Nextbit Robin Review

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The Nextbit Robin is a phone that, quite literally, has its head up in the clouds. Watch our full review by Joshua Vergara and read the written review by Nirave Gondhia!

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Timothy Vreeland says:

Were you punching something with boxing gloves and no wraps?

Charles Hines says:

I like rectangular phones. I like them flat too on both sides. That way they don’t wobble on a table. I have always liked Sony’s Xperia Z series. They have the highest resolution cameras I have ever seen in an Android device. Sony has also been using their triluminous displays for years and with 5 inch 1080p displays at least as far back as the Xperia Z which is a little bit similar to this phone. I also like Sony for not having used AMOLED displays because they are known to have burn in issues. In my opinion, a high end or flagship phone should not suffer from that no matter how good the black and white contrast is. I see that as a major defect deliberately built-in. Samsung does make nice devices but I would rather get one without an AMOLED display. The iPhones had IPS displays too and that didn’t stop them from becoming popular even though todays phones have displays much better than that of the older iPhones. Besides that, Sony made the camera in the iPhone 4S. It is easy to see why they were a very widely used phone for their cameras (with help from Sony).

Matteo Milazzo says:

I was gonna get it till I saw the headphone jack on the top. who ever thought that is a good idea is dumb.

Borei Mao says:

I’m a Cambodian my new phone (Nexbit Robin)can’t save all phone numbers when i’ll be save it have:( you have disable a required permission) please explain to me what can i do?

VisioningHail says:

It looks like a fisher price phone.

Claire MacDougall says:

I bought one of these through the crowdfunding campaign. It’s decent but so flawed in so many ways once you start to use it. Now it just drives me crazy and I can’t wait to get something else…a damned flip phone would be better than this garbage.

john sawyer says:

should I get this or the Blu life one x2

Shaedyn Harrison says:

This is more of an aprils fools joke if someone has one, just bend it. Its all plastic

Generik says:

I have always love square phones… something very sleek and and simple about them…

Mo Garcia says:

can you give me a free robin phone

Abhijith Shetty says:

Name of the guitar track?

TheSquid King says:

but wat the emojis look like

PJ O says:

This phone is garbage, pure and simple.
Check out Jerryrig’s Bend test and you’ll see Nextbit Robin snap and crumble with minimal effort.
Also, who would trust the cloud with their personal data? No intelligent person does this.
Who would agree to relying on the cloud (or the computers of strangers) when you can easily buy hundreds of different phones for the same price or less, that give you the option of having your own MicroSD storage onboard; effectively having your own onboard cloud.
Seriously, this phone is a severe fail.

elizabeth garibay says:

does this phone work with metro PCS

EElectric_M says:

This phone is ugly

Ashutosh Sa says:

can someone tell its cost in indian rupees

Joshua Latham says:

I wish there were more Block-ey phones like this.. they look futuristic af

seepeoplenotme says:

Hmm looks a lot like the Xperia

SMOKER says:

Does batman have this phone?

San Wong says:

they are selling it on Neweggs for 175 now. Would you recommend getting it?

Grumpy Cat says:

What’s the point of the 100gb of cloud storage when you can’t access those files?

hmilles says:

Wait… The Note 4 had the same IMX sensor as the S6 / Edge / Plus and the Note 5; so the Isocell sensor of the Note 4 is about the same quality as the IMX240, which is a great sensor, better than the one in the Moto Z or the G5

Azeze Shobowale says:

ugggh, i was literally brainstorming this idea with my friends, about having a phone that mainly uses the cloud for storage, oh well

jamari ! says:

going to get this phone for christmas. cant wait !

Vishramrajput Rajput says:

how to use jio sim to Nextbit Robin Mobile.

Neethi dhevan says:

I like lyf smartphone

Nabeel Ahson says:

Nice video pretty informative and helpful

S S says:

now we want: nexbit batman nexbit joker and nexbit harley quinn

James Wei says:

Does it work well with snapchat? As is it fast and not lack of some sort?

Liam Wilson says:

i dont like this phone think its crap cheap plastic just puts me of big time

krunal rathod says:

which is more better handset?Moto g4 plus or nextbit Robin?

Darcy Ferrier says:

It’s basically a shittier version of an Xperia Z3

Ashutosh Sa says:

can someone tell its cost in indian rupees

Matthew DeFaveri says:

24bit sound for a speaker test!!! ??????

Muhammad Zeeshan says:

Price & what about selfie cam ?

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