Moto G4 Plus Review: A Budget Phone that Brings the Heat!

Here’s my full review of the Moto G4 Plus. A midrange smartphone with a great camera, good display and good battery life. However, there’s one negative that’s holding this phone back. Watch to find out!

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Windex says:


asad ilyas says:


Iuliu Pop says:

I bought my moto g4 plus for 200$ Canadian flat, you can get some good deals if you shop around.

Zubin B. says:

I just need this with a 650 / 652 chip instead of the measly 617 and a metal body, Now that’d be just perfect. Maybe next year.

Alexandre says:

damn those bezels are huge

Mare W says:

can I turn off the fingerprint scanner if I wanted to?

kaustubh panchbhai says:

i use youtube, whatsapp, play boom beach and mid range games and watch movies.. wifi is on 10hrs daily.. so should i buy this phone ??

TheRising Karma says:

Tell me Matthew, this question really bugs me. Should i upgrade from my moto Xplay to moto g4plus ?
(if you ask me, as per my limited knowledge, i guess only thing that might affect me is the battery, but i think that wont be a huge disappointment, as motoXplay actually has a huge showoff kinda battery, it easily lasts me with 40% at the end of the working hours.
Any useful opinion ?

nikhil dahiwale says:

Sir, Do you think these OVERHEATING issues can be solved by a software update???

Hello says:

+Matthew Moniz Great review! I do think it’s a good mid-range smartphone, though because it’s a Moto G/a midrange smartphone, they clearly made a lot of compromises like build quality, screen, micro sd expandability (forgot if you mentioned that in the video), processor & battery life. I’m glad it does have a great camera for those picture takers who want a great camera in a low price smartphone. I’m surprised they included a fingerprint scanner, though the shape is a little weird. Lol. I hope in the future, they can make a low budget smartphone with near to zero compromises. =)

lelouche1 says:

mmm… not bad a review subbed

Trained_Excalibur User says:

lol, ur always getting over a cold.

Giulian Ruelas says:

Dude, sorry to ask, but i’m getting worried, you’ve been catching a lot of colds lately, ¿is everything ok?

David Cote says:

NFC is only important if it’s important to you… I do NOT like the idea of credit card information on my phone. The one device in your life that gets stolen way to easy. And don’t say you can just cancel your cards… with what? A friend of mine stopped carrying his cards because they were all on his phone – except one. You guessed it, his phone was stolen and he didn’t even have any of the numbers to call to cancel the cards… the thief did some damage before he did cancel the cards, yes he disputed the charges, but still a major PITA just so you won’t have to take out your wallet.

Mobile payments sounds good, but not a lot of places around me use it, so I don’t care if my phone has NFC or not… doesn’t mean I won’t buy a phone simply because it doesn’t have it.

Same with USB type C, my Moto Z has it, it’s the only thing I have that does. Right now it’s just a PITA and not a plus or bonus “feature” at all. I’ve used reversible USB cables for some time now, and to me, it works fine and is the number one complaint of micro USB and the reason everyone like type C… I won’t rule a phone out because it lacks type C, I just don’t care about it.

I had a phone with NFC… it was “OFF” the entire time I had it.

Reviewers are way to fast to point out it doesn’t have this or that and making it sound like a flaw… some people just don’t care about those “features”…

Chriss says:

Nexus 5X have worst camera and no digital video stabilization

ScrumptiousMP4 says:

What part of Canada are you from? I’m down in Ontario 😛
Nice review!

Sefiani Moaad says:

you’re the best ! i really love your vids ;). are you going to review the oneplus 3 ?

S1CK says:

Man those 24 fps…

Anand Raj says:

dude give a review about Coolpad note 5 mobile

Parker Time says:

You should try and get your hands on a Nextbit Robin, Id love to see your thoughts on it!

Rahul Singh says:

hi Matthew , i was wondering of buying this phone but where ever i see i find heating issue written , i am casual user with some camera usage lots of mobile surfing and occasional long gaming , should i go for this ?will this last ?
please reply.

A Very Angry Cunt On The Internet says:

What phone from 2016 so far would you recommend? I don’t care for price, just wondering.

Murad Shawar says:

Very good review as always Matthew

SMIT .K says:

oops i missed your video…
great video tho…

chatsaran lattanand says:

I’m a huge fan of moto but I don’t like the g4 design. it’s really look like Samsung. moto were have a unique design and I love it

SuRAJ NM says:

any word on the moto z (verizon version) ???

Hello says:

Hey Matt You should check out the ZTE Axon 7. Has everything to you want. It’s like the HTC 10 & Nexus 6p had a baby. Super phone with near to flagship specs with Giant 3450 mah battery. The phone HTC m9 should’ve taken inspiration from. 😀

Mohammad Samee says:

nice review .it’s really help me a lot.

Haider Ali says:

Nice video Matt! Great review! 🙂

Joshua Gomez says:

i have a samsung note 3. is it a good decision to switch to this?

Hardik Singh says:

smashed that like button
great review Matt

Khagesh Jain says:

hey can you please compare between one plus 3 and moto g4 plus….please….I really need it

Beanjuice says:

I just purchased the 64gb/4gb ram g4 plus on newegg myself. I only do light gaming i.e. Pokemon go and run a few social media/ chatting apps so this phone is perfect for me. I’ve seen a few reviews and only a few mention the heating issue and throttling; but the throttling only seems to happen on the 2gb ram versions of the phone (which is why I grabbed the 4gb one). The heating “issue” is only minor as addressed by another reviewer more in depth rather than just say “yes it over heats and yes it throttles”.

Ridwan Gosal says:

The camera looks good. Hopefully Lenovo will release this in Indonesia. Last I heard they wanted to release Moto Z and its module companions.

Praveen nasa says:

great review bro

Alekhya Das says:

The heat made me not buy this phone.

Elijah Colwill says:

I have the phone. It gets warm with 25 mins of gaming, warmer with 10 mins of camera use, but no overheating yet 🙂 HOWEVER, I am only using low to mid range games, no high end/graphic intensive games, so keep that in mind.

FearlessBiking says:

Great review

Nathan Hill says:

I bought Moto phone because of it being stock Android also having a SD card not like Samsung installing bloatware. I’ve been watched these reviews videos all I hear is moaning about fingerprint scanners lack of NFC that isn’t secure now Motorola have bought out the new moto G4 Plus with a fingerprint scanner all the reviews say it’s in a horrible place that people think is a home button this is not a Samsung. I think that is a stupid idea having capacitive buttons now you’ve just ruined the phone that I love.


can you make a video about asus zenfone max?

Weston D says:

Really great review Matt, it seems like a really solid phone, just a shame about the overheating. The camera looks great though

Bhavesh Patil says:

hey please bring the review of Xperia XA

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