No Phone Review #DateZach – Zach Rants #1

There’s a silver lining for everything.


Erin Robinson says:

boo ya! he’s single.

Azaria Thompson says:

I love you 🙂

Kimmy Leffel says:

I would totally #DateZach …but Wisconsin is slightly far away…

James Welch says:

can you do a cerebral palsy video

RNOblivion says:

Every single video of yours I’ve watched over the last several years has always put a big-ass smile on my face. It’s worth saying that you’re fucking awesome, Zach.

Theresa Konieczny says:

Zach are you on medicinal marijuana? lol

Vanessa Castellanos says:

#datezach haha! Come see my beautiful city of Portland!

glowfishin1 says:

careful Zach! Amy Brells may find your phone and highjack your channel to sell her infomercial products!

nyanacat16 says:

zach u r so adorable

Jessica Slife says:


Alessia N. says:

you’re so cute:3

Falisha Stewart says:

LOL…you crack me up! Thanks for making my day!

harlie369 says:

I like the hair cut:)

Rachael Bot says:

Next time I go to a restaurant I won’t be able to look at my phone without envisioning myself yelling at the server “bring me a refill on my chips and salsa… you stupid bitch!!… Oh by the way, how’s school going?”

Anna Samuelson says:

Dude you’re hilarious, hell yeah I’d #datezach

Amy Soderstrom says:

iPhone sucks, Samsung all the way. Yaaaaayy!!!!


Rylie Small says:


Steph Mitchell says:

you had me at bitches and breadsticks

GreedyRadish says:

Hey Zach. I am a straight male, but I am hoping that won’t hurt my chances to go with you to Olive Garden. What do you think?


SophiaHasIssues says:

#datezach I’ll buy you some fries and a milkshake at the whataburger by my house.

Jesse Wallis says:

You look fine, Zach. 🙂

Briana Wilson says:

#datezach!!! <3 <3

Lynn Myers says:

the airport probably is calling you back, but unfortunately, they have your phone, so you wouldn’t know.

Megan Krone says:

Your haircut rocks and I would totally #DateZach

jade Yeah says:

dibs on #datezach !!

Sean M says:

I have never owned a cellphone. So I cant relate to any of this cellphone talk

hack test says:

When you got a disability, your playing life HARD MODE!!!!!

Feyer and Eyece says:

Your hair looks nice, but you always look nice 🙂 and I really connect with what you said about your phone. That’s why I try to camp at least once a year, it helps put things in perspective. oh and #datezach

Divine MissE says:

I’m only 6 months late but #datezach if living on the east coast isn’t an issue

Dank Meme Dealer says:


Josie Ozi says:

I’ve never had whataburger, so #datezach

Juli Peterson says:

#datezach you’re so cuteeee

Sean M says:

Your so adorable. I don’t think your into guys so Id say dating is out of the question that and I live in a completely different country, but I think your hot. I know you may look at my picture and be like what? To this comment, but I’m a man haha. Even if I don’t appear to be one in societies eyes. But I’d #datezach

Tracy Morey says:

I think you’re handsome and funny. 10/10 stars

Hillary Brown says:

Human connection! I’m gonna try that no phone. I’m in Arizona but I’d love to maybe #datezach

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