Moto G4 Play Review: Is this the Best Budget Phone?

Here’s my review of the Moto G Play. This is the 4th generation of the Moto G line and the play is the budget offering out of the Moto G phones that were released this year. Watch for the full review!

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Carlito Bregaunte says:

I Own One As Of A Month Ago And Love it…. smooth Clean Fast Cheap And Believe It Or Not It’s My First Android Phone…Been An Apple Fan & user For 6 years Till it stopped Working cause Of the new 4G LTE…..On Verizon & didn’t Want To Spend On Another (High Priced) Apple 7-8 or 9 What Ever May Be Out By Now….thanks For The Nice Review…….

Kaiden Smith says:

I got my mote g 4 play for £86.

Liam MacDonald says:

3:44 *WTF that’s my old school.* Hi neighbour

Saptarshi Sarkar says:

You look like Joey Tribbiani…

Bartosz Łuczak says:

UK version that comes with 1GB of ram is terribly slow. I recommend everybody to look for 2gb version and leaving idea to buy 1gb version.

amar Reus says:

battery life IS god
Bad caméra

peanutbutterlover jr says:

this is the phone I’m watching this on its awesome trust me I just got it yesterday night

john price says:

How is the call quality, it is a phone. That is the problem with my current, terrible call quality. If not for texting it would be unless.

MalyRasta 420 says:

Does the moto g4 play have adaptable storage?

OVI-Wan Kenobi says:

You didn’t mention the splash proof Nano coating …

Akshay Khan says:

I loves it

Dj Minecart says:

what is a gyroscope?

DrInferno Jr says:

Thanks for pointing out it does run Pokemon GO. I was worried for a minute there mate!

OVI-Wan Kenobi says:

I like how this is one of the few budget smartphone review that doesn’t have an East Indian accent.

Jagadish Reddy says:

i have this phone

Mario Delgado says:

I totally agree with you Motorola has offered us the best smartphone of this year at the lowest price because has a nice camera that works okay for a phone of this price and also it has to stop Android and it’s pure android enable very nice with 2 gigabytes of RAM and also features a flashlight on the screen when you take a selfie also has a large battery life and it was to receive the new Android nougat update

mazzoza19 says:

In order to compete in today’s online world, the camera needs to have a beauty mode. That is how all these people look so good looking. So does this phone have a beauty mode? Maybe it is built into the software and not the phone features? So it should have beauty mode? Not that I care about beauty mode too much or anything. You know…but I think we all need beauty mode.

TAD2020 says:

I had a 100% defect rate with GPS across 4 G4 Plays. If you don’t need and will never need GPS, the Play is a good option.

Nasa G says:

Hello! How long the battery works using whatsapp and a little internet?

2010ngojo says:

One of the worse names for a phone. Or maybe the best?

Anthony Duncalf says:

I think cheaper smartphones aren’t just for people on a budget .They are also for people who’s phone isn’t their main piece of technology. My desktop computer with a 27 inch monitor is my main piece of tech. All i want from a phone is a decent camera ,instant messaging and no lag when opening apps. This phone is currently £99 sim free in the UK ,which is hard to fault when it does pretty much everything the £800 iPhone does anyway.

Lizzie R says:

What about the battery life? How long does it last and how long does it take to charge?

TheBeLuvdTRex says:

Wait but I had a Moto G 3 and tried playing Pokemon Go and it told me I had no gyroscope inside..

Jaden Bridgeman says:

is it getting 7.0 nougat

Wischmann says:

Sony Xperia E5 or Moto G4 Play ?

nikhil gupta says:

Hey matthew i just wanted to ask does this phone posses a fingerprint sensor or not???…

Kerry Thomas says:

Great review man. I recently picked up the same phone and am very pleased with what I got for the £130 asking price. ( I live in the UK btw).

Harris Choudary says:

Dude, this guy looks so hobo..

Akshay Khan says:

I loves it

Brandon Beckles says:

can someone please tell me if the volume is high

theSyd says:

The Moto E 2015 didn’t have a gyro, nor did the Moto G 2015, and still, they had Moto Display and camera gestures.

Lokkay says:

does it has gorilla glass 3?

n1sm0 says:

hopefully ur note 7 doesnt blow up

Jess Barnett says:

I’m considering this phone as a backup phone. I remember how crazy it was to have a flip phone for 3 weeks till I could get my iPhone fixed. Looks like a nice phone for the money!

Bobby Bronson says:

will this phone be stable for a kid playing Pokemon go?

Steve Jones says:

just picked it up at best buy for 139.99 canadian. very impressed

Shubhajit Patra says:

my phone came with a quick charging adapter. so I have no issues. its a great phone. thanks for the review. your review helped me a lot.

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