Moto Z Review: Four Phones In One

The Moto Z is unlike any other smartphone you can buy today, with a frame barely 5mm thick and slap-on “mods” that give it crazy capabilities. It also carries a fascinating legacy. In 2013, Motorola introduced a small, modest mobile that tried to redefine what a smartphone should be, and it called it the “Moto X.” The next few years would see the company gradually abandon most of the principles it laid down with that first phone, making the X bigger and more powerful to better battle the Galaxy-class competition from Samsung. For 2016 Motorola (having been sold by Google to Lenovo and renamed “Moto”) has taken its flagship smartphone so far afield of its origins that it isn’t even an “X” anymore – a move equal parts promotion and demotion. I’m Michael Fisher, and this is MrMobile’s Moto Z Droid Edition Review.


MrMobile’s Moto Z Review was based on six days’ trial of a Moto Z Droid Edition review device on loan from Motorola/Verizon Wireless. The Moto Z Droid Edition was not paired to a wearable for this review. Test areas included the North Fork of Long Island, New York; Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor; and Greater Boston, Massachusetts.



“The Ballad of MrMobile” (Mobile Nations, 2016)

“Fashionista” by Olive Musique, available at Premium Beat:

“Smart Ideas” by Julian Bell, available at Premium Beat:


Isaiah Dennings says:

what happened to you and your pocketnow coverage of BB

Sarim Mohd says:

Is it good….
And is the camera ok or rubbish

Фёдор Баранников says:

It’s very good, but not good enough to buy it right now.. Waiting for the next generation (without this squared sensor, text on the face side and a little bit smaller). Looking at the screen’s size I think it should be a smartphone, not a fablet..

Daylon Morrison says:

Never followed up with a Force review?

Omar Muhnna says:

what is the name of the case

DJ Johns Hates Niggers says:

I just bought my Moto Z yesterday for $119.17 with the Incipio 2200 MaH battery pack and JBL SoundBoost speaker included (The deal is still going on today at Best Buy if you’re interested at all)

Jason M. Townsend says:

This is the BEST Review of a Cell Phone I have EVER watched on Youtube. Also the Most Professional. You kept me interested the enitre video. A 10min video felt like it was 2min. I use to seeing some guy unboxing a cell phone at his Moms kitchen table telling how great the dam box looks. This review is more about how it would be for me using the phone in real life situations which is what I want to know & think about. My point is GREAT Review! Please keep up the Great Work.
Liked & you earned yourself another Suscriber.

Jordan Wylde says:

My s7 Edge has 1000 MAh more battery with a better camera and a headphone jack. The moto mods are cool but I rather have a bigger battery. No headphone jack doesn’t bother me cause I use wireless headphones but it’s always good to have one cause not everyone has wireless headphones. So I can’t see anyone choosing this over the galaxy s7/Edge.

Mihai Lazar says:

00:20 Galaxy class that’s a cool nerdy easter egg

Just Gonna Comment says:

I’m planning on getting one of these, but the OnePlus 3T also sounds good to me. Help?

George Heymann says:

Now that the unlocked version of the Moto Z and Moto Z play are available I wouldn’t mind seeing a follow up review on those devices especially the Moto Z play.

Review Mobile says:

nice video

彧彧 says:

my lord that phone is such a beauty

Entjik Jeffrie says:

OMG this is the most enjoyable and entertaining MOTO Z review! Great job and thank you!!! 🙂

lelouche1 says:

this channel is amazing

Mowho 1304 says:

Like this

Cornell Taylor says:

I have to tell the truth you are the best I’ve ever seen making comments on the products and your Mr. mobile tell the truth about the products and just for that respect to you coming from Jamaica respect to you Mr. mobile keep doing what you’re doing you’re the best at what you do we need more people like you that is honest

Nicho Kill says:

You and Detroit Borg are the best reviewers but when it comes to fun stuff I’d rather pick Flossy Carter but then again, you make really great videos

César LM says:

Anyone who has the Z droid…. Have you noticed the camera gets scratches so easily? Have you dealed with this? Any solution you’ve found? Thanks in advance..

*Matthew Noneya* says:

But a external battery pack isn’t as convenient as having it as a mod/case. Waking around connect to a wire with a battery pack in your other pocket? Rather just have a case/mod. But what midrange phone has battery cases for it?

Balues Clues says:

Nice style in your reviews …. Refreshing!

sai sas says:

Hello sir,gave the battery test of moto z

Peter Ford says:

As you said, why not just reconfigure phone to allow for larger battery and throw some really good stereo speakers on it? They can still keep the style and build quality.
I’d love to see a next-gen moto x. .

_voidz_ says:

I’m still using my Moto X 2015 and it has not let me down!

Donterrious Lockett says:

you copying off iPhone

gaming kid 4000 says:

The cam is not bad u r just have a batter cam

Kevin McNamara says:

so did people not want a z force review?

Soultoxin Gaming says:

Is it just me or does this guy kinda sound like Arlo..or vice versa

sawyer bergeron says:

It would be awesome if you could do a “6P — Now” type video. Thanks for the great content, keep it coming!

Salman Mehdi says:

Is Motoz is better than Moto Turbo
which series is best for IT Professionals

The Tinker says:

you forgot to mention the camera mod

AbstractNote says:

No earphone jack….

Mark Keepfer says:

I would get this phone if I could.

Kang The Mad says:

I just got one and I really love it

Jesus Ramirez says:

Great review!!! Greetings from Mexico City!

tase25 says:

This has been great, but I agree that the speakers are too tingy! It almost makes me want to trade phones again

Athena Wright says:

is this the motor with the projector

Ricardo Iribe says:

2:54 POPPY!

Atif Ghafoor says:

hello maybe a bit of a random question but if you use the jbl mod is there a way to now how much battery life it has left like does it also have a percentage on the screen as well as the phone?

Dennis Camarillo says:

My cousin bought one but he’s having a problem in playing his android game especially MU Origin. I got a cheaper phone but I can install and play the same game. Wondering what went wrong?

SharpVideos says:

Awesome video as always! Looks like there are new Moto Mods coming soon, like this edge notification concept:

Harut Rehanyan says:

2:54 who is that? Channel name?

Serban Iulian says:

Lte in america, getting 16 mbps average download.LTE done right in Romania, even in places with low signal, 120-130 mbps average download.

Kare Davidson says:

How is the storage my Moto e has the worst storage ever and the phones in the past don’t have a SD card slot.

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