilarious

lav kush Brahmi says:

which one is best between OnePlus 3 and Mi5

Jackson Wylde says:

Great review. Thanks a lot. ^^

darren tay says:


Jonah Francois says:

this has the same pixels per inch count as an iPhone 7 plus sooooooo yea I think your stretching by calling the screen bad

Rabi K. Tamang says:

It is bad if there is not good memory management of 6GB

Sameer Syed says:

i just dont like the cerved back design.. looks like htc.. it coukd b more stylish if flat

Prajwal Praju says:

I am ordered op3 sir tell about basik work on starting the phone firstly

Grigore Cusnir says:

grow out ur beard man!!! ul look amazing!!

cfagil says:

I have a One Plus Two and love it. That said, one thing that stops me buying another One Plus phone is the appalling Customer Service. If you have any problem with your One Plus phone, they just don’t want to know. In my case with the One Plus 2, it was the dreaded finger print button. Also unlike Apple, One Plus does not provide Worldwide warranty. I bought my One Plus Two in Hong Kong and the finger print button failed in London. One Plus said “Take it back to Hong Kong and we will fix it.” That was quite different from the experience I had with Apple. My iphone 4 was bought in San Francisco and got fixed in London with no question asked.

awais ahmed says:

revisit this device plz

Prithvi Pujari says:

Pls do a 3 month review for op3

Alexander Goossens says:

Cart social hallway conscious requirement college.

Ray L says:

dislike, sorry. few things are defiantly inaccurate here.

Edward Lamadrid says:

Currently using the OnePlus 3 as my daily driver. Been using it since launch, coming over from an Iphone 6S. Love the experience with it and never had an issue with it. However, currently considering the Google Pixel XL…

Nikki Rahnert says:

Hi, Can you please do an update review on the One Plus 3 from June? Thanks!

Invictus Maneo says:

As usual when one moves from one phone to another the instructions can seem daunting.
I have 2 problems:-
1: Find it awkward adding my pictures through bluetooth.
2: Is there away I can add my own ringtones.
Please Advise if possible.

NØFΛCE☿ says:

the phone only charging with the cable it comes with is almost a deal breaker for me

erica someones says:

I just got my One plus 3. I was formally a droid user then apple user the last 4 years. Now back to droid. Cost of this phone caught my attention. If it wasn’t for my Iphone getting glitchy and ‘nothing’ apple could do. They wanted my phone, and over $300 dollars for a refurbished Iphone 6. I had the Iphone 6 plus. So far I am happy with my decision. I’ve had the phone for only one day; so far no complaints. I’ll have to have a few more days before making any solid dislikes or likes 🙂

αуυѕн sняιvαsтαvα says:

I’ll wait for one plus 4

Cinema Beauty says:

nexus 6p or This?

Lotte Maes says:

Never oversee productive mktgy comment layer.

avinash g says:

for me i think this phone is just amazing, as said all phone are not perfect, comparable to price n performance to other phone i think i made the best choice by getting a One Plus 3 🙂 n also happy with.

Imran Kinariwala says:

he metheww. le max 2 or op3??. m confused…..

Ednaldo Francisco da Silva Filho says:

I got one and i’m loving it, battery is OK, screen is nice, I don’t have the same complaining about being one technology or other, it is so thin.
Gaming performance is pretty awesome, sound quality could be stereo and the output could be in a part where the sound wouldn’t be sultry, it’s really annoying.
My final consideration is: For the price, it’s from far the best smartphone in the market.


Great comparision 🙂

branchyapple says:

I have the phone.. And its truly amazing!! Quality is really high for the price!
There is a big problem tho. It says its having 4G. But it only gets to H(3,5G). And a sad thing. I bought the 64GB but it is only around 52GB(wtf?)…

stang15 says:

You mean: “some nice shallow death of field”. If you omit “shallow” it means the opposite of what you probably wanted to say (blurry background)

Saba Khidesheli says:

make a review on xiaomi mi mix :)))))

Martin Pščolka says:

Where can i buy the case (imitation of wood) like in your video? Thank you

Tejas Bambal says:

Dude I bought one
And i just loved it

Phillip B says:

Daaaamn the quality is sooo nice, good job.

Hello says:

Hey Matt! I hope you heard about the release of the new One Plus 3T. It’s pretty much the original One Plus 3 that came out earlier this year, but this time it has a larger 34,00 mah battery, updated 821 CPU w/ 6GB of Ram & they increased the internal storage size 64, 128GB. with new colors as well. Gun Metwl Gray & Gold like the HTC phones. 😀

Aymeric peten says:

when a phone has more than your computer’s ram….

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