Nexus 6P Review: You’re Going to Love This Phone!

Google’s Nexus 6P strikes an impressive balance between hardware and software, and at just $500, it’s tough to beat.

Brandon’s review and Nexus 6P camera samples:
Nexus 6P unboxing:
51.5 Hours Later:

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somebody13324 says:

this phone’s sound quality on headphones is an absolute ass, volume is really low even when I maximize it and it annoys the fuck out of me

Howard Eastin says:

I like how you an android device while wearing your apple watch 🙂

Yobill Lin says:

my original Nexus 5 still works great until now…sadly Nexus 6p not available yet in my country until now

Alexandre says:

Great phone but battery life is a problem.

MrArbeter says:

You leave a positive review even if it throttles

Nomadic Dramatic says:

getting both the 6p and iphone 6s plus next week lol. cant wait

Ronico Gelido says:

Hey Sup man, how is the durability holding up on the 6p after using for a while? Are you also a typical iOS or Android user?

Audiology says:

and my 6P can’t even detect my Xiaomi piston pro headphones or even my custom IEM until I restart the phone with the headphones plugged in. Google better get this fixed ASAP

Ish Bhuiyan says:

Cons- speakers get way too loud

Muhd. Sajidur Rahman says:

brother nexus 6p vs one plus 3T…wht should i buy in this upcoming december…um confused…???

Keith Newman says:

this phone is the best phone I have ever owned my only complaint is USB-C I love having the newest of tech but the hell I went through living in the backwoods of Tennessee to find a charger was insane and on top of that all of my quick chargers do not work with it it is only a minor complaint and with Android 7 the new doze means I never have to charge anyway so it’s totally worth the 350 on eBay I would easily buy another

Sujan Dhakal says:

How can i get background musics used in this video?

Aaron McMahon says:

Ordered mine today. Bestbuy, free shipping. Can’t wait. It fits everything I want into a phone. Battery was my top priority after having to deal with the note edge battery life. I couldn’t go a full day without power save mode or a spare battery in my pocket. I hated having to cup my hand around the back of my phone to hear videos. Finger print reader on the note edge is a joke. It’s so bad I just quit using it. Samsung lost me when they announced 3D touch on the S7. They blow everyone away with the galaxy s3 and slowly fizzled out.

fazeel ashraf says:

the only gripe is no sd card

Braadkuiken says:

what I like most about stock android is that is looks so incredibly slick (not speaking about pre 5.0) something I fail to see when it comes to the skins, which is sad because I might actually try a skinned phone if they manage to get it up to standards in terms of slickness

sheil anand says:

how many years can we use this smartphone

19WL88 says:

Honestly, I don’t think with a 33% percent battery life left at the end of the day and a less than 3 hrs of screen on time is good. Sorry, I have to disagree.

Richard Recupero says:

is this your house?

Yosef Karam says:

lmao at you mocking the bend testers

MANATEEMAN1408 says:

I was going to get a mi5 but I found this phone for the same price so I’m gonna get the 6p

DragX Gaming says:

1:42 the background video on tv.. im dead

siloPIRATE says:

Did he say he’s confident keeping it in his pocket without a case?

Tom Cunnington says:

The camera lags when recording every once in a while because of software focus.

Anand Tiwari says:

Does camera glass breaks of nexus 6 p when it falls

Queenimmie says:

I love this phone wow

jfnovae says:

When he suggest thwt as a culture we get a new phone every 12 months I have to end the rrview right there.

Talha Ahmad says:

Nice socks though!

hl2master says:

Google and Huawei nailed it.

Messy Ponce says:

how do i get out of group messaging?

Stéphane Silva says:

how can u say battery life is great and then show a 2h.30m SoT?

Arjun Gandhi says:

1:18 is John’s poopin face.

Burnt Toaster Strudel says:

I was thinking about buying this phone soon as I have the 6s now, should I be worried about that benchmark score?

xiath77 says:

lol 1:09

Sinoops says:

Just ordered this phone can’t wait! The fingerprint sensor location is just fantastic for someone who has been using a LG G2 for a few years.

windy torres says:

Coming from my htc m9 I feel like I’m the boss with my 6 p.

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