Nextbit Robin Review – The First Cloud Phone

The Nextbit Robin is the world’s first cloud-oriented phone. A comprehensive review covering build quality, internal hardware, screen, camera tests and performance.

Are cloud phones worth it? How is this different from Google Drive or Drop box? Who is the Robin for? Is the Nextbit cloud useful?
Watch this video to find out! =)

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xBane_ says:

watching this on my Robin, it was on sale on Amazon for 170$… love it. best phone I’ve ever had.

Ali Rizvi says:

this is cool
i would get it

I hab'n Brett vorm Kopp.... says:

1:00 droptest…. floor… broken… phone? working xD

Chamudi Shalabi says:

Where to buy it ?

Aniket Das says:

The biggest change is that they have included a lot of ringtones xD

Zakaria Sahsah says:

So a android with I cloud

Imperial Fire says:

nice review….

LoserFailToWin says:

But can you disable the cloud feature??

MrRiggyRiggs says:

love this phone! great phone!

Sabastian Sheehy says:

Show the new update

pdraggy says:

got my phone for less than 250 in the bundle they have on (their official website) I’m lovin it for the most part but it has some bugs I’d found recently :/ still a very interesting one of a kind phone!

Manish Meena says:

link for skin for phone???

Murder_ Party says:

watching on a robin right now

Fábio Botelho de Carvalho says:

Awesome review.I couldnt find any good review in portuguese (Brazil).
Luck me, i am a subscriber haha.

OM J says:

the best phone review i ever seen. you are great dave lee thank you

Roger Chou says:

got a Galaxy S5 now. Sick of it! Should I pick this thing up? Its like $179 now lol

Timothy Weatherspoon says:

169.. right now on amazon… a steal!

Jude Nii Ayikuma says:

I really love your choice of wallpapers


can u give me robin because I want to try it

Rafael Loera says:

Is there anyway to change the theme on the phone? It’s not my favorite

Katty Blances says:

nice review!! anyway will this phone will reach Phils?

sunil jayadev s says:

next bit is gd..but i dnt like the batter capacity is low for indian markets,,,like worst as htc

Potatoge says:

no offense, but your intro is kinda cringy

Dhanajit Ray says:

+Dave Lee … Nextbit Robin vs nexus 5x. What would you choose? I’m not really a power user so i’m just looking for a good device at the price point

Mikhail says:

how do u do thos animations

Bit Burn says:

I love my Robin =)

adiba says:

dave- could you send a link of your iphone 6 wallpaper 🙂 really like it

kevin w says:

I did Almost took that phone because of the design

Naresh Ambulgekar says:

I want to buy a smartphone my usage is pretty heavy which phone is suitable for me ?

Nicholas Cheung says:

The front actually looks like the front of one of the Sony TVs

MrViral20 says:

I don’t think they are doing to well Amazon is selling them for 300 bucks a pop…..on top of that these phones are really easy to bend from what I hear, I saw a video of a guy testing it and claimed that it was very cheap plastic, he didn’t use much force and bend it easily enough

Moreno says:

I was just scrolling through his channel and thinking about the robin and it was awesome when I ran into this video

Jake Goh says:

For everyone who cares, it’s $145 on amazon right now. For a $145 phone, this is NUTS.

sujeet kumar singh says:

waiting in india….? any guess when they are going to launch it in india?


WOW! Video Quality =4k 2160p Awesome

Travis Moore says:

Hey they lowered the price tag to $299 on their official web site, just FYI.

Christian Sand says:

What do you think about this phone, now that the price has gone down?
Even as a European, i can get it brand new for 250 dollars now, would the price be able to justify the negatives?

Ashish Jena says:

link for skins?

Raymond Herbert says:

Hii, How to stop cloud backup features in Nextbit Robin? Guys any suggestions !!!

MrViral20 says:

in fact he snapped it in two

chris3171 says:

That was an awesome review and the animations! Loved it! Kudos to you Dave 🙂

Chillaxed2DMax says:

I want one but no SD card support..

Aleksandar Stjepanovic says:

For anyone thinking about it now some updates fixed the camera and it’s only 300$ with free shipping

Iepuraș says:

Why does those black stripes surround ALL phones? Their annoying as fuck.

dhiroo Dhiroo says:

yu have remarkable presentation skills.

bandidong tulisan says:

where can i get this? UAE, Dubai

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