Nexus 5X and 6P Review – The Best Android Phone of 2015?

My thoughts on the 2015 Nexus 5X and 6P phones. Enjoy!
A Nexus 5X versus 6P review/comparison covering build quality, displays, speakers, cameras, gaming and performance
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John Malkovich says:

dat flappy!

IPROIassasinI says:

The 6p vs. the Huawei Mate S?

Nilson Dias says:

why nexus dont come to Brazil?

chris77899 says:

I was wondering if you could do an lg g5 review when it comes out

Shree Krishna says:

which one to go for Nexus 6p 64gb or iPhone 6s 128gb could someone help me out ?

jti107 says:

nice reviews! keep up the good work!!!

Reefer Nanoman says:

Nice review (I’m a little late). I got the 128GB N6P (graphite) and absolutely love it! I needed an unlocked phone that would work on Verizon and the 6P fit the bill nicely. The best phone I have ever owned. My hands are pretty small for a dude, but the N6P doesn’t feel huge (even with a slim transparent case).

David Pan says:

Very Nice Video! How’d you do that drawing thing of the phones?

abhi_sh3_k says:

Great channel dude! Earned my sub! 🙂

NETVO TV says:

You just start your channel not long ago, how do you able to ask for device for review? thanks!

Daily Brunch says:

gift ta kar yaar . allah jo wasto thee

Eric Zhang says:

nice video!!

Embit B says:

dave lee best man …

flotech66 says:

I really want to try Android because you get more features but it is so hard to let go from IOS.
Thank for the video!

jckdeath says:

excellent video 😀 even if i dont really talk in english (my native language is spanish) i understand everything, all your videos are very clear, so my question, would you do a review of the LG V10? thanks and greatings

DirrtySwan says:

Great review, i thoroughly enjoyed your perspective!

Lueiriueiur lueiriuediuR says:

very professional review, thanks!

II OmfgRain II says:

Nexus 6P please;)

Tech and Sid Pawar says:

high quality and clean videos
why doesn’t this guy has 1 million subscriptions
next MKHD

Mark Stark says:

Nice video!

Rage 9one says:

There is no noticable difference in performance between the two, both phones are amazing!

Error 404 channel not found says:

Imagine if Google made a “skin” for iOS. That’s what my iPhone looked like.

Nazareno Fernandez says:

Nexus 6P or Samsung S7?
I really want the Nexus 6P but i am afraid that is not future proff as the S7.
(sorry for bad english)

swat37 says:

This video is great.

victor vance says:

Ive had an iphone 5s for while and i newly bought a nexus 5X then i realized how isheep i was !

Anand Tiwari says:

Nice Video

Bunthann Sam says:

I bought a Nexus 5x my device getting really slow and sometimes it’s problem with camera can u give me some idea to solve it?

shahem enjary says:

those cameras alongside with those of the pixels are still the best in the market till today you idiot . i wish i had one of these JUUUST for the cameras and picture quality

Cassie Francis says:

Great review!
I’m currently writing on the N5 and soon to be upgrading to the N5X
I love the 6P but it’s just too big to be useable for me, I don’t know if anyone else has this issue?

Lando TechReviews says:

Just starting up my gadget review channel. Check it out, I would appreciate any suggestions.

Sawyer Seth says:

Great review. I just started watching your videos but you one of my favorite tech youtubers now! Keep up the great work

Simon Chung says:

I was trying to decide between the 5x and 6p. Your review helped, Dave. Nicely done!

Simon Šelih says:

full charge in 60 minutes for nexus 5x?? thats stupid quick

Arul Mani says:

super cool 2in1 video !!!

Justin Bryan says:

3:59 I’m not gay or anything, but you ARE good looking.

新鮮热点報導 says:

Your reviews are great,i just thought of mkbhd.

se7enBC1 says:

dude I like your phone review videos. clean, simple and I love how you recap with the drawing of the phones. keep it up.

That Other Guy says:

I dunno why everybody hates the visor, I personally think it makes the nexus look great and unique.

NGEternal says:

Just noticed this video came out exactly a year ago. /comment

준영 says:

oh no. your voice is kind of soothing after watching exaggerating and ear-blasting reveiws you deserve more subs. i have little doubt you can reach 1milion before long. keep it up

feesha ali says:

I love your voice!! You’re so calm and composed 🙂

yasser osama says:

the best word to describe this video is clean 🙂

Wakifo says:

I have never actually seen a review video to convince me of the 6P until this one. Buying it now!

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